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  • 1. A DMO shifting frombought and paid for to honestand deserved marketing- a case from Southern NorwayHeidi Srvigmanagingdirector

2. Southern Norway???Srlandet 3. What to do? Primarilydomestic market Limited resources (money) More important to be local championthan world champion Little or noknowlegdeofthe digitalmarketing shift 4. Satisfiedcustomersareour mostimportant marketing assets 5. Our digital starting in 2010 6. Vision: Srlandet are to be no.1 inrepeatvisitation/repurchase 7. It costs up to five times asmuch todevelopnewcustomers asit does toretainexistingcustomerrelationships(Framnes and Thjme, 2003 8. PartoftheNorwegiancluster programArena 74companiesthatworkin acommitednetwork Research andInnovation Digital is 9. During thevisit EXPERIENCESBeforethevisit Afterthevisit GUEST MANAGEMENTDREAMS SYSTEM MEMORIESREPURCHASERECOMMENDATION 10. Secureshort- termresults, whiledevelopin gstrategic and long-termVisitorCorporate Socialexperiencesandanalog Responsibilityrepeatvisitation/repurchase ERM systems CRM systems digitalManagement systems (RevenueMangement) 20122016 Time 11. Ensurepresentation 12. Attitudes, tools and methodsComplaintsarethe best!Areyourcustomerssaying thankyou orWoW?Everybodyonboard!Want to be best in theindustry?Involveyourcustomers! 13. Futureroleof DMO? No longer in chargeofthe marketing Facilitator to assisttheindustry to be thebest customerexperiencesarekey Flexible and change-oriented 14. So whatabout Southern Norway? Constantlytrying to keep up withchanges. Clusternetworkbasedonindustryneeds. Knowlegde-basedorganizationwithhighdigital focus. No prestige in doingeverythingourselves better to partner withthe best. MEET THE CUSTOMER WHERE THE CUSTOMER IS! 15. Thankyou!/hsorvig