first emperor (qin emperor) and terracotta soldiers

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Discussion of the tomb of the Qin emperor, the first emperor of China whose tomb is filled with terra cotta soldiers


  • 1.First Emperor 221-210 BCE

2. Qin Shi Huang & Unification of China King of Qin State (Zhou Warring States Period) 247-221 BCE Emperor of Unified China, 221-210 BCE Major technological and social reforms under his rule as emperor Invents title Huangdi (combination of Three Sovereigns & Five Emperors of Xia, plus di meaning heaven) 3. Major innovations Standardized weights & measures Standardized currency National Road System Defensive wall in north (against Mongols) Standardized script/characters Standardized chariot axles Moved court families to palace to consolidate power 4. Typical scale system. (Imperial salaries paid in stones of grain) 5. Standard currency- shape in use until 20th century 6. Remnants of the early defensive wall, 6th C BCE 7. Remnants of Qin era Great Wall 8. NASA photo: wall is actually hard to see from space 9. Tomb Mound of First Emperor 10. Satellite view 11. Terra cotta Army of the First Emperors necropolis 12. Mingqi (spirit objects) 13. Traces of paint 14. size bronze Chariot from Tomb 15. size scale. Though buried underground for over 2000 years, all its movable parts still work well. 16. Rob Cohen, director of the Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, with re- created warriors on set of the film


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