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<p>Field Hockey StickENGR. SHAN IMTIAZ MSC TEXTILE 11-NTU-6019</p> <p>Contents Hockey Sticks Field Hockey Stick Length Weight Materials Manufacturing Field Hockey Ball</p> <p>06/03/2013</p> <p>Engr. Shan Imtiaz</p> <p>Hockey SticksField ICE Roller Street</p> <p>06/03/2013</p> <p>Engr. Shan Imtiaz</p> <p>Field Hockey Stick</p> <p>06/03/2013</p> <p>Engr. Shan Imtiaz</p> <p>Toe Length Hook Popular with defensive players due to the large stopping surface; this helps receive the ball J-shaped construction Particularly good on grass surfaces Large receiving area and greater hitting power Defensive players prefer this stick style Large hook surface and length Greater hitting and stopping area to aid receiving, flicking, and reverse stick play Best for beginners and midfield players</p> <p>Maxi </p> <p>Midi </p> <p>Shorti Designed to allow quick movement around the ball Generally used by offensive players</p> <p>06/03/2013</p> <p>Engr. Shan Imtiaz</p> <p>Length Traditionally senior hockey sticks have been 36 inches or 1 yard long, the standard length has increased to 36.5 inches. At this point in time there is no set restriction governing the maximum length of a hockey stick but manufacturers tend not to produce many sticks of more than 38.5 inches. However some manufacturers can take special orders for lengths up to 42 inches.</p> <p>06/03/2013</p> <p>Engr. Shan Imtiaz</p> <p> On defense, a longer stick is useful to provide a longer reach and to allow the player to drive the ball further. On offense, a shorter stick improves a player's stick handling skills06/03/2013 Engr. Shan Imtiaz</p> <p>Weight</p> <p>06/03/2013</p> <p>Engr. Shan Imtiaz</p> <p>How does a stick's weight affect its performance? 19 - 20 ounces (approx. 540 - 565 grams) - Designed for forwards, a lightweight stick doesn't interfere with, or hold back rapid stick work. 21 ounces (approx. 595 grams) - Designed for midfielders, a mid-weight stick benefits both defensive and offensive maneuvers. 22 - 24 ounces (approx. 620 - 680 grams) - Designed for backs, the heavier sticks put serious power and distance behind your shots, making them great for clearing the ball.</p> <p>06/03/2013</p> <p>Engr. Shan Imtiaz</p> <p>Materials1. Wood2. Aluminium</p> <p>3. Composite Materials4. Composite + Wood</p> <p>06/03/2013</p> <p>Engr. Shan Imtiaz</p> <p>Composite Materials Fiberglass Light weight used for offensive players Durable and less rigid The material prevents wear and tear on the stick. Cheaper</p> <p> Carbon Provides a boost in hitting. One drawback to adding carbon to a hockey stick is how it reacts in frigid temperatures. Following a hit, the vibration can be felt throughout a player's body. More expensive</p> <p> Kevlar, lessens the vibration by absorbing the shock of the hit to the toe of the stick.</p> <p> Dyneema acts like a giant shock absorber. The coating is usually addedEngr. Shan Imtiaz at the base of the shaft. 06/03/2013</p> <p>90% Carbon 10% Aramid 80% Carbon 20% Aramid 80% Carbon 10% Aramid 10% Glassfibre 30% Carbon 10% Aramid 60% Glassfibre Varying levels of composites alter the Performance Weight Power and Stiffness of a stick, as well as its price.</p> <p>06/03/2013</p> <p>Engr. Shan Imtiaz</p> <p>Conventional vs Composite Wood Cheaper Softer feel Poor consistency Moisture effective loss of power Composite Greater power Consistency (weight, stiffness and power) Harsher, less refined feel for the ball Expensive</p> <p>06/03/2013</p> <p>Engr. Shan Imtiaz</p> <p>Manufacturing A hockey stick is produced in two parts the blade and the shaft.</p> <p>06/03/2013</p> <p>Engr. Shan Imtiaz</p> <p>Composite Field Hockey Stick</p> <p>1. Several layers of the composite material (fibers that have been pre-saturated in epoxy resin) are wrapped around a mold in the shape of the stick shaft.06/03/2013 Engr. Shan Imtiaz</p> <p>Composite Field Hockey Stick2. Heating and pressing the unfinished stick shaft. There are several ways to do this. Conventional methods include placing the fiberwrapped shaft in a mold of a similar shape. The composite material can then be pressurized and compacted by applying hydraulic pressure to the shaft, by using vacuum pressure to force the composite material against the mold or by using an inflatable device to force the composite material to push against the mold.06/03/2013 Engr. Shan Imtiaz</p> <p>Composite Field Hockey Stick3. Attach the stick shaft to a blade by coating the peg on the end of the stick blade with hot glue and clamping it into one end of the shaft. Insert a rubber plug into the other end of the stick shaft. Leave the finished stick to dry.</p> <p>06/03/2013</p> <p>Engr. Shan Imtiaz</p> <p>Field Hockey Ball A field hockey ball is required to be spherical, Weight between 156 and 163 grams Have a circumference of between 224 mm to 235 mm. The ball can be smooth or dimpled. Smooth Balls are usually used for Indoor (could be used for outdoor training) Dimpled Balls are usually used for Outdoor. so that it runs smoothly along the turf. A field hockey ball is made of all plastic. The plastic depends on the weather and field conditions. Polyurethane balls will not shatter under cold conditions. Vinyl balls are great for hot weather, but freezing conditions could make the ball crack and break.</p> <p>06/03/2013</p> <p>Engr. Shan Imtiaz</p>


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