First Impression and the Importance in Business

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When applying for a job, the first point that we consider to impress the company, where we want to work, is the rsum. For many years, we have been taught that the success of getting the job or not will depend on this rsum. Nowadays, companies do not only consider how extensive the rsum is, but also the first impression and the environment trust that we can create.The first impression in business has become an important key in getting a job, since it is the only chance we have to generate a positive impact in the minds of others and, ultimately, increase our reputation. It's difficult to achieve this, because it's only a matter of milliseconds people have to give the first impression. Therefore, we work with our image at all times, because we never know what we may find or under what kind of criteria we will be evaluated.In order to project a good image and a good impression, we must work on ourselves and know what we want to communicate. As from this, we can create an action plan and strategies to help us to impact on others. We have to keep in mind that it is hard to know what is beyond a rsum, a photo or a profile in social networks. People can not create a connection or build a relationship of trust with us, if they only know these elements. Therefore, we should naturally be prepared to confront an interview, make them know about each and every one of our goals as professionals. We also must know in detail about the company where we want to work, something not difficult when we have Internet media to provide us the information needed. Another important point, people dont usually care about, is how prepared we are when referring to know well our own background, information written on the rsum, like previous jobs, companies where we worked before, all the studies and degrees accomplished. In the other hand, we want to be considered a trusted resource, and for that, we need to be authentic, polite and empathic; and a great way to achieve that, is by acknowledging other people either when we are on facebook, twitter or face to face. Interaction is really important to engender trust and to create a comfortable atmosphere at work. A first impression says everything, and we have such a small amount of time to make the right impact and engage others interest. When we meet a person for the first time, he/she makes a judgment about us very quickly, so we must always be prepared. In this new era, online is one of the modern days networking tools and its power and influence must not be underestimated. When it comes to first impression in business, the best first impression is to be professional. At job interviews, our looks, attitudes, and way of expressing are being analyzed by the interviewers; and the impression they get of us is very relevant at the moment they decide who is the best candidate for the job. It is important to keep informed about each of the points mentioned above to be able to develop and grow personally and professionally in a successful company.

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