film techniques in violent films

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Film Techniques In Violent Films Technique Focus: Lighting Scene Analysis: Blade Runner

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Film Techniques In Violent Films. Technique Focus: Lighting Scene Analysis: Blade Runner. Rooftop Confrontation. Film Violence. Role In This Scene Final confrontation. Accentuate danger of Deckard’s job. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Film Techniques In Violent Films

Film Techniques In Violent FilmsTechnique Focus: Lighting

Scene Analysis: Blade Runner

Rooftop Confrontation

Film ViolenceRole In This SceneFinal confrontation.Accentuate danger of Deckards job.Violence is ultimately anti climactic felt more strongly because of preceding violence.Impact On ViewersAndroids made to appear menacing.Empathy protagonist is now hunted.Confusion why doesnt antagonist finish Deckard off?

Film NoirFilm Noir, French for black film, is a cinematic term. Traditionally it describes stylish Hollywood crime dramas, particularly those that emphasise cynical attitudes and sexual motivations. Now it is used to describe films that use:Low key lightingA black and white visual styleUnbalanced compositionsA dark outlookDarknessLong shadowsClaustrophobic atmosphereSmoke / mistNeon lightsOpacity of visionSilhouettes

Low Key LightingEmphasises darkness and shadows.Things cant be seen / seen clearly.Fear, confusion, natural fear of the dark.Hidden enemies.That which has some lighting is foregrounded.

DarknessDeeper than Low Key Lighting.Alone, trapped, in danger.Futility, desperation.This shot the yawning abyss below, Deckards vulnerability.

Long ShadowsObjects seem bigger, thus more threatening.Events have more significance and impact.Deckards presence obvious, thus hes in more danger.

Neon LightsUnnatural, discordant.Harsh, exposing.Backdrop to darkness and violence.This shot keeps viewers focus on spot antagonist springs from.

SilhouetteAntagonist is given power & strength.Combined with low angle.Intentions, emotions, next move etc unknown.Mysterious, dark, other worldly.

Lighting & Violence

The lighting made the clash: darker, scarier, more mysterious, and more threatening.

Thus viewers found the scene more: confrontational, suspenseful, and were surprised the antagonist didnt attack.