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<ul><li><p>Final Year Project Presentation</p><p>INFO 4999</p><p>Kedidi Emas Project-Localization (l10n) of K Desktop Environment, </p><p>Name: Muhammad Najmi Ahmad ZabidiMatric no: 9929667Supervisor: Dr Ahmed Zaki</p><p>-Localization (l10n) of K Desktop Environment, KDE to Malay (ms_MY)</p></li><li><p>Overview</p><p> This project is an Open Source Software project.</p><p> The project code name is Kedidi Emas, a localization of KDE,K Desktop Enviroment to Malay (ms_MY)</p><p> Using Linux as a main platform of development, and Windows as intermediary.</p><p> Free of charge, no payment received.</p><p> Take almost exactly a year to attain the stage for presentation</p></li><li><p>What is open source software?</p><p> Free to use, free to modify, free to distribute.</p><p> The meaning of free is not like free of nasi lemak for given away,but freedomlemak for given away,but freedom</p><p> Open Source Software must not necessarily free</p></li><li><p>Unix? What is Linux ? What is KDE?</p><p> Linux is a kernel written by Linux Trovalds, an being said as a hobby for the first time</p><p> As the open source idea concerned, it receive warm acceptance, enhancement receive warm acceptance, enhancement from testers and developers, voluntarily from all over the globe.</p><p> The complete operating system used in distros is GNU/Linux</p></li><li><p>Distros</p><p> A commercial/non commercial packaging of Linux kernel with softwares.</p><p> GNU (Gnu Not Unix) is in almost every open source operating systems, including open source operating systems, including BSDs (FreeBSD,OpenBSD,NetBSD), and Linux itself.</p></li><li><p>KDE-On top of Operating Systems</p><p> Desktop Environment is the Graphical User Interface (GUI) way of managing operating systems.</p><p> KDE, K Desktop Environment which born KDE, K Desktop Environment which born in Germany is one of them</p><p> Like any other, it also an open source software, and provide many free softwares.</p></li><li><p>Who use KDE?</p><p> KDE being included in almost every major distros of Linux and BSD .</p><p> -RedHat ,Mandrake (which I used to), Slackware, Knoppix (by default)Slackware, Knoppix (by default)</p><p> KDE by default is in English, as lingua franca. </p><p> My effort is to localize-(not only translating) KDE to Malay</p></li><li><p>Internationalization (i18n) and Localization (l10n)</p><p> I18n (i+the sum of characters in nternationalizatio+n) is the effort to make a software become international. Say from English developers, to Arabic, Japan, Malay.</p><p> L10n-(l+ i+the sum of characters in ocalizatio L10n-(l+ i+the sum of characters in ocalizatio +n) is the effort to localize an internationalized softwares.</p><p> KDE using gettext (POT-Portable Object Template,PO-Portable Object,MO-Machine Object)</p></li><li><p>Kedidi Emas Project (KDE ms_MY)</p><p> Encoding, UTF-8 (enable Roman and non Roman characters) refer</p><p> Identification : [langcode]_[countryname] From ISO </p><p> ms is Malay ms is Malay MY is Malaysia</p><p> KediDi EMaS-KDE ms_MY chosen as Kedidi is the appropriate form near to KDE and EMAS can portray ms-Malay code; Kedidi is a bird, Emas is gold</p><p> Link: (formerly before account hijacked/defaced)</p><p> Mailing list :</p></li><li><p>Benefit of Kedidi Emas Project</p><p> To provide KDE in Malay language and local monetary, date alignment, and flavour.</p><p> Way to introduce computers and *nix for non English speakers, specifically for rural are. Open Source, is a chance-free of license.