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Edgewater Marketing Plan Kannah Creek Edgewater Brewery Marketing for winter months, Events and Social Gatherings

Edgewater Marketing PlanKannah Creek Edgewater BreweryMarketing for winter months, Events and Social Gatherings

Authors:Duncan Alger, Lauren Bush, Laruen Elliott, Courtney McGinnis


Situational Analysis


There are two main factors when it comes to the situational analysis

Internal EnviornmentMeaning what internal factors are harming the business and what internal factors are proving successful for this company.Event Based (Pro)Lawn Space (Pro)Brew House (Pro)Small Indoor space (Con)Specialty Menu (Pro)Inivative/original Product (pro)External Enviornment External factors focus on what Kannahs main competitors are and what external factors are helping them, such as location, brand name and so forth. Location (Pro/Con)Brand Name (Pro)Competitors (Pro/Con)Price (on the higher end) (Con)Promotion/advertising (Pro/Con)Place (Pro)


The five main aspects of the analysis

1.Our competition, 2. The political forum of the geographical area, 3. Economical factors 4. Social cultural vision of our product 5. Technological view of our market.


SWOT Analysis


Strengths Strengths Patio/grass spaceDifferent than other KannahCan host a wide variety of eventsBrew houseIndoor barOutdoor stageKannah brand nameMarketing for events Event schedule


Weaknesses LocationNot a strong college influenceShuttle system for college students or mav rides (Thursday-Saturday) Cater to a different age demographicNot large indoor space

OpportunitiesOpportunities Could have more frequented event eg: live music once a week, student deals, family events. Could have events hosted by college (offer discount) Cater events at college use Edgewater nameMarket more on campus (have campus rep) Punch cards for college kidsInvolved in pub nightDo something like CD does with flip night Team up with other locations do a world beer tour or pub crawl/discount theme More dealsStudent saver


Threats Threats Other bars in town Cheaper pricesDifferent menu at other Kannah Far from campusOther venues in town with catering businessesPub nightConcerts Places that offer live music

Goals & Strategies By Lauren Bush


This would be a good picture for an example of the snow slay, this is what left hand brewing company in Longmont does every winter.

Marketing Implementation PlanBy Courtney


Main Goal:Increase revenue, sales, and number of events from November-MarchEvent #1: SnowSlay Mini Jump Grind rail

Time: 3pm-6pm (Happy Hour)What: $3 beer, $5 off merchandiseJump, Ski, Watch, Enjoy

*Waivers signed at the door!

Promoting: Flyers (On campus/The Point)Kannah CreekSocial media, word of mouthEvent #2: Ski and Gear SwapSkis, Boots, Hiking Gear, you name it!

What: Tables will be set up around the borders of the lawnBring your gearSwap your gearBuy new gearEnjoy a craft beer or two

Promoting:Connections with Outdoor ProgramSki ClassesOutdoor retail

Event #3: Beer CardKannah Creek Student PassStudents Frequent Drinker Card

Time: After 9p.m. Days: Every dayWhat: Any pint for $3, after 9 purchases, 10th is freeContinues with 20th30th purchase a Edgewater pint glass is rewardedAfter final purchase, card continues to offer 10% discount on beers and well liquors

Promoting:CampusSchool eventsKannah CreekSocial MediaWord of mouth

Evaluation and Controls By Lauren Elliott


Annual ControlFive tools used to monitor plan performance: Sales Analysis Market-share AnalysisExpense-to-Sales Analysis Financial Analysis Customer Satisfication

Profitability Control & Efficiency Control Profitability Control: Demonstrates the relative profit-earning capacity of a companys different products and consumer groups. Efficiency Control: Involves micro-level analysis of the various elements of the marketing mix. Including sales force, advertising, sales promotion, and distribution.

Strategic Control Allows managers to evaluate a companys marketing program from a critical long-term perspective. Involves a detailed and objective analysis of a companys organization. Its ability to maximize its strengths and market opportunities.

Marketing Audit The raw material for the strategic control. Periodically makes sure that the marketing plan emphasizes the company.

Evaluation This step focuses on analyzing quantitative and qualitative metrics associated with the implementation and strategy.

Summary By Lauren Elliott


Sum it all up!Location, location, locationSnowSlay How students can help out