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Buddha Shakyamuni


  • Nghi Qu c Pht Thch Ca Kho Tng Gia Tr


  • 2 Nam m Bn s Thch Ca Mu Ni Pht! Homage to Guru Shakyamunaye!

    Trong kinh Tam Mui Vng c ni : Nhng lc i, ng, nm v ngi, bt k ai nh ngh vng trng ng Nng Nhn lun c bc Thy pha trc h v siu vt nhng bt hnh. v Kim thn diu sc ton ho ca ng H Ch Th Gian lay ng mi tm tr. Hng B Tt nn an tr trong thin nh nh th. Do , chng ta c ch bo v thc hnh php du gi nh ngh v c Bn s, ng Mu Ni Th Tn v song nh sau :

    There are statements in the King of Samadhi Sutra : While walking, sitting, standing and sleeping, whoever remembers the moon-like Muni will always have the Teacher in the front and go beyond many miseries. and The golden body of the World Protector is universally graceful, it enters the mind of anyone. Bodhisattvas stay

  • 3 in such meditation. Therefore, we are taught to practice the yoga of recollecting our teacher, the Peerless Lord of Muni as follows.

    Sang-gye cho dang tshog kyi chog-nam la Jang-chub bar-du dag-ni kyab-su chi Ni thnh hi ca Pht Php v Tng cao thng, Cho n ngy gic ng, con nguyn xin quy y. Until reaching enlightenment, I will take refuge. In the supreme assembly of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Dag-gi jin-sog gyi-pay so-nam kyi Dro-la phen-chir sang-gye drub-par shog Cng c m con lm chng hn nh b th, Nguyn thnh Pht o cho li lc ca mun loi. For the happiness and welfare of beings, I will attain Buddhahood. By all merits of mine such as generosity and so forth. c ba ln. Sau , t duy v T V Lng Tm Read three times.Then, think about the Four Immesurables. Sem-chen tham-ched de-wa dang de-way gyu-dang den-par gyur-chig Nguyn hu tnh c hnh phc cng nhn an vui.

  • 4 May all beings have happiness and causes of happiness. Dug-ngel dang dug-ngel gyi gyu dang drel-war gyur-chig Nguyn h gii thot kh au cng nhn au kh.. May they be free from suffering and the cause of suffering; Dug-ngel med-pay de-wa dam-pa dang mi-drel war gyur-chig Nguyn h chng ri i lc vn khng n au. May they be inseparated from bliss devoid of suffering. Nye-ring chag-dang nyi dang dral-way tang-nyom tshe-me pa la ne-par gyur chig Nguyn h khng tham sn v tr bnh ng tnh.May they remain in boundless equanimity. May they be free from attachment and adversion, and remain in immesurable equanimity.

    Qun nim trong tm cc Php hin din m trng rng. Keep in mind that all Dharmas appears without object.

  • 5 AH! Kye-me tongpa nyi dang ten-jung gi Nang-wa gag-me sung-jug gyu-pay tshul AH! Hp nht thng hng bt bin ta o nh, ca tnh Khng bn nhin v hin tng duyn sinhAH! AH! The unceasing union of unborn emptiness. And interdependent arising experiences like illusion Rang-dun nam-khar chod-jin gya-tshoy u Rin-chen seng-tri pe-nyi da-way teng Gia v lng my cng ni bu tri pha trc, Trn ta bu s t, sen, mt tri, mt trng, Amidst countless offering clouds in the sky before me,On the precious lion throne, lotus, sun and moon, Ton-pa tshung-me shakya seng-ge ni Ser gyi dog-chen tshan dang pe-je den c Bn s v song, S T ca dng Thch. Thu gm cc tng ho chnh ph, thn sc vng, The peerless Teacher, the Lion of Shakya. Possessing major and minor marks in golden colour, Chogo sum sol dorje kyil-trung zhug Chag-ye sa-non chag-gya leg-kyang shing Mc ba Php y, im nhin trong Kim Cng ta. Vi tay phi dui ra hin by Xc a n Wearing three Dharma robes, sitting in vajra posture. With right hand stretching out in Mudra of Touching Earth,

