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Film Piracy

Film Piracy

What is film piracy?Film piracy is the illegal copying and distribution of movies in print, video, dvd and/or electronic files. It is commonly used all over the world so that people can watch films for cheaper or even free. It's a very popular choice of watching films as it is quite fast and simple. You can watch films that are not yet released or if you are not willing/can't afford to buy the film legally or go to the cinema to see it. Other than the legal risks of film piracy, another fault in pirated movies is that they are low quality films that are not worth the small expense or the wait that the legal copy would be.

Almost 30% of the population is watching/downloading illegal copies of films online, costing the film industry 500m a year. Streaming content online or buying fake DVDs is classed as theft and despite the public not thinking much of it, it creates serious consequences for the industry and everyone involved in it. The perception that it is a victimless crime is wrong. The super successes created every year have their value reduced when the film is copied or made available online. This can be very heart-breaking for the film maker who could have been saving up and raising money so that they can make the film.

A Past Piracy ProblemIn June 1996, the largest ever film piracy affair in the New York, US was demolished. The nationwide business sold over 1,00,000 films a week, earning roughly Rs.33,034,460. The investigation, nicknamed "Operation Copy Cat", ended when search warrants were completed. 36 people were arrested and there were 817 VCRs, 77,641 pirnted videos, Rs. 2,642,757 in case 37,000 blank cassettes, more than 1,00,000 sleeves, labels and other sophisticated equipment used in the duplicating process."

Film Piracy, Organised Crime and TerrorismThere is evidence of an advancing connection between film piracy and organized crime. Piracy is high in profit and low in risk, often taking place unnoticed by law.

Overall, the case provides clear evidence that terrorist groups use film piracy to finance their activities. Caution should be applied when making conclusions from limited information. This research also suggest that property theft is appealing to not only organized crime but also terrorists, such as opportunistic members of local terrorist associations.

Effects on the IndustryFilm piracy has been the bane of the film industry for about 5 - 10 years now, slowly but surely it is starting to slowly deteriorate the way they sale and make their films. This effects is surely bad, it means a rise in prices, a fall in quality and an abundance of crimes committed by thousands of people!

Can You Guess the Lose Due to Piracy ??

Can You Guess the Lose Due to Piracy ??40crores 20crores

Can You Guess the Lose For Tollywood Industry Due to Piracy for this year ??

Can You Guess the Lose For Tollywood Industry Due to Piracy for this year ??Its was estimated that it was approximately 120 cores (till date)

Few Examples form Tollywood Industries

Short TermThe are a great many short term effects that film piracy has on the film industry. For example, people now simply do not want to buy films when given the option for a free one, this is a disaster for the industry as it mean they're forced to charge more for there products. This means that any revenue that would have been made from buying or renting the film is now lower, meaning that the industry loses out on any potential earnings, and a lower budget for future projects. Star wars for example, this was the top pirated movie in America, it lost millions of dollars in potential earnings.For many new films, film piracy is also a problem. How easy it is to watch a movies online. With literally just a few clicks you can find yourself watching all the latest or all the old classics you grew up with, and this is why people are using this in a major scale.

Long TermAs well as many short-term effects, they're also many long term effects that piracy has on the film industry. For example, and possibly the number one biggest fear for anyone with an aspiring career in the film industry, job loss. Actors, stunt doubles, technicians and many more of the variety of different types of jobs that are available in the making of films are now at risk. This is much to do with the fact that the profit that would have been made if people bought the film, is now lost, meaning projects makes less money and are now having to make huge cuts in things such as: pay, number of people employed and I am sure many other areas. This creates many problems. For example, the quality of the films being made will start to fall, especially with the higher demand for films that are high quality and worth buying.

AdvantagesHowever, although there are many negatives to film piracy when it comes to to the music industry, there a few benefits for every day people. For example, its free, and everything becomes better once it is is free. people who may not be able to afford to pay 10 each time a new film comes out can now access films easier and without having to pay. This means that films maybe getting more recognition. Also, it allows people to now test if they like a film or if its worth buying before actually pay to see it. So this is actually an advantage as no one wants to spend money on a film then it turning out to be bad.

For example, someone who has migrated from other place may find it very hard to find movies related to their language, so pirating allows them easy access to everything they have missed.

ConclusionIt seems that although piracy is highly popular, not a lot is happening to stop it. This could be down to the evidence that shows that piracy does not actually affect the film industry or could simply be that the sheer amount of illegal piracy being carried out.

Consumers of pirated films, all-in-all, appear to gain major advantages over the problems in using illegally streaming websites or buying a pirated DVD. This suggests that film piracy will forever be around and is unlikely to get any less popular any time soon.

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