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How does a film get financed? Recap from last lesson Connect

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  • Connect Recap from last lesson
  • Discover Before we look at the process of distribution, we must look at company structures Key words: Conglomerate Horizontal integration Vertical integration Parent company Sister company Subsidiary
  • Discover Conglomerate A large company or media institution that owns large numbers of companies in various mass media outlets E.g Walt Disney Company News Corporation
  • Discover HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL INTEGRATION Often a single parent company will own multiple companies in the film industry. This is divided into two types of ownership: PRODUCTION PRODUCTION PRODUCTION HORIZONTAL The parent company owns multiple companies at the same stage of the film industry. A smaller company, owned by the parent is a subsidiary. VERTICAL DISTRIBUTION For example Walt Disney also For example Time Warner owns: owns: Miramax Studios Warner BrosFilms (Production) EXHIBITION Warner Bros (Distribution) Hollywood Pictures Used to own Warner Bros Pixar Animation Cinemas in the UK (Exhibition The parent company owns multiple companies across different stages of the film industry. What are the advantages for a parent company of each type of ownership?
  • Discover Distribution
  • Discover Distribution Distribution involves everything that happens in between production and exhibition. It involves all of the deals done to get films shown and promoted. Marketing falls under distribution and we will explore this as a separate topic
  • Discover Distribution The distribution company is in charge of getting the film out to audiences, this involves organising for the film to receive an age certificate by regulation bodies, such as the BBFC and MPAA; arranging exhibition outlets globally and DVD/Television rights; arranging for prints of the film; and marketing, publicity and promotion of the film.
  • Discover Distribution Of course it has to sell things, but it doesn't rely on waiting, listening, responding to what audiences want and then delivering that to them. It relies on knowing which parts of the world and the media need its products and will pay for them.
  • Discover Distribution There are five major distributors: United International Pictures, Warner Brothers, Buena Vista, 20th Century Fox, and Sony. 9 out of 10 films seen in the UK are from these distributors, and in most cases the distributors are directly linked to the Hollywood Production Companies who make the films.
  • Develop Pit Stop! What is vertical integration? What is horizontal integration?
  • Develop 20 minutes Can you find out which subsidiaries are owned by Time Warner? Who distributed Pacific Rim?
  • Develop Distribution This is good news for films like Pacific Rim: distribution is a done deal since WB are responsible for its production. Spare a thought for the independent producer: he/she might have enough money to make their film, but how are they going to get it into cinemas when companies like this control much of the industry?
  • Task Compare the production and distribution companies involved in Pacific Rim and A field in England. What does this tell you about: The finance involved The target audience The logistics of distribution The marketing and merchandise
  • Pacific Rim A field in England
  • Discover Distribution Film distribution is not a helpful stage in the life of a film whereby distributors treat all films equally and ensure fair play in getting films to the publics attention. The key players, the big companies who control much of the industry, control distribution of their own products, and of others.
  • Discover Distribution Effectively, films are loaned out to cinemas for a limited period of time and released deals are done that secure access to a certain number of screens at a time. In the UK film market, an increase in the quantity of screens showing films has not led to an increase in the number of films shown.
  • Watch the videos on simultaneous distribution 1. What does this tell you about the future of film distribution? 2. Did A field in England benefit from this technique? 3. If so, how and why? 4. What does this tell you about the target audience for this film? 5. Who is the distributor?
  • Distribution Distribution also involves planning and organising the production and distribution of merchandise as well as exhibition formats such as DVD, Blue Ray and Ultra Violet. What products and formats can you find in association with A field in England and Pacific Rim? Which audience are these targeted at?