  • 6 Chag-yon nyam-zhag du-tsi lhung-ze nam Ser-gyi ri-tar zi-ji pal-bar wa Tay tri trong nh n tr gi bt cam l, nh huy hong rc r ta nh ngn ni vng Left hand holding alms bow of nectar in Mudra of Meditation, Splendor blazing like the golden mountain Ye-she o-zer dra-we kha-ying khyab Nye-way se-gye ne-ten chu-drug sog V quang minh tr tu ta khp cng khng gian. Tm i B Tt, mi su Trng Lo, vn vn And lights of wisdom pervading space. The Teacher is encircled with the ocean-like noble retinue, Phak-tshog gya-tshoy khorgyi yong-kor zhing Dranpa tsam gyi sizhi tha-nyi le Hi hi thnh chng t tu xung quanh Ngi. Ch ngh n Ngi thot cc lun hi nit bn The eight Close Sons, the sixteen Elderlies and so forth. Mere thought of Him liberates two extremes of samsara and nirvana Nam-drol de-wa chog-gi pal-tsol wa Kyab kun du-pay dag-nyi chen-por sel V ban cho con h lc tuyt ho ti thng. Ngi chnh thc l hin thn mi ci quy y. And grant me the splendor of supreme bliss. He is the great manifestation of all refuge objects.

  • 7 Nu qun nim v c Pht nh vy th Ngi s xut hin ngay khi ngh khi ln. Cn thn tr tu ca ht thy ch Pht th hin din khp ni, khng gii hn bi khng gian hay thi gian. Ngi tu nn gn gi s qun xt nh th. Kinh in c ni rng : Bt k ai ghi nh ch Pht trong tm th ch Pht hin din ngay trc mt h. Nh lin tc th nhn gia h m ngi s c gii thot khi mi lm lc. Do vy, ngi ta ni rng gi nim v ng Chin Thng nh th s em li cng c v cng ln, ch c qun st nhng thin hnh phi thng ny. Trong kinh Hoa Nghim c ni : Nh nhn thy, nghe c v dng phm cng dng n ch Pht, cng c s tng trng v cng v tn. Nhng cng c vn chng th hnh dung ny s khng bao gi di i. v Bt k c nguyn no dng ln cng s thnh tu t nhin. Kinh Vn Th Tnh Th Cng c ni rng : Ch Php do duyn sinh v quyt nh hon ton ni nguyn c. D l c nguyn g th kt qu l chc chn. Hy tin chc vo nhng iu ghi trong kinh in. If observing the Buddhas body like that, He will be present right when such thoughts arise. The wisdom body of all Buddhas is everywhere, unlimited by time or space. One should keep such observation. Sutras states : Whoever keeps the Buddhas in mind, Buddhas will be present in front of that one. By permanently receiving

  • 8 blessing, that one will be free from all faults. Thus, it was said that keeping conception of the Victorious One brings accumulation of merits, dont waste such inexhaustible virtues. The Avatasaka Sutra said : By seeing, hearing about and making offerings to the Buddhas, the accumulation of merits will be infinitely increased. These unformulated merits is unchangeable. and Any aspiration offered will spontaneously be accomplished. The Sutra of Teaching on Qualities of Manjushris Pure Land said : All Dharmas arise from conditions and depends entirely on one's aspiration. Whichever aspiration is uttered, its effect will be realized. Generate a strong determination about all those statements in sutras. Nyingje chenpo tso-den nyig-may zhing Zungne monlam chenpo nga-gya tab i t i bi ngh cho thi c ng trc, Ngi rng pht th nguyn v i trn nm trm. With great compassion for the Degenerate Age of Strife, you uttered five hundred great aspirations. Pe-kar tar-ngag tshen-tho chir-mi dog Ton-pa thug-je chen-la chag-tsal lo ng ta Hoa Sen Trng, nghe danh chng a lc. Knh l n Ngi, c Bn s i t mn. We will not return by hearing your name, the one who is like White Lotus. Homage to you, O the Greatly Compassionate Teacher.

