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  • Financial Distress in the Great Depression

    John R. Graham, Sonali Hazarika, and Krishnamoorthy Narasimhan

    When Do Vertical Mergers Create Value?

    Simi Kedia, S. Abraham Ravid, and Vicente Pons

    Does the Management's Forecast of Merger Synergies Explainthe Premium Paid, the Method of Payment, and Merger Motives?

    Ahmad Ismail

    Buy Smart, Time Smart: Are Takeovers Driven by Growth Opportunitiesor Mispricing?

    Sjoerd Van Bekkum, Han Smit, and Enrico Pennings

    An Empirical Examination of the Stated Purposes of Issuer Tender Offers toPurchase Common Stock

    Jessica Kay Dunn, Alex Fayman, and Jamie John McNutt

    Corporate Repurchase Decisions Following Mutual Fund Sales

    Evan Dudley and Ani Manakyan

    Information Discovery in Share Lockups: Evidence from the Split-ShareStructure Reform in China

    Li Liao, Bibo Liu, and Hao Wang

    VC Fund Financial Performance: The Relative Importance of IPO and M&AExits and Exercise of Abandonment Options

    Richard Smith, Roberto Pedace, and Vijay Sath

    Characterizing the Risk of IPO Long-Run Returns: The Impact ofMomentum, Liquidity, Skewenss, and Investment

    Richard B. Carter, Frederick H. Dark, loannis V. Floras, and Travis R. A. Sapp

    Innovate to Survive: The Effect of Technology Competition on CorporateBankruptcy

    Assaf Eisdorfer and Po-Hsuan Hsu


    Forthcoming Articles



    JOHN A. ROMLEY A D DA A P. GOLDMANHow Costly is Hospital Quality? A Revealed-Preference Approach 578

    JAMES D. DANA, Jr. AND YUK-FAI FONGLong-Lived Consumers, Intertemporal Bundling and Collusion 609

    BEN SHILLER AND JOEL WALDFOGELMusic for a Song: An Empirical Look at Uniform Pricing andIts Alternatives 630

    JONATHAN VOGELSpatial Price Discrimination with Heterogeneous Firms 661

    MARC BOURREAU, JOHAN HOMBERT, JEROME POUYET ANDNICOLAS SCHUTZUpstream Competition between Vertically Integrated Firms 677

    MINJUNG PARKThe Economic Impact of Wireless Number Portability 714

    The HE's Annual 'Best Article' Prize 746

    HE Manuscript Turnaround Times 746

  • Volume 25 Number 4 December 2011


    Journal of the East Asian Economic Association

    p9l"Contents List \" \ \ 2-

    Efficiency of the Banking Industry ~3 \fang Jin Shin andStructure in Korea Brian H. S. Kim

    Mean-reverting and AsymmetricVolatility Switching Properties of StockPrice Index, Exchange Rate and ForeignCapital in Taiwan

    Hsiang-Hsi Liu andTeng- Tsai Tu

    Credit Card Averters and Amassers:Evidence from Malaysia

    Yiing Jia Lake,Steven T. Yen andAndrew K. G. Tan

    Impact of Integrated Weed Managementon Cotton Producers' Earnings inPakistan

    Akhter AU andMuhammad Sharif


  • fl journal online ,at htlp://Ier.~._



    O,fOBER- DEC~BER 2011

    Vol( XLVIII No.4 \ ~I

  • Volume XLVIII Number 4 October-December 2011

    The Indian Economicand Social History Review


    CONTENTS :'::~~:'\:';'(I~~\tl/.!.I/' J' 8'v' ~J~~\~i::.) t- 4,.. l'"t;.' .-y' r . ':>, II~'.., .. ~\~'" 1LISAMITCHELL!'To stop train pull chain': ,~':': :\('i;:);~\: ,iF '. :.;

    Writing histories of contemporary political practice \t';; ~"r'i''':' j \,;J~1-469SAVIT~RJ.PREETHANAIR.! ' ..Of real use to the people': The Til~J?r~~\'l..~.

    prmtmg press and the spread of useful knowledge ' , .~ 497PRITIPUSPAMISHRN Beyond powerlessness: Institutional life ~ .

    of the vernacular in the making of modern Orissa (1866-1931) 531A. SEANPuE! In the mirror of Ghalib: Post-colonial

    reflections on Indo-Muslim seltbood 571

    Book Reviews

    S.M. Abdul Khader Fakhri, Dravidian Sahibs and Brahmin Maulanas:The Politics of the Muslims of Tamil Nadu, 1930-1967by A.R. Venkatachalapathy 593

    Aparna Basu and Malavika Karlekar (eds), 1n so Many Words:Women's Life Experiencesjrom Western and Eastern Indiaand Indrani Sen (ed.), Memsahibs' Writings: Colonial Narrativeson Indian Women by Durba Ghosh 595

    David L. Curley, Poetry and History: Bengali Mangalkabya and SocialChange in Precolonial Bengal and Amiya P. Sen, Bankim ChandraChattopadhyay: An Intellectual Biography by Kumkum Chatterjee 598

    William J, Jackson, Vijayanagara Visions: Religious Experience andCultural Creativity in a South Indian Empire by Lakshmi Subramanian 601


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