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<p>Finished CD</p> <p>Final Editing of CD</p> <p>1</p> <p>In order to make the sure that the CD has that extra professional look, I decided to add in grid lines to ensure that the text and logos on the CD cover is as symmetrical as possible. After doing so I was able to add in copyright in formation along the bottom with the production company logos on top of this.</p> <p>In order to stick to the consistency of the fonts chosen I was able to reuse the font I had chosen for the artists name. Not only does this allow me to show continuity of the text chosen but to also create the impression for the audience of the text chosen will act as the artist logo. </p> <p>For the albums title I wanted to keep it simple and so chose the font that I had used for the back cover. I thought that overall this will create a simple but powerful impression on the audience. Keeping the CD itself simple, I thought that this would create a strong statement, type of image fort eh audience. It will also allow the audience to connote an idea of the artists personality and what her album is actually about. The type of artist that doesnt need to show off too much pictures of herself on every piece of media product, and have bright colours everywhere. </p> <p>I wanted to represent the arts through the CD as a simple young girl whos trying to make her mark in the industry. The CD could also represent her childhood, as I wanted the artist to seem like one which had a rough childhood, growing up with little. This therefore gave me the idea to try and construct the CD using basically nothing other than what was actually needed: her name, the albums title, the release date along with the copyright information and production company logos. </p>