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Blackboard 11 A conceptual design

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The final presentation of Seminar IM team Fruity.


  • 1. Blackboard 11
    A conceptual design

2. The Goal
Write a concept for a replacement and/or upgrade of Blackboard
3. The Plan
1. Interview lecturers, coordinators,students & technical people
2. Review Internal UvT documentation on Blackboard
3. Analyze Student responses / requests on Blackboard Portal
4. Collect Scientific articles
5. A lot of brainstorm-sessions
4. The Scope
In the end, most of the Blackboard issues are not a matter of addingmore features
But of changing basic design
5. Four main issues
User is effectively isolated
There is no integration among features
Flexibility is limited
Blackboard is always years behind on reality
6. Problem 1: Isolatedusers
Education and communication have changed a lot over time.
Blackboard has not...
7. Blackboard as itisnow
8. Blackboard as itshouldbe
9. Solution 1: Groups & Profiles
A lot more happens at a university than just courses
Interactions are between
Groups of people
10. Proposed Structure
11. Pervasive communication
Announcements (group / profile)
Wall (group / profile)
(quick) Message (profile)
(group) Chat (group / profile)
Video-conference (group)
12. Dashboard (example)
13. Problem 2: lack of integration
Many different features
That do many different things
Or almost the same
But no linking / integration
14. Solution 2: Integratecore components
File-sharing / collaboration
Agenda / rostering
15. Example: File sharing
16. Problem 3: Inflexible system
Key requirement for Blackboard:Stable, dependable system
But many users want:FlexibilityCustomization
17. Solution 3: Modular design
18. Problem 4: Keeping up with reality
Developments in society (internet) lead demand. Blackboard can only follow
You cannot both maintain a stable, reliable system and be at the frontier of development
19. Bottom up development
Blackboard has a lot of users, withsimilar needs and goalsA large creative community!
Encourage users to create and implement solutions for their problems
Share these solutions
20. Solution 4:The Blackboardmarketplace
Make user-generated modules available on a marketplace
Modular system; add modules or replace one component with another
Modules as a source of income and/or prestige for universities, lecturers or even students
21. The Blackboardmarketplace
Blackboard focus: providing core features and maintaining a stable core system
22. You can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new.
Steve Jobs