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<ul><li> 1. Arts CouncilMANALAPAN PRESENTS 2010 OFFICIAL PROGRAM OCTOBER 16-17, 2010</li></ul> <p> 2. No Footing by Michael LicisynCONTENTSWelcome from the Director....3Sponsors......4Saturday, Oct. 16........5Sunday, Oct. 17...8Special Thanks...11Cinemetropolis by Andrew Sherwood 3. Dear Festival Attendee:On behalf of myself, the Manalapan Arts Council, and Manalapan Township, welcome, welcome, welcome tothe 2010 Manalapan Independent Film Festival.As an independent lmmaker, I am well aware of the ups and downs, trials and tribulations, nancialfrustrations, and everything in between that it takes to make an independent lm. The sheer passion,collaborative eort, the drive to make something truly remarkable, engaging, and entertaining just for the sakeof telling a story - this is what independent lmmakers are all about.We are all winners here; for taking a thought in our head, penning it down, gathering as much (or as little)nancing and resources as are at our disposal, and telling the story we want to tell. As intense and challenging atask as it is to complete a short lm, it can be just as arduous to get it out there, shown at festivals, and havingpeople watch it. There is no greater feeling than that particular feeling of accomplishment. Believe me, Ivebeen there. Heck, Im still there.This festival is for anyone that has ever had a goal in mind, overcome countless obstacles to achieve it, andcreated something that they could truly be proud of.MIFF is pleased and honored to be showcasing these short and feature lms made by artists with vision anddrive. The festival is also excited to host workshops on aspects of lmmaking that are sometimes overlooked.I would also like to thank the community, without which none of this would be possible. Having members ofthe township and surrounding communities be a part of this festival is just as important as the artists behindthe lms; without you this festival would not have an audience. I truly hope you appreciate the process anddedication that is required for independent lmmaking, and that you enjoy what is in store.It should also be noted that MIFF is composed of volunteers from the Manalapan Arts Council, an ocialcommittee of Manalapan Township. MAC is committed to promoting to the community works of art thatexplore the potential of various mediums to illuminate, enrich, and engage viewers.It is my sincerest hope that you nd the 2010 Manalapan Independent Film Festival as entertaining and asengaging as myself and the other members of MAC have worked so hard for it to be. This is but a taste of whatthe independent lm arts are all about, and I truly wish that you enjoy every moment of it. Welcome!Sincerely yours,Michael E. Fromm, DirectorManalapan Independent Film Festival 4. Presenting Sponsors_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Service Sponsors_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________The Radisson HotelScarpone &amp; Vargo, LLCFreehold, NJAttorneys at LawCommunity Sponsors_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Freehold Regional Performing Arts CenterMedia Sponsors_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Saturday, October 16 1pm - BOX OFFICE OPENS TOWNSHIP MUNICIPAL BUILDING 120 ROUTE 522 MANALAPAN, NJ $12 - Day Pass $20 - Weekend Pass - Purchase Tickets- Pickup Pre-orders - Ask Questions- Eat some Snacks - Meet the Sta - Meet the Filmmakers 2pm - WORKSHOP - COPYRIGHTING YOUR WORK LEADER - Bruce Vargo, Scarpone &amp; Vargo, Attorneys at Law Protecting your work as a screenwriter or lmmaker is crucial to the lmmaking industry. Join Mr. Vargo as he introduces you to the various aspects of copyrighting your work, including trademarking, patenting, trade secrets and types of lm-related intellectual property. Learn what is able to be protected and the benets of securing those protections. 3pm - SHORT FILM BLOCK FEATURING: MONSTER GOO: (Michael E. Fromm) Jackies latest experiment is oozing to bring out a much darker side of its creator... DIRTY HANDS: (Andrew Sherwood) Convicted killer Nancy King has escaped from prison and is hunting down the prosecutor of her case. A LATE CHRISTMAS: (Michael Aronson) After the loss of her husband, Marian tries to reunite her family, only to learn that the thing getting in the way may in fact be herself. MINOR DETAILS: (Jenna Bush) Returning home from a 15 month tour in Afghanistan, young US soldier James Henderson reects on the life-altering rigors and experiences of war; his dicult readjustment to civilian life; a new career path and his renewed hopes for a lasting peace in the country where he was deployed - a place with history, landscape, and a way of life that few Americans can ever begin to understand. 6. Saturday, October 16 3pm - SHORT FILM BLOCK (cont.) WAY TO GO, CHRISTINE!: (Mark Thimijan) Christine is a 20-something who suers through the day in her cubicle oce job. Her one relief comes from her two 15-minute breaks where she sprints to the liquor store and busy 40 ounces of malt liquor. She chugs as she runs, hoping not to be late. SUBWAY: (Anthony Marine#i) A story about a connection that is made during a subway commute between a man and a woman. BE SOMEBODY: (Miche#e Zelazny) The story of a Mexican immigrant trying to give his kids more than his father was able to give him. RAINBOW RABBIT RELIANT: (Kitt Lavoie) Flanked by secret service, the favored daughter of the President-elect arrives to invite her estranged sister to the upcoming inauguration. A decade of dierences unravel as the two sisters attempt to resolve an inconvenient truth. 7. Saturday, October 16 5pm - WORKSHOP - SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKING LEADER - Doug Seidel, Justice Productions Believe it or not, making a movie is the easy part. However, spreading the word about your work or services is not always an easy task. Doug Seidel will lead this workshop on the various means - including networking, social media and viral video - to get your name and your work known to a vast amount of people. 