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  • 1.Cell Phones, Online Teaching, and M acB ooks

2. What would you like to know? Cell Phones Getting Push in Education, B ut Not Without Resistance Case S tudy: Palm B each County S chools Embrace Online Teaching Tool B allinger IS D S upports M acB ook Initiative with WiFi Deployment 3. Cell Phones Getting Push in Education, But Not Without Resistance A ccording to Dave Nagel, cell phones are projected to get a push in the Educational system. M any professionals believe that cell phones or mobile technology, particularly pertaining to web access, are the future of education. 4. Cell Phones, Continued A t Trinity Meadows Intermediate S chool, 53 fifth graders have been given smart phones that are to be used in their lessons. M any views of this research say that this is a great step towards the future, a step that we have missed before in the past. Others, are not so optimistic. 5. Cell Phones, ResponseS ome may call me old fashion, but I dont think cell phonesare the way to go. Computers have been an amazing step ineducation, and they are definitely a great tool in teachingand getting the students engaged. However, to give a fifthgrade student a cell phone in the middle of class is foolish.A child of 12 will only pay attention for a few short daysuntil he/ will get distracted and covertly communicate shewith friends. Cell phones will become more of a distractionthan a aid. 6. Case Study: Palm Beach County Schools Embrace Online Teaching Tool Educators are using the solutions customized features to scaffold, save, and share digital content In the article by B ridget McCrea, this means exactly what it sounds; Teachers are able to access more than 300,000 digital resources that have been approved by expert educators by a program called My Portfolio, the K -12 safe search tool, netTrekker d.i.. 7. Case Study: Continued It is said that this new network is easy to use, in fact, easy usage is one of its main goals. These resources are monitored, regulated, and evaluated for quality and academic relevance. 8. Case Study: Response This, unlike my response to cell phone usage in school, is very positive. I think this information sharing system will be an awesome step for unified attempts at successful education. Teachers will be able to use proven ideas from other teachers and share a wealth of knowledge that doesnt have to be contained to one classroom, or even one department. Teachers need to share what works with others, and they need to be always expounding upon current procedures, and I think this online teaching tool can do just that. 9. Ballinger ISD Supports MacBook Initiative with WiFi Deployment This article describes a new initiative by B allinger Independent S chool District in Texas with equipping every student and teacher with a M acB ook and outfitting the schools with a Wireless network. They had to consider cost, upkeep, simplicity, and last but not least, quality. In the end they chose the Xirrus Wi-Fi for the emPOWERing S tudents for the Future initiative. 10. Ballinger ISD: Continued The Xirrus Wi-Fi requires less hardware and parts than many of the other wireless networks available, so in the end Xirrus saved them a lot of money. Thus far, the system has been great and has experienced failures since its inception. 11. Ballinger ISD: Response This is a great idea for this school district. The only problem is that I see MacB ooks as slight overkill for elementary and even jr. high students. I feel that high school students would benefit most from the computers and the wireless network. Not only do I think they would benefit, I think it would be a phenomenal tool for teaching and learning. A s I said above however, only for high schoolers. 12. Lets Sum Up Overall, I feel technology is the direction our world is taking. With our world heading in that direction, we need to have our educational system up to speed if not beyond the rest of the world. With that said, we need to be wise about technologys benefits verses its drawbacks. When we let a fifth grader use a cell phone in the class room or give an elementary student a M acB ook, we really have to evaluate if we are spending all these dollars on truly prospering education, or if we are mindlessly wasting our money and our time.