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  • Global Mining Finance GuideFinance GuideFinance Guide


    Part of the Leaders series published with Mining Journal

    in association with

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  • Part of the Leaders series published with Mining Journal 2014


    Exploration: EY, Mayer Brown and BMO Capital MarketsWith the prospect of cash flows being a long way off, exploration companies are entirely reliant on raising adequate finance to complete activities to discovery.

    Development: EY, Mayer Brown and BMO Capital MarketsAfter defining a resource of critical mass, more sources of finance will start to present themselves as the company moves to undertake feasibility studies.

    Round TableThe four contributors to this report discuss the obstacles, trends, pitfalls and more about the world of mining finance.

    IntroductionSam Jordan Jones introduces the guide and its contributors.

    Construction: EY, Mayer Brown and BMO Capital MarketsWith feasibility studies complete, or near complete, the construction phase presents one of the greatest risks in the development of a mining project.

    Production: EY, Mayer Brown and BMO Capital MarketsThe big advantage that a company in production has is access to cash flows, which is of massive importance when it comes to raising finance.

    Technical: SRK ConsultingThe technical aspects a company needs to consider to meet the expectations of the mining finance community.

    Appendix: EYFurther details on the alternative sources of finance available to minerals companies.

    Contributor biographiesShort biographies about the companies and people who contributed to and wrote the articles within the guide.











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  • The Global Mining Finance Guide



    The various funding options available and their complex nature can become perplexing; particularly for the executives or management teams that may be experiencing the process for the first time

    Stanley Bing, a renowned American-business columnist and humorist once wrote: Business people are like sharks, not just because were grey and slightly oilybut because we must move forward or die.

    This phrase, while far from flattering for the managing directors and chief executives of the world, could not resonate more deeply than with those heading the countless exploration and mining companies around the globe.

    While the mining industry probably has its fair share of grey, or perhaps at times hi-vis fluorescent, and slightly oily executives, what is more relevant is Bings reference to, move forward or die.

    Whether a start-up business looking to list; a hapless explorer completing its final drill programme; a company that has been fortunate enough to strike it lucky and turning towards development; or a producer with a depleting ore body, it is critical for a company to move forward or face certain extinction.

    To do so, a company needs to be adequately financed, particularly in an industry as capital-intensive as mining few people would argue otherwise.

    However, the various funding options available and their complex nature can become perplexing; particularly for the executives or management teams that may be experiencing the process for the first time.

    The Global Mining Finance Guide has brought together several of the mining industrys leading professionals from some of the most respected companies to service the sector to share their unique insights and explain the intricacies behind mining finance.

    Throughout the publication, the contributors, with a mix of legal, financial, engineering and geological backgrounds, will outline the various funding options available to compa-nies, from explorers to producers, and explain the technical requirements associated with these financings.

    The contributors include: BMO Capital Markets managing director and head of

    investment and corporate banking for Europe and London, Jeffrey Couch;

    Survival of the fittestAn introduction by Sam Jordan Jones

    Sam Jordan Jones

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    With more than 100 professionals on five continents focused on metals and mining companies and investors, and nearly 100 years of service to the sector, it's no surprise we've been named World's Best Metals & Mining Investment Bank, four years running.* To learn more, please contact our London office directly at +44 207 664 8136.

    We dig deeper

    BMO Capital Markets is a trade name used by BMO Financial Group for the wholesale banking businesses of Bank of Montreal, BMO Harris Bank N.A. and Bank of Montreal Ireland p.l.c., and the institutional broker dealer businesses of BMO Capital Markets Corp., BMO Nesbitt Burns Trading Corp. S.A., BMO Nesbitt Burns Securities Limited and BMO Capital Markets GKST Inc. in the U.S., BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. in Canada, Europe and Asia, BMO Nesbitt Burns Lte/Ltd. in Canada, BMO Capital Markets Limited in Europe, Asia and Australia, BMO Advisors Private Limited in India and Bank of Montreal (China) Co. Ltd. in China. Registered trademark of Bank of Montreal in the United States, Canada and elsewhere.

    *Global Finance, 2010-2013









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  • The Global Mining Finance Guide



    EYs lead partner for global mining and metals and transaction advisory services, Lee Downham;

    Mayer Brown partner Ian Coles; and SRK Consultings practice leader and corporate consultant,

    Neal Rigby.

    To identify the funding options pertinent to each individu-al business, the Global Mining Finance Guide has been split into four chapters exploration, development, construction and production reflecting the varying capacities of a minerals company.

    In these chapters, the contributors will outline the tradi-tional debt and equity financing options available, from public listings to commercial loans, as well as discuss emerging and alternative funding routes; and use their industry expertise to explain the benefits and pitfalls of these and provide recent examples where applicable.

    A fifth chapter technical will also address the require-ments and considerations of a company looking to secure finance.

    From the varying mineral resource and ore reserve reporting standards to technical study standards; it will also outline asset valuation procedures, the criteria applied by lenders when considering funding applications and the environmental and social management requirements.

    Following on from the Risk and Insurance Guide, the Global Mining Finance Guide is the second offering in the Leaders series a course of thought leadership publications to be developed in conjunction with Mining Journal.

    As part of the Global Mining Finance Guide, I also chaired a round table, attended and panelled by the contributors, at Mining Journals London office.

    The 90-minute session was a rare chance to bring together these four mining industry professionals to discuss the current financing issues for companies operating within the sector.

    A transcript from the round table has been included in the pages of the Global Mining Finance Guide and provides some rare perspective on the state of the mining industry.

    One of the most notable themes to come out of the round table was that, while capital has become scarcer for