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  2. 2. COMPANY OVERVIEW Videocon Industries Limited is a large diversified Indian company headquartered in Mumbai. The Videocon group's core areas of business are consumer electronics and home appliances. They have recently diversified into areas such as DTH, power, oil exploration and telecommunication.. The group has 17 manufacturing sites in India and plants in China, Poland, Italy and Mexico . It is third largest picture tube manufacturer in the world. With Annual turnover of 5 billion USD, making it one of the largest consumer electronic and home appliance companies in India. Videocon is one of the largest CPT Glass manufacturers in the world, operating in Mexico, Italy, Poland and China.
  3. 3. CE & HA DTH Retail Petroleum BRAND BASKETS OF VIDEOCON Energy
  4. 4. Consumer durable sector contribute 14.8% to countries economy Favorable demographics; 64% of the population in working age category Increasing affordability and declining prices of products Increase in disposable incomes; which drives consumption Availability of new products and technologies Increasing Urbanization, nuclear families Easy financing schemes Increase in organized retail Key growth drivers
  5. 5. Market Share of the company
  6. 6. SWOT analysis
  7. 7. Company in BCG matrix
  8. 8. Business Finance COMPONENTS yr 2013 yr 2011 yr 2010 yr 2009 yr 2008 Gross Profit Margin(%) 12.01 14.83 14.84 14.15 17.75 Net Profit Margin(%) -0.38 4.28 5.15 4.35 9.99 Debt Equity Ratio 2.17 1.88 1.26 1.28 1.19 Direct Cost 15,208.6 10,180.3 11,572.8 7,301.5 7,363.0 Indirect Cost 1,823.93 88.37 113.08 82.3 30.59 Working Capita Required 424.35 526.62 341.54 286.78 228.73 Fixed Assests Added During The Year 12,122.2
  9. 9. Organization Structure
  10. 10. Competencies HR MANAGER Communication Analytical and Critical Thinking Relationship-Building Leadership Decision making Optimistic FINANCE MANAGER Professionalism and ethics Governance, risk and control Stakeholder relationship management Strategy and innovation Leadership and management Audit and assurance Taxation. MARKETING MANAGER Customer Engagement Strategy Contextual intelligence Adaptability Inter personal skill Negotiation power
  11. 11. Organization culture (as per employee reviews or research findings)
  12. 12. TRAINING NEEDS AT VIDEOCON INDUSTRIES Reasons behind Training Needs Arrival of new technology Promotion within the organization Needs of additional hands with increased production of product and services New employees need of training because of inexperience. Old employees need of training for refreshing Reduce working time, Supervision, spoil Wastage, Produce and improve production and reduce learning time Reduce grievances, accident rates and raising morale.
  13. 13. Performance Appraisal Establishing Performance Standards (KRA) Communicating the standards (COMPONENTS OF KRA) Measuring the actual Performance (RATING) Comparing the Actual with the Desired Performance (GAP ANALYSIS) Discussing Results (REWADING, TRAINING. TRANSFER, TERMINATION)
  14. 14. Grievance Handling Grievance are one of the most common problem faced by the employee of almost all the organization, thus it is one of the most common problem with which any HR need to deal with. Thus there are various ways to handle it such as : Conduction interview Questionnaire Open door policy Suggestion box
  15. 15. For Example: Grievance Questionnaire Form
  16. 16. Training Need Analysis