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    WE HAVE OUR ADVOCACY TOOLS 1st April to 30th September 2014


    Name of beneficiary of grant contract: JUZOOR

    Contact person:

    Ms Majd Hardan,

    Public and International Relations Officer

    Name of partners in the Action: (3 official CBOs partners)

    1. African-Jerusalem Delegation Society

    2. Spafford Center for Children

    3. Burj Al-Luqluq Social center Society

    Title of the Action: WE HAVE OUR ADVOCACY TOOLS

    Start date and end date of the Action: 1/April to 30/September – 2014

    Target groups: children and youth between 12 to 17 years old in Jerusalem


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    Executive Summary of the Action

    The project was designed by Juzoor for Health and Social Development as a

    mean to promote learning, participation, and self-advocacy of school children in

    East Jerusalem. Juzoor's extensive experience in child and youth development,

    combined with stakeholder consultation, illustrate that school children in East

    Jerusalem, especially children at risk, need opportunities to develop their critical

    thinking, to express their thoughts to the wider community, and to advocate for

    their rights.

    The overall aim of the project is to promote and protect child rights in East


    Specific Objective is to educate children, aged 12-17 on media and

    communication tools and mobilize them to advocate for their rights.

    Activities and Results

    In terms of impact indicators, the project contributed towards the following:

     Increased community awareness on child rights issues.

     Improved ability of children to advocate for their rights.

    The project was carried out in three phases:

    In the first phase; (Months April - May), partnerships, preparation and launching


    In the second phase; (Months June - July), organize a series of training and

    workshops to provide participants with knowledge and skills related to the project


    In the third phase; (Months August – September), continue trainings and

    workshops, dissemination of results and outputs.

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    The activities led to concrete results by the end of the project:

    1. 60 children were trained on Advocacy perception, steps of the advocacy

    cycle, based on child rights approach, and design

    advocacy campaigns.

    2. All participants of the project experienced the positive, critical, and

    inclusive thinking through group and collective activities on issues affecting

    them and their communities.

    3. All participants of the project were trained on using Poster as a tool to

    send advocacy message in creative and critical ways.

    4. 40 Advocacy posters were produced by children through creative writing

    workshops, using new method of text writing and design posters.

    5. 20 children were trained on using “Animate It” as a tool to produce

    animated films for advocating for their rights and share their concerns.

    6. 3 animated films were created by children addressing several issues,

    focusing on situation of children in Gaza during the War.

    7. 24 children were trained on using Digital Photography as a tool to produce

    photos for raising awareness and advocate for social and child rights in


    8. 25 digital photos were produced by children based on group division and


    9. Public advocacy event for child rights in Jerusalem was organized showed:

    - 40 advocacy posters

    - 15 digital photos

    - educational and documentary film

    - distributed promotional, educational, and advocacy materials: stickers,

    posters, school calendar, and pens with name of the project.

    10. Blog “We Have Our Advocacy Tools” of the project was launched to be as

    online exhibition of all produced tools by children, and news of the


    11. Educational and documentary movie “Image & Sound”

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    Activity 1:

    The orientation meetings with partners were conducted in first month of the

    project and signed Memorandum of Understandings (MoU) with each partner.

    The 3 main partners are:

    1. African-Jerusalem Delegation Society

    2. Spafford Center for Children

    3. Burj Al-Luqluq Social center Society

    The 3 partners locate in the Old City of Jerusalem and are active in the field in

    working with youth and children.

    The meetings aimed to involve partners in the project, its objectives, and more in

    details of the activities. Juzoor asked each partner to include number of its

    children groups in the project activities, and help in spreading the calls for

    activities among their targeted communities and groups. The activities of the

    project were discussed with partners and they suggested some improvements

    and agreed on the methods of implementation. Juzoor expressed its interest to

    support the partner as CBOs through the project and co-implementing the

    activities. The Memorandums of Understanding were signed at the end of each

    meeting as partners

    Activity 2:

    Launching calls for trainings and workshops, and identifying beneficiaries

    Juzoor launched a call for participants for a Summer Training Camp for one week

    for children between 12 to 17 years old from Jerusalem and its hinterlands. The

    call was spread among partners, their social media pages, Facebook group for the

    Jerusalem Youth Parliament for Students, and at number of schools.

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    Activity 3:

    Intensive training camp titled “Image & Sound”, included: child rights based

    approach, collective group writing workshop, drama, flash-mob, and design

    advocacy campaigns. The camp lasted for 6 days (from 22 to 27 June) at

    Spafford Centre for Children in the Old City of Jerusalem.

    The title of the training camp was suggested by the partner African-Jerusalem

    Society while preparing for it. “Image and Sound” as title reflects the core idea

    of the project which is training children on using various advocacy tools, because

    we either see the tool, hear it, or both together. Then and because children liked

    it; it became the short title of the project.

    This training camp came as merging activity for main 3 main activities in the

    workplan: Advocacy training, Creative Workshops, and design campaigns.

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    This merging was due to the delay in signing the agreement between Juzoor and

    World Vision; which made the team able to start implementing in June. Thus, and

    because most of June is dedicated

    for final examination at schools; the

    team in consultation with World

    Vision decided to do the activities

    outside schools with community

    centres and to merge the activities in

    order to save time and offer

    intensive training for the children.

    Total of 60 children participated in

    the training camp. Majority of the

    participants are females from

    different schools and areas in Jerusalem.

    The team of the camp; 5 members: two main trainers, two volunteers youth

    workers, and one supervisor. The team met twice in June for preparation for the

    camp, its content, methodology, approaches, and for logistics.

    The daily activities in the training camp were as the following:

    1st day of the camp was opening, introduction about the project, its objectives,

    and program of the camp, training sessions on child rights, advocacy, and


    2nd + 3rd + 4th days was dividing the participants to two groups, and organize

    parallel workshops for creative thinking, drama, Flashmobs, and photography.

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    5th day was group work, sharing what each group learned and produced during

    the previous days of the camp, discussion, and final editing for advocacy posters,

    then voting.

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    6th day was a study trip to Old City of Jaffa.

    The following is the program of the camp:

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    Activity 4:

    The Animation training was

    organized from 20 to 24 July during

    Ramadan month at Burj Al-Luqluq

    Social Center Society. Total of 20

    children participated in the training; 12

    females and 8 males between 12 to 17

    years old.

    The training aimed to provide the child


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