Fifty-Fifth Critical Bibliography of the History and Philosophy of Science and of the History of Civilization (To End of July 1938,--With Special Reference to Sections 50 to 58)

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  • Fifty-Fifth Critical Bibliography of the History and Philosophy of Science and of theHistory of Civilization (To End of July 1938,--With Special Reference to Sections 50 to 58)Author(s): George Sarton and Frances SiegelSource: Isis, Vol. 30, No. 1 (Feb., 1939), pp. 138-218Published by: The University of Chicago Press on behalf of The History of Science SocietyStable URL: .Accessed: 16/06/2014 04:07

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  • Fifty-fifth Critical Bibliography of the

    History and Philosophy of Science and of the History

    of Civilization

    (to end of July I938,-with special reference to sections 5.0 to 58)

    This fifty-fifth bibliography contains about 560 items of which 215 deal with sections 50 to 58. They have been kindly contributed by the ten following scholars belonging to three different countries

    C. W. ADAMS (Hertford, England) W. PAGEL (Cambridge, Eng.) M. F. ASHLEY-MONTAGu(Philadelphia) J. PELSENEER (Brussels) C. A. KOFOID (Berkeley, Calif.) A. POGO (Washington, D. C.) C. D. LEAKE (San Francisco) G. SARTON (Cambridge, Mass.) M. C. LEIKIND (Washington, D. C.) C. ZIRKLE (Philadelphia)

    This Bibliography includes as usual a series of addenda and errata to SARTON'S Introduction to the History of Science, vols. i and 2 (Baltimore and London, I927 and I931). Its purpose and methods have been explained in the preface to the 38th Critical Bibliography (Isis 20, 5o6-o8).

    Sections 50 to 58 are especially full, as I have liquidated as much as I could of my stock of notes concerning them.

    I have in my drawers a large number of notes which I will be glad to publish as soon as I have been able to check them upon the originals.

    The Historical and racial classification (Part II) contains a new section (IV), " The New World and Africa " divided into three subsections (a) America, (b) Oceania, (c) Africa. (These subsections have not been numbered in order not to disturb the numbering of sections of Part III).

    I entreat the authors of relevant books and papers to send me copies of them as promptly as possible in order that their studies may be registered in this bibliography and eventually reviewed and discussed. By so doing they will not simply help me and every other historian of science but they will help themselves in the best manner, for they will obtain for their work the most valuable publicity and its certain incorporation into the literature of the subject.

    Many of the notes were checked and the final manuscript and proofs of this Critical Bibliography were kindly read by I BERNARD COHEN and Dr. M. C. WELBORN.

    Harvard Library, i85 GEORGE SARTON. Cambridge, Mass. August I0, I938.

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  • viith TO iiird CENT. B.C. 139

    PART I


    VIIth Century B.C.

    Thompson, R. Campbell. A survey of the chemistry of Assyria in the seventh century B.C. AmbiX 2, 3-I6, I938. Isis

    Vth Century B.C.

    Kapferer, Richard. Der Blutkreislauf, seine Darstellung in den hippokratischen Schriften. Hippokrates H. 28, 697-99, 1937; H. IO, 25I-53, I938. Isis

    IVth Century B.C. (whole and first half)

    Strycker, E. de (S. J.). Une enigme mathematique dans l'Hippias Majeur. Mdlanges tmile Boisacq p. 317-26, Bruxelles, I937. ISIS

    "Au cours d'une discussion sur la nature du Beau, SocRATm en arrive a soutenir devant HIPPIAS D'ELIS la these suivante: il existe des pr6dicats qui conviennent k un couple de sujets sans convenir en meme temps aux 6l&ments de ce couple. Comme le Sophiste se refuse k admettre une affinnation aussi paradoxale, SOCRATE l'appuie par des exemples: pris ensemble nous sommes deux, mais chacun de nous separement est un; le groupe est pair, les elements en sont impairs. Revenant plus loin sur le meme sujet, il s'ex- prime en ces termes: ' Lorsqu'un couple est pair, ses elements separes peuvent etre soit pairs, soit impairs; ou inversement, lorsque certains elements separes sont irrationnels, le couple qui en resulte peut etre soit rationnel, soit irra- tionnel '."

