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  • 5 Editing Tips Every Final Cut Pro X

    Editor Should Know

  • Live TrimmingDuring an edit, one of the most common tasks is to make a

    clip shorter. Editing wisdom tells us that a clip should be able to justify every frame of its length; if its not necessary, its cut. FCP X has three keys which are great at doing just

    that, whether youre paused or playing a timeline. With nothing selected, the clip under the playhead will be

    affected, but you can select a clip to trim that instead.

  • Option-[ to start the clip at the current playhead position (Trim Start)

    Option-] to end the clip at the current playhead position (Trim End)

    Option-\ trims to the start or end, whichever is closer to the current playhead position (Trim to Playhead)

  • Adjustment LayersYou can make your own with Motion, or pick up one from

    many places online, but Adjustment Layers are invaluable. They arent included in the default installation, but they are

    ridiculously helpful. And what are they? Theyre empty titles, with no included text. Any color changes or effects applied to adjustment layers affect every clip below them.

  • Keyword and Favorite FirstWhen you first start to work through your footage, its quite

    tempting to dump it all on a timeline and start culling. Theres often a better way, though. Press Command-K to bring up the Keywords popup, then pre-define keywords which suit your

    footage in each of the boxes, assigned shortcuts of Control-1 through Control-9.

  • With the shortcuts ready to go, make sure no clips in your event are selected, then just hover over each in turn, and

    press the matching Control-# shortcut key. Its insanely fast to organize your footage. When thats done, click-drag-release

    or use I and O to mark in and out points, and press F to make a Favorite.

  • View Favorites from the drop-down at the top, and youve got the best bits of all your clips sorted and organised, viewable

    with the keyword collections to the left.

  • Export FasterThough its downplayed by the language used, theres very little wrong (and a lot right) with using the Faster Encode

    options in FCP X. Sure, the other option says Better Quality but its often hard to tell the difference visually.

  • Reveal Hidden Features with Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

    Changing often-used keyboard shortcuts is a great way to make common actions faster. For example, some people have recommended using G and H for the most common

    Trim Start and Trim End commands above.But some other commands are completely inaccessible if you

    dont assign keys to them theyre not in the menus and they dont have shortcuts by default.

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