6pm - FEATURE FILM - BARE KNUCKLES Written by Robert Redlin; Directed by Eric Etebari Women will go to extreme lengths for those they love and single mother Samantha Rogers (Jeanette Roxborough) is no exception. Along with her young daughter, Milla, Sam struggles to make ends meet, taking her licks as a stunt double by day and cocktail waitressing at a rowdy bar at night. When Sam uses her skills to end a bar ght between two drunk women, down and out ght promoter Sonny Cool (Karate Kids Martin Kove) sees an opportunity to get back into the game. He tells Sam all about the "show," a high class, underground illegal all female bare knuckle ght tournament, where brutality and elegance mix with high stakes and deception. Is the price too much for her. Bare Knuckles..... a knockout punch of strength and determination, inspired by a true story.7:30pm - Q&amp;A - Jeff Quinlan &amp; Chris Mulkey of Bare KnucklesJoin us directly after the screening of Bare Knuckles for a special question andanswer session with Je Quinlan, Producer, and Chris Mulkey, our celebrityspecial guest and star of Bare Knuckles.Chris Mulkey is one of Hollywoods most prominent character actors, havingappeared in over 70 feature lms and 80 television shows, spanning a nearly fourdecade career. Other notable mentions in Mulkeys tremendous career is beingdirected by and starring alongside Robert Duval in the HBO miniseries BrokenTrail. As well, Mulkey has appeared in lms such as First Blood, The Fan and Clovereld. His television appearances include a recurring role on Twin Peaks and Friday Night Lights, as well as featured roles on Lost, 24, Law and Orderand in the new HBO show Boardwalk Empire. 8. Full service film &amp;Video Production: Video Editing Script DoctoringSocial Media VideoEvent VideographyVideo Transfer Marketing &amp; PublicityFind us on:Facebook Twitter @JusticeprodYoutube 9. Sunday, October 17 1pm - BOX OFFICE OPENS TOWNSHIP MUNICIPAL BUILDING 120 ROUTE 522 MANALAPAN, NJ $12 - Day Pass $20 - Weekend Pass - Purchase Tickets - Pickup Pre-orders - Ask Questions - Eat some Snacks - Meet the Sta- Meet the Filmmakers 2pm - WORKSHOP - PITCHING A SCREENPLAY LEADER - Marla Cukor, LR Films; NJ Screenwriters Network Learning how to eectively pitch your screenplay could lead to great opportunities to get your work produced. Join Marla Cukor as she goes in to detail on the correct format your script should be in, as well as the proper etiquette on how to eectively garner the attention of the right people. 3pm - SHORT FILM BLOCK FEATURING: SHELTER: (Robert Kolodny) Based on actual events, Shelter is the story of Ruven, a Jewish prisoner who escapes from a Nazi concentration camp during work detail and must then survive in the bitter forests of Poland. Ruven uses love as a means to keep warm and memories to feed his soul. LOOSE TEETH: (Celia Quinnette) Approached with her mothers recent passing, a troubled girl must come to terms with her past in order to face going home for the funeral. THE PARTY: (John Fazen) Lance is a man who knows what he wants out of life, but fails to obtain it. He struggles to understand what is happening to him as he desperately tries to connect with the woman he loves. What is the true cost of the pursuit of happiness and what would you be willing to pay in order to obtain it? THE PROPOSAL: (Chris DAlessio) Not all is what it seems when a young bachelor plots out the most important night of his life. 10. Sunday, October 17 3pm - SHORT FILM BLOCK (cont.) YEARS OF OUR YOUTH: (Chris Mi#er) On the day before he leaves, a young man gets into a ght with his girlfriend. AMERICA...THE BEAUTIFUL?: (Rosemary Mantineo) An intimate look at the waste that is being thrown in to a local community, and what passionate volunteers are doing to x it.THE ORDINARY: (Michael Aronson)After years of estrangement, an elderly father visits his son at a late night diner.But, this time, things dont go as expected. THE TEST: (Matthew Basile) In a future world, you have to pass a test to prove your worth. Three friends take the test together, knowing it will decide their fates. CINEMETROPOLIS: (Andrew Sherwood) In a city where every movie youve ever seen is all happening at the same time, a boy from a silent lm falls in love with a girl from a musical. 11. Sunday, October 17 5pm - WORKSHOP - AUDITIONING FOR A ROLE LEADER - Nancy Daniels, NJ/Phi#y based actress For lmmakers and actors alike, this workshop will teach you the fundamentals and proper etiquette on how to audition for a role, as well as how to prepare for a cold-reading scene. Lead by Nancy Daniels, this is a great opportunity for anyone interested in learning this crucial part of the lm production process - nding your cast. There will also be some opportunities for the audience members to get up there and perform in front of their peers. 6pm - FEATURE FILM - NO FOOTING Written &amp; Directed by Michael Licisyn All 23-year-old Madison wanted to be was an artist. Now out of college a year and a half, she nds herself no closer to a successful career than when she began. Stuck in a dead end job at a local copy shop, her relationships crumbling around her, and a complete lack of inspiration to aspire for more, Madison attempts to jump start her career and get her life started. After the lm, join writer/director Michael Licisyn for a Q&amp;A where he will answer any and all questions regarding his already prominent career, as well as the lm he is showcasing. 8pm - CLOSING/AWARDS CEREMONY The 2010 Manalapan Independent Film Festival will conclude with the awards ceremony. Hosted by MIFF Judges and Volunteers. Categories Include: Best Film, Best Director, Best Writing, Best Acting, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Soundtrack, Best Art Direction, and Audience Favorite Awards for both screenings. Runner-ups wi# also be announced. Trophies and certicates will be handed out to lms screened on both nights, so make sure to show up and support your lm, as well as your lmmaking peers. 12. !"!#$%&amp;() *+"$%, --#$..%()/! $. -$0!"#$%$(%)*#+#,-./*#0""1#+#2*3%+#2*3#4*&amp;5*6#+#"70"8 971:;81:</p>