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In filmmaking, the 180-degree rule is a camera technique which relates to a scene between two characters as they speak to one another. The technique involves an invisible axis which connects the characters together, by keeping you camera at either side of the axis for the whole scene,

the characters will always be on opposite side of each other. If you switched between either sides of the axis it

would make the audience disoriented and confused.

180 degree rule

Page 3: Film techniques

In filmmaking, the Shot reverse shot is a film technique where there's a scene of one character looking at another character usually off-screen and the next scene shows the other character looking back. This creates an effect when

played back which makes the viewer assume the characters are looking at each other.

Shot Reverse Shot (S.R.S)

Page 4: Film techniques

In filmmaking, the Match on action is a film technique where the editor cuts from one shot to another shot which

matches the first shots action or in other words creates continuity.

These two shots may have been shot hours apart but when edited together it gives the impression of

continuous time when watched together.

Match on action

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In filmmaking, the cut away is a film technique which is the interruption of a general filmed sequence by inserting a view of an object or character which gives the audience

clues to the narrative. Sometimes the shot is then followed by a cut back of the first shot, when the cutaway

avoids a jump cut.

Cut away