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Film and Television


  • 1. Film and Television Cluster
    Ramsey Kandiah
    Seneca College
    MRK 625 MS

2. Cluster?
A geographic concentration of interconnected businesses, suppliers, and associated institutions in a specific field.
Clusters increases productivity with which companies can compete, nationally and globally
3. Toronto International Film Festival
The next Toronto International Film Festival is right around the corner. The 35th annual festival starts from September 9.2010 to September 19.2010. 2009 edition received approx 3,000 international and Canadian submissions and screened 336 films, so get your submissions in NOW.
To be apart of the Film Festival, Your FEATURE FILMS (50 minutes and over)The entry form must be submitted online and a print or DVD (Region 1 or Region 0 only) must be sent to the Festival by April 30, 2010. If you wish your film to be considered for Midnight Madness, please also send a letter and a separate copy addressed to Colin Geddes, the programmer for that section. The Festival will accept late submissions of Canadian Feature Films between April 30 and May 28, 2010 with an increased entry fee in effect. Please see section 7 of this document for details on late entry fees. IMPORTANT: if your film is not ready for screening by May 28, you must contact the Canadian Film Selection Committee immediately.
For more information Go TIFF site to get more information:
4. Sponsors and Celebrities at TIFF
TIFF lead sponsor is Bell. They are going to be there marketing their new Bell Lightbox. Some of the other major sponsors are RBC and Blackberry. These are major Canadian companies that are getting involved to create awareness for TIFF and also there brand.
Art and Media students from colleges and universities are gathering together to submit there own videos to grab the spot light. Many companies and schools work together in putting the Toronto International Film Festival a success.
I found an article on what to expect when premiering film for the TIFF guest:
5. Seneca Film and Television
At the Seneca Markham Campus, they offer a course on film studies to educate them on the techniques on movie making and styles.
Here is the actual website for the film and television program
6. Library Puts Toronto on Movie Map
-Business formed to help film and tv production companies find Toronto locations which are closing down.
-The library compromised 700 000 images in GTA
To learn more about this visit the link below:
7. Markham Television Hit- FlashPoint
The new series called FlashPoint is directed and shooted scenes in Toronto. This is a Canadian film that uses the scenery of all over Toronto area. They rented out space in our actual Markham Campus from all the equipment and vehicles. I walked over there and started talking to one of the cast members. I started talking to him of what it was about and what he does in for the show.
8. Well Known Canadian Films
The GTA is well known for their brilliant film and television production. Two of the major films made in the GTA were X-men and the Cinderella Man.
9. IMAX in Toronto
A new and innovative movie watching experience. The IMAX theatre which created its own industry, created a new experience for people that want to watch something past 2d films. IMAX coverts Hollywood blockbuster film from regular 35mm film to IMAX Format.
10. Support Systems for GTA Clusters
There are a couple of support systems for the GTA Film Cluster. The Toronto film and television office, Mayors Toronto Film Board, Ontario Media Development Corporation and FilmOntario.
GTA is also going green
-Film and television industry wants to be more environmentally friendly
-Green screen Toronto is trying to bring environmental practises towards GTA film and television clusters
11. School for Film and Television
I found a great article and video from which was really interesting. The link to this is:
The article is about a Vancouver Film School for learning in film and television acting. In one year, you can learn the study of movement and voice, improvisation, method acting, on-camera skills, audition technique, and the business, you will leave prepared to walk on to any stage or film set.
12. Thanks for taking the Time
I want to thank you for taking the time to view my slideshow. I hope u learned a lot from it and to see more in-depth of my blogs, Please visit


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