  • 9 Dag-zhen go-sum ge-tshog long-cho che Kun-zang cho-pay trin-du mig-ne bul Mi cng c ba nghip con v mun loi c, Nay con xin knh dng bng m my Ph Hin. All merits from three doors of myself and others, I offer with Samantabhadra offering cloud. Thog-med ne-sag dig-tung ma-lue pa Nying-ne gyod-pa drag-po so-sor shag Con v cng hi hn v ch thnh cu sm. Mi mt iu xu c tch tp t lu xa. I deeply regret and intensely confess. Each of all misdeeds and failings collected from the beginning. Phag dang so-soy kye-woy ge-pa ni Du-sum sag la je-su yi-rang ngo Tt c iu lnh ch Thnh v Phm tch tp. Trong sut ba thi, con nay u xin ty h. I rejoice all virtues of the Noble Ones and ordinary individuals. Collected in three times. Zab-ching gya-che chokyi khor-loy tshul Chog-chur gyun-mi che-par kor-du sol Con thnh cu bnh xe php thm thm vi diu. Thng chuyn khng bao gi ngng dt khp mi phng.I request the wheels of profound and extensive doctrines. To be turned without interruption in ten directions.

  • 10 Khyo-ni nam-kha ta-buy ye-she ku Du-sum pho-gyur me-par zhug-mod kyi Mc d thn tr tu ca Ngi ta nh h khng, Hin hu thng hng chng thay i sut ba thi, Although your space-like wisdom body, Is untransformed throughout three times, Dul-jay nang-ngor kye-jig tshul-ton kyang Trul-pay sug-nyen tagtu nang-war dzo Ngi vn th hin l sinh dit trong nhn th.Nguyn cu Ngi lun lun phng ta cc ha thn. You displayed birth and death to beings.May your emanated bodies appear permanently.! Dag-gi du-sum sag-pay ge-tshog kyi Kha-khyab dro-wa kun la phen-le du Bao nhiu thin cng c con lm trong ba thi. u do li lc rng khp chng sinh hu tnh I have accumulated merits in three times. For the benefit of all-pervading beings Cho-kyi gyal-po tag-tu nye-je ching Cho-je gyal-way go-phang thob-par shog dng lng tn knh c Php Ch vnh cu. Nguyn con thnh tu nh ng Chin Thng Php Vng. In order to adore the Dharma King forever. May I obtain the state of Victorious Dharma Lord.

  • 11 Dag-chag nyig-may dro-wa gon-me nam Thug-je lhag-par zung-way ka-drin le Vi lng i t i bi, Ngi thng chng con, Nhng k khng chn nng ta trong thi tm ti, With great compassion, you kindly accept us,Unprotected beings of the Dark Age. Zhing dang du dir rin-chen nam-sum gyi Nang-wa ji-nye khye-kyi trin-le nyi Gi y v lc ny, hin tng ca Tam Bo . Trong th gian u chnh l hot ng ca Ngi. Here and now, whatever appearances of the Three Jewels. In this world are all your activities. De-chir kyab-chog tshung-me chig-pu ru Yi che de pe nying-ne sol-deb na Khi con ch thnh ch tn dng li cu nguyn, ci Quy y ti thng duy nht v v song, Therefore, when I faithfully pray to you from the depth of my heart, the only pearless and supreme refuge object, Ngon gyi dam-cha chen-po ma nyel-war Jang-chub bar-du thug-je je-dzin dzo Xin ch qun nhng i nguyn ca Ngi t trc. V t bi nhip th n ngy con thnh Pht. Do not forget your great vows from the past. And accept me with your compassion until I reach enlightenment.

  • 12 Nh th, bng c ti


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