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  • 1. Find Information Faster Using SharePoint 2010 Search Suzanne George Sr. Architect Perficient Microsoft West Region Twitter: spgenie
  • 2. About PerficientLeading Technology Consulting & Solutions Firm Founded in 1997 Project size, Breadth of Expertise $240MM+ in annualized Revenue Over 1,400 highly-experienced Consultants 19 Locations across North America 80+% of Revenue from recurring Clients Served over 400 Clients in past 12 monthsSoftware Solutions Expertise, including: Enterprise Portals & Content Management SOA, EAI and BPM e-Commerce and Product Information Mgmt Depth of Expertise, Efficiency & Value, Business Intelligence/ETL Client Importance Customer Relationship Management User Experience/UCD Significant Integration ExpertiseKey Differentiators Focused expertise, lower cost, faster time-to-value IT Solutions with Business Focus National consultants overlay Local delivery model Mature, proven Project Methodology Global Development Centers in China & Europe Healthcare Thought Leadership 2
  • 3. Agenda SharePoint 2010 Search Overview Search Architecture Why use Search Search Web Parts Preparing to Customize Search Customizing Search Search Summary Search Tips 3
  • 4. SharePoint 2010 Search Overview.. The more you understand the new features of SharePoint and its improvements/features the happier users will be. Key point to remember SharePoint is an enabling framework which connects the Microsoft Product line such as SQL Server, Project Server, etc. SharePoint Search Versions SharePoint Foundation Search Basic Site Search, Indexing Sites, Limited UI Administration Limited to Single Site Collection Search Server Express Basic Site Search, Indexing Sites, Index External Content, Query Federation, Limited UI-Administration SharePoint Search Server Basic Site Search, Indexing Sites, Index External Content, People Search, Query Federation, UI-Administration, Best Bets SharePoint FAST Search Basic Site Search, Indexing Sites, Index External Content, People Search, Query Federation, UI-Administration, Visual Best Bets, Document Preview FAST Query Language, Role-Base Ranking and Refinement Scalable 4
  • 5. SharePoint 2010 Search Architecture.. Search Architecture. 5
  • 6. Why use Search? Microsoft SharePoint Search is optimized to return results quickly. By utilizing search components, expensive queries to the database are reduced. Improving Search Queries Content Types Organize Content into Groups Managed Metadata Apply Metadata Properties to Items, Pages, etc. Search Metadata Properties Content Metadata Exposed through Search Search Web Parts Content Query Search Content and Display Search Results Page Core Results Refinement Panel Best Bets Table Of Contents Web Analytics Summarize Top Queries Can you find the Core Results Web Part? 6
  • 7. Search Web Parts 7
  • 8. Preparing to Customize Search Customizing SharePoint 2010 Search Components doesnt require extensive programming skills! The key is organized, searchable content. Content Types Centralize Content Types using Content Type Hub Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Site Content Types Group custom types into New Group Name Content Types consistently Managed Metadata Setup Managed Metadata Service Add Managed Metadata Add Managed Metadata Property to List Search Metadata Properties Central Administration -> Manage Service Applications -> Search Service Application -> Metadata Properties Once added to a full crawl of the content source 8
  • 9. Customizing Search The Goal: Users should be able to find content within 3 clicks! Ensure Search results has relevant information displayed so user can find the appropriate document. Customize Core Results Modify Refiners Utilize the URL and Search Query Syntax isDocument (0 or 1) ContentClass STS_Site, STS_Web, STS_List, STS_ListItem, STS_Li st_{Type}, STS_ListItem_{Type} Type can be DocumentLibrary, Events, Tasks, Announcements , DiscussionBoard, Contacts, Links, PictureLibrary Search by Content Type Link custom dashboards to Search Results Use SharePoint Search Best Bets to direct users to specific locations 9
  • 10. Search Reporting What are users clicking on? Use web analytics reports to find out what users are clicking on, best bet suggestions, failed queries, etc. 10
  • 11. Search Summary Microsoft SharePoint Search is a large product and can ensure your users are able to find content. Search doesnt have to be planned out day 1 but your content should be. Use Web Analytics Reports to review search and make adjustments as the users needs change. Ensure the search architecture is capable and 11
  • 12. Search Tips Microsoft SharePoint Search is a large product and can ensure your users are able to find content. How to use Metadata as search parameter. http://www.mssharepointtips .com/tip.asp?id=1190 Target search results with keyword search om/Blogs/GetThePoint/Lists/ Posts/Post.aspx?ID=230 12


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