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  • Stefan CretsExecutive Director

    CSR Europe

    Caroline JennerChief Executive Officer

    JA Europe

    Arnaldo AbruzziniSecretary GeneralEUROCHAMBRES

    Has successfully completed the Entrepreneurial Skills Pass:

    A practical entrepreneurial experience (1 school year)

    An assessment of entrepreneurial competences (pre-post)

    An examination of business, economic and financial knowledge (1 hour - online test)


    Name and Surname

    Student Code

    Exam Date

    Date of Birth Country

    Project co-funded by

    Entrepreneurial Skills Pass

    The Entrepreneurial Skills Pass is an international certification, coordinated by members of the

    Junior Achievement Europe (JA Europe) network across Europe. Successful candidates have

    gained theoretical and factual knowledge as well as cognitive and practical skills about

    business, economics and finance.

    Ana Filipa Ramos

    19/01/1999 Portugal ESP17000910

    Lisbon, 06/06/2016

  • General understanding of organizations

    Main steps and legal requirements

    From the idea generation to the market

    Financial Resources & Budgeting

    Knowledge of business,economics and finance

    Company structure and roles

    Idea generation and business opportunity

    Customer/User Focus

    Marketing Strategies

    Business Plan

    Design and Production

    Sales strategies

    Financial literacy

    Presentation technics and communication skills

    Entrepreneurial Skills

    National and internationalcompetitions

    Mentors frombusiness community

    International conferencesand student events



    Taking initiative




    Taking responsibility

    Entrepreneurial competences

    Use the QR-Code or the URL to download the certificate, to verify its validity and to get more

    information about the Entrepreneurial Skills Pass.