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Final Editing Tweaks (Day 12)

Final Editing Tweaks (Day 12)Bradley WestBy this point in time, all we needed to do was add finishing tweaks to syncing, green screen shots and editing effects and transitions to ensure the video looks as good as possible.In addition, we decided to change a green screen effect to have a large pulsating heart whilst little hearts fly out of the centre of the screen during a I love it chorus. This is creative and adds another exciting element to the video.

This screenshot shows the pulsating heart green screen effect being worked onIn addition, I worked on finishing off all the dip to color dissolves, as well as adding in any when this was needed such as when the new pulsating heart green screen clip was added.We also made sure that the colours used fitted the pop-art and feminist pop themes of the video and looked visually engaging too using colours such as neon blues and light, vibrant pinks.

This screenshot shows a dip to colour dissolve being editedThe syncing had been an issue but after receiving lots of feedback, I managed to resolve these issues and sync the visuals with the audio well.I used a handy shortcut tool (alt+ctrl and + or however many frames) with clips in the timeline to precisely ensure that clips were synced. The problem had been that clips were 1 or 2 frames out of sync but this was fixed successfully.

The above screenshot highlights syncing work7Another important tweak I ensured was completed was the colour and brightness of every clip being bright enough to be engaging but not overly blinding. Each clip had to relatively fit each other too with no one single clip being too bright.I checked and edited certain color correctors on clips and added dazzle effects to clips which were too bland in colour.

This shows a color corrected clip being renderedOnce all this was checked and completed we watched over the video with others.They gave us feedback saying it looked very professional and complete.We therefore decided that we had done everything with the video and exported it out of final cut.

This screenshot shows the finished timeline