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Brief OverviewA boy drowns in a lake/pond after meeting up with some older kids on bonfire night, everything was an accident. The sister throws a party for the people, who happen to be the same people who were there when her brother died as she has become friends with them at college and wants them to like her.The boys sister seeks revenge on these same people as she blames them for his death.The people are completely oblivious to her plans and she kills them all but one girl.When she is about to kill the last person her brother rises from the lake and drags her under and she drowns as he is angry she killed all of the people.

CharactersYoung boy (drowns) Charlie, 13, angry at his sister for killing the others.Sister seeking revenge 17/18, Mia (first name) Molly (second name used in trailer), Brother died and is angry at the people who were with him, holds them responsible for his death so seeks revenge and wants them to suffer too.Girl 1 17/18, Sydney, Final Girl last/ only person to surviveBoy 1- 17/18, Matt Boy 2 17/18, Kyle Boy 3 17/18, Jack

Setting/ LocationsField - sister seeking revenge invites friends to a bonfire party at a field, lake is nearby.Lake/ Pond brother drowned in the pond.Old building newspaper is found here when people get bored and wander off. Newspaper shows story about a child who drowned in the pond and people then realise they are at the same place that the child drowned. College/ classroom - people are invited to the party here.


Synopsis*FLASHBACK* A child is messing around with some teenagers/ older kids around a pond when the child slips and falls in the pond and drowns. The teenagers try to help him but cant save him and he drowns. This all happens on the 5th November.*FASTFORWARD 5 YEARS* A new girl joins college and wants to make friends so invites some people from her class to a bonfire party, which also happens to be on the 5th November. The night comes around and everyone is standing around the fire talking and joking around. Some people get bored (boy 1 & boy 2) and they wander off to go and explore. They come across a newspaper with a story on the front featuring a boy who drowned in a pond, they read the paper and joke about how the place they are at has a pond too. This is when Molly kills the two boys. She attacks one and kills him whilst the other runs off and tries to escape by getting into a car however, the car is locked and he cant get in, this allows time for molly to chase after him and kill him too. Meanwhile the others are still standing around the fire talking when they notice the two boys absence. This is when Molly reappears acting innocent when questioned on their whereabouts. Boy 3 goes to get his coat from the car but as he shuts the car door he hears a noise and looks around, as he goes to walk away he gets grabbed around the leg by the half dead body. He tries to run off but as he does so Molly reappears with a pitchfork and he realises what she has done. He calls out to Sydney and she comes running. However just before Sydney can reach him and save him Molly stabs him with the pitchfork and kills him.Sydney sees this and runs off and hides in one of the old buildings to escape from Molly. Whilst in the barn she finds another newspaper similar to the one the other two boys previously found and she begins to read the front page. On the front page is the same story about the boy who drowned in the pond, however as she picks up the paper two photographs fall out, the images show a family with a young boy and what appears to be his sister and her parents. This is when the penny drops and Sydney realises that it was Mollys brother that drowned and they are at the place that it all happened, the memories come flooding back to Sydney instantly. It doesnt take long for her to realise that Molly is taking revenge on them for killing her brother. Sydney hears a noise and fears it could be Molly so runs out of the barn and back to near the fire. As she looks around in a state of panic she catches a glimpse of Molly behind the fire wielding the same pitchfork that she had previously used. Sydney runs to near the pond and Molly chases her and tries to stab her, however she misses on her many attempts. They both stop as they hear a noise coming from the pond and they both stop and stare to find a small boy on a boat floating towards the waters edge. Molly drops the pitchfork and steps forwards realising that it is her brother, she calls out to him but gets no response. Meanwhile Sydney is laying on the floor in shock. The boat slowly drifts closer to the edge and the boy stays quiet and walks further along the boat, Molly goes to reach out to touch him however as she does he grabs hold of her and drags her under the water, both of them never resurface.