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  • ROWDYThe

    Collectionby RONDA ROUSEY for OPI

    Jack Blaney Allyson Buckmeier Holly Moody Jade Parker-Warner


    Overview Collections Colors

    Situational Analysis Communications Goals

    Communications Objectives Strategic Considerations

    Strategic Recommendations Public Relations Tactics

    Media Events Timeline

    Evaluation Media List

  • TABLE OF CONTENTS OVERVIEW OPI Products is excited to introduce The ROWDY Collection by Ronda Rousey, a fresh, unique and stunning line of products inspired by Rouseys beauty and spirit. The ROWDY Collection consists of various nail polish shades that represent the personality and attributes of Ronda Rousey, differentiating the products from preexisting nail polish lines and previous OPI collaborations. The decision to make Ronda Rousey an integral part of the OPI brand was a no brainer. OPI is at the forefront of womens beauty products and has strategically aligned themselves with personalities to sell their products. Celebrities such as Serena Williams and Katy Perry are some of the many individuals who have collaborated with OPI. These previous collections have al-ways demonstrated the lifestyle, work and character of the endorser. The popularity of these nail polish lines has grown tremendously over the past few years due to the impact of these products that touch on numerous industries such as music, athletics and entertainment. Ronda Rousey is currently one of the top mixed martial art athletes in the world. She not only serves as an inspiration to young girls and women who engage in athletic competition but also encourages individuals to follow their passion. She is the first and current UFC Womens Bantamweight Champion, compiling an undefeated record of 10-0. Along the way, she has become a judo champion, earned back-to-back gold medals at the Pan American Championships and a 2008 Olympic bronze medal. Rouseys accomplishments, intelligence and beauty make her an unprecedented force in the makeup industry, uniting different forms of cre-ativity, innovation and strength. There are three main goals that OPI hopes to achieve by introducing The ROWDY Collection. First, this partnership hopes to expand into new areas of the nail polish market. By incorporating Rouseys attributes to the nail polish line, the brand hopes to interact with a new audience. Second, the products hope to inspire women. Rouseys combination of beauty and affiliation with mixed martial arts shows that women can be tough and beautiful at the same time. Lastly, the collaboration hopes to raise awareness of the brand. Bringing in Rousey as one of its newest contributors demonstrates a willingness to go outside the box and incorporate extraordi-nary personalities.

  • Lets Get Rowdy

    Armbar Orange

    Star PowerBlack Belt


    SmackdownWhat a Knockout

    JUDOnt know who youre

    messing with

    iMMA fighter

    A Perfect 10

    Collection Colors


    Strengths Success in the UFC: Rousey joined the mixed martial arts circuit in 2010 and has

    quickly become the face of female mixed martial arts. She is the first and current UFC Womens Bantamweight Champion. Rousey is an undefeated 10-0, having won eight of those fights using her signature armbar move.

    Celebrity status: In addition to her successful MMA career, Rousey has also been in multiple publications such as ESPN The Magazine and appeared as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and CONAN. She can also be seen in the films The Expend-ables 3 and the upcoming Furious 7. She clearly has begun to integrate herself into the mainstream and use her talents, beauty and personality to promote her brand.

    Combination of Strength and Beauty: Although Rousey dominates women in the Bantamweight division of the UFC, she can also showcase her beauty. She has previously appeared on the cover of ESPN The Magazines 2012 Body Issue and participated in a photo spread for Maxim. Rousey possesses the unique characteristics of a tough, chiseled fighter but can also display her attributes and sex appeal.

    Weaknesses Target Audience: It may be difficult to sell Rousey as a legitimate spokesman for OPI.

    She has not previously associated herself with the nail polish industry or promoted other womens beauty products. This may be a large hurdle when attempting to push this new line to nail polish consumers.

    Affiliation with the UFC: Since Rousey is so closely associate with the UFC and mixed martial arts, this may limit opportunities to market her products. Although she has been extremely successful and received plenty of attention for her athletic performance, this may overshadow her ability to promote her line to other women.


    Opportunities Bringing an edge to OPI Products: Her reputation as a tough, resilient

    individual would provide a different element to their marketing. There is an untapped market of women who are athletes or active individuals who would respond to an endorsement by Rousey. She would certainly bring an edge to the brand and be a unique spokesman for their nail polish products.

    Remaining relevant in society: At the young age of 27 and barring any serious injury, she will continue to be a force in the UFC. In addition, she has begun to open herself up to other opportunities such as magazines shoots, late night television interviews and acting. She is promoting herself through these various outlets and expanding her brand beyond mixed martial arts.

    Threats Existing nail polish brands: Companies such as Essie, Revlon and Zoya are some

    of the top competitors to OPI in regards to nail polish. These organizations are widely known, distributed and have their own celebrity endorsers for their products.

    Previous OPI celebrity partnerships: OPI has previously teamed up with individuals such as Katy Perry, Selena Gomez and Serena Williams for nail polish collaborations. Expectations will certainly be high for the launch of The ROWDY Collection since these celebrity contributors have set the standard.


    1. Establish a social media presence for The ROWDY Collection by OPI Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (Assisted by OPI social accounts & Rouseys

    personal accounts)

    2. Gain national exposure in beauty industry, celebrity athletes and the general consumer base Generate news coverage of the line in beauty magazines, blogs, websites, YouTube

    beauty channels.

    3. Generate web traffic to The ROWDY Collection web page Establish a separate web page for the line via Promote the

    web page via social media channels and promotions.


    SOCIAL Increase Twitter followers to 730K by January 1, 2015 (692K) Establish a Facebook page for the line and generate 10,000 likes (January 1,

    2015) Monitor and increase mentions and photo tags via all social media channels by

    50 percent (January 1, 2015) (Instagram & Twitter) Increase average usage of #RowdyReason hashtag to 200 mentions per day (all

    channels subject to increase during promo events) (February 1, 2015)

    NEWS Gain at least four national news clips (Elle, Glamour, Shape) (January 1, 2015) Book two talk show appearances (Ellen, Today Show) (January 1, 2015) Average three news clips per promotional event or appearance (March 1, 2015)

    WEB Increase click-through rate by 70 percent to

    (January 1, 2015) Generate 2,000 promotional subscribers via website. (January 1, 2015)

  • 1. The development of an athletes personal brand has become almost as important as the success on the field. Athletes are becoming more interested in strategically expanding their personal portfolio and associating themselves with specific products and organizations.

    2. Cosmetics is an oversaturated industry with various companies, designs and spokesmen. It is imperative that The ROWDY Collection differentiates itself from OPIs competitors and previous celebrity nail polish partnerships. Rouseys unique characteristics can be used as leverage to increase exposure and awareness of the nail polish line.

    3. Rousey will need to be marketed as a strong, beautiful and inspiring woman. Since she is so closely affiliated with the UFC and mixed martial arts, she must also be portrayed as someone who enjoys cosmetics and fashion. The combination of her profession, personality and looks will need to blended together and capitalized on in order to effectively promote the products.



    1. With more and more athletes venturing into endeavors outside of their specific sport, Ronda must ensure that she gives as much attention to her new OPI collection as she does to her other projects. She already juggles being a professional champion athlete with acting appearances and charity events, so she has experience in giving her attention to more than one thing at time. If her fanbase and followers feel that she is truly invested in the collection it has a better chance to succeed. She can achieve this by incorporating her new collection into her current projects, and her lifestyle. This means, wearing the colors in her practices, fights, appearances, and on a regular basis.

    3. Highlight and focus on the fact that Ronda is just like any ordinary woman. People like and appreciate when they can relate to a person. If consumers feel that they can relate to