    IVth Century B.C. (second half)

    Lasker, Emanuel. Note on KEYSER'S discussion of EPICURUS. Scripta mathematica 5, I2I-23, I938. Isis

    IIIrd Century B.C. (whole and first half)

    Han Fei tzfi. Learned celebrities. A criticism of the Confucians and the Moists. Translated by W. K. LIAO. Harvardjournal of oriental studies 3, I6I-7I, I938. IsIs

    " This article is one of the best known writings by HAN FEI TztT (?-233 B.C.), whose complete works I have recently rendered into English. The

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  • I40 iind CENT. B.C. TO vth CENT.

    whole translation is based mainly on the best Chinese text, WANG HSIEN- SHAN's The works of HAN FEI Tzt with collected commentaries (1895) with the recent explicative edition of the text with a Japanese translation and notes (193I) by T. HIRAZAWA as reference. It will appear in a forthcoming volume together with a companion work, ' HAN FEI TZt, the crowning glory of Chinese legalism,' in which I have attempted a critical exposition of the main trends of the author's thought. Inasmuch as it is the first trans- lation of HAN FEI TZt'S complete works into a Western language, it probably involves incorrect or inaccurate points. Therefore, any emendations or elucidations suggested by the reader will be most welcome."

    Ilnd Century B.C. (whole and filst half)

    Sarton, George. The tradition of ZENODOROS. Query 73. Isis 28, 46I-62, I938. Isis

    Ist Century B.C. (whole and first half)

    Neugebauer, 0. tVber eine Methode zur Distanzbestimmung Alexan- dria - Rom bei HERON. 26 p. (Det Kgl. Danske Videnskabernes Selskab. historisk-Fililogiske meddelelser. 26,2.). K0benhavn, LEVIN & MUNKSGAARD, 1938. Isis

    "x. In Kap. 35 seiner ' Dioptra' behandelt HERON von Alexandria die Aufgabe, ' auch die Grosse des Weges zwischen zwei Breiten zu bestimmen, wenn Inseln und Meere und vielleicht unwegsame Terrainstrecken auf denselben fallen,' wenn also die fruher geschilderten Methoden durch optische Triangulation oder direkte mechanische Messung nicht mehr anwendbar sind. Er behandelt als Beispiel die Aufgabe, ' den Weg zwischen Alexandria und Rom auf gerader Linie oder genauer auf der Peripherie eines der gr6ssten Kreise der Erde zu messen, wofuAr vorausgesetzt wird, dass der Umfang der Erde 252000 Stadien betragt, wie der vor andern durch Genauig- keit auf diesem Gebiete ausgezeichnete ERATOSTHENES in der ' Ober die Messung der Erde' betitelten Schrift zeigt.' Der Herausgeber und Ober- setzer H. SCHL#NE bemerkt zu diesem Kapitel; ' Fur dieses schwierige und stark verderbte Kapitel, zu dessen Verstiindnis noch vieles fehlt, konnte eine geniugende Figur nicht gegeben werden.' Ich glaube nun diese Liucke schliessen zu k6nnen und damit HERONS Schilderung verstandlich zu machen, die uns einen reizvollen Einblick in die mathematische Geographie seiner Zeit vermittelt."

    I classify this important paper under i (i) B.C. simply to conform with my Introduction (i, 2:08-Ii), but without committing myself to any dating. Some of HERON's data agree very well with an eclipse of 62z A.D. and the author concludes: "Ich glaube also, dass man HERON entweder an das Ende des ersten Jahrhunderts n. Chr. setzen muss oder alle Daten zwischen etwa - IOO und + 2:00 als gleichwahrscheinlich ansehen kann." G. S.

    Vth Century (whole and first half)

    Adontz, N. Sur la date de l'histoire de l'Armenie de MOISE DE CHORiNE.

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  • vith (Z) TO viiith CENT. (Z) I41

    A propos de l'article de M. HANS LEWY. Byzantion II, 97-IOO;

    597-99, I936. Isis

    Lewy, Hans. The date and puipose of MosEs OF CHORENE'S history. Byzantion II, 8I-96; 593-96, I936. Isis

    VIth Century (second half)

    Brunet, F. (Euvres m6dicales d'ALEXANDRE DE TRALLES, le dernier auteur classique des grands medecins grecs de l'antiquite. Tome I, ALEXANDRE DE TRALLES et la m6decine byzantine. 111+297 p. I933. Tome II, Trait6 des fievres. Lettre sur les vers intestinaux. Livre premier des douze livtes de m6decine (affections de la tte). v+259 p., I936. Tome III, Livre z. Th6rapeutique oculaire; Livre 3. Affections des oreilles et des r6gions parotidiennes; Livre 4. Affections angineuses; Livre 5. Affections pulmonaires; Livre 6. De la pleur6sie; Livre 7. Affections gastriques. IX+254 P., 1936. Tome IV. Livre 7. Affections gastriques; Livre 8. Affections intestinales; Livre 9. Affections h6pa- tiques; Livre Io. Affections abdominales; Livre II. Affections g6nito- urinaires; Livre I2. De la podagre. IV+292 p., I937. Tome V. Reproduction du texte du meilleur ms. grec (sous presse). Paris, GEUTHNER. (Price of the five vols. 300 frs.). Isis

    This is the first French translation of the great Byzantine physician, pre- ceded