</p><p> Learn new technology</p><p> Proud of own nation</p><p> Way of contributing to open source project in affordable way</p></li><li><p>Target of Project-In term of Final Year Project Duration</p><p> Learn to use SSH (Secure Socket Host) Grooming the skill of Command Line Interface (CLI) usage Public/private key use: trusted computing</p><p> Managing and participating virtual team Open source software (OSS) developers </p><p> Learn to use CVS (Concurrent Version Systems) Qualify to be KDE CVS committers</p><p> Knows inter-operatibality Cross platform, using putty from Windows to access Unix, using </p><p>Tortoise CVS on Windows to access CVS server</p><p> Learn and involve in big software engineering process HEAD and branch Commit reverse</p></li><li><p>Project Mileage1-Announce </p><p>to Volunteer</p><p>*register to KDE i18n mailing list </p><p>(end of 2002)</p><p>3-create webpage-create local mailing list</p><p>-create forum*engined by php</p><p>and mysql</p><p>2-Register with </p><p> (place for </p><p>open source software development)</p><p>(end of 2002)</p><p>-Play around with CVS</p><p>-start translating kdelibs.po </p><p>(+-3100 strings)(March 2003)</p><p>Get a CVS account*qualify to be </p><p>KDE CVS Committers</p><p> almost year.</p><p>(25 August 03)</p><p>-Practical training*assigned in programming </p><p>team*learn to use CVS</p><p>(March-May 03)</p></li><li><p>-start committing translated </p><p>files(Aug-now)</p><p>-checkout-update</p><p>-diff-add</p><p>-commit-tag</p><p>-managing HEAD--merge aging files</p><p>Handle conflicted filesAttain 10, 000strings for FYP</p><p>(attained 17 Sept 2003)</p></li><li><p>How are POT and PO files look ?</p><p> POT the raw untranslated file</p><p> PO translated file</p><p> MO-compiled and computer readable</p></li><li><p>Tools1) Very stable internet connection</p><p>2)Translation process:Unix:</p><p>KbabelKbabel</p><p>Gnometranslator</p><p>poedit</p><p>Windows:</p><p>poedit</p><p>OR any text editors (syntax highligting is very helpful)</p></li><li><p>Tools ...cntdCVS (Concurrent Version Systems) client:</p><p>Unix: </p><p>CVS on command line interface</p><p>LinCVSLinCVS</p><p>Windows: </p><p>TortoiseCVS </p><p>WinCVS</p></li><li><p>Considerations. Accelerator keys</p><p> Past&amp;e</p><p> L&amp;ekat</p><p> Plural form 0 for Malay</p><p> Check syntax before commit msgfmt statistics </p><p> Realizing HEAD and merge</p><p> Check the suitability and interface</p></li><li><p>Problems and constraintsLack of Linux PC</p><p>Problem when when to commit and doing CVS activities</p><p>Very unstable internet connection</p><p>Need to do CVS activitesNeed to do CVS activitesExpertise</p><p>Not many local people involved in Open Source area</p><p>FirewallBottleneck. Almost months just to figure out why.</p></li><li><p>CVS route</p><p>,Myloca,</p><p>Cyberjaya</p><p>-Port 22 (ssh)-Port 2401 (pserver)</p><p>Checkout</p><p>Update</p><p>diff</p><p>Add/import</p><p>Remove</p><p>commit</p><p>Tag</p><p>CVS activities:</p><p>Private key here</p><p>A</p><p>B</p><p>From IIUM Gombak</p><p>-or anywhere using putty FIREWALL</p><p>Port 22 (ssh)</p><p>Port 22 (ssh) Port 22 (ssh)</p><p>Private key here. Public key here</p><p>B</p><p>CD</p><p>KDE CVS server,</p><p>Tunbigen,Germany</p></li><li><p>Other similar/almost similar projects</p><p> Gabai project</p><p> Localization of Gnome desktop environment Hasbullah bin Pit</p><p> Meksom project</p><p> Localization of Mozilla web browser Hasbullah bin Pit</p><p> Munsyi project</p><p> Localization of GNU Softwares Sharuzzaman Ahmat Raslan</p></li><li><p>.ctnd</p><p> Singa Emas project</p><p> Localization of Open Office</p><p> Bustamam Harun</p><p> Red Hat</p><p> Hasbullah bin Pit</p><p> Sharuzzaman Ahmat Raslan Sharuzzaman Ahmat Raslan</p><p> Mandrake</p><p> Sharuzzaman Ahmat Raslan</p><p> Yuzaimie</p><p> Muhammad Najmi</p><p> Debian</p><p> Sharuzzaman Ahmat Raslan</p><p> Muhammad Najmi</p><p> Hasbullah bin Pit</p></li><li><p>Many thanks!</p><p> Dr Ahmed Zaki For supervising me</p><p> Bro Adli Abdul Wahid My former supervisor</p><p> Saufi and Yusmizan for server</p><p> Bytecraft Sendirian Berhad For localization slot in Linuxworld 2003,PWTC</p><p> MIMOS Berhad For localization slot in FOSSCON 2003,Subang and working paper presentation chance.</p></li><li><p>At Linuxworld 2003 PWTC (with ByteCraft staffs(beside is GNU softwares translator coordinator-Sharuzzaman-slot for localization PC</p><p>With John 'Maddog' Hall and GnomeTranslator-Hasbullah-FOSSCON 2003, Subang</p></li><li><p> KDE Team Thomas Diehl (KDE Germany)</p><p> Claudiu Costin (KDE Romania)</p><p> Dirk Mueller</p><p>Thanks for big help and responses!</p><p> Dirk Mueller</p><p> Bastin</p><p> Stephen Kulow</p></li><li><p>The End</p><p></p></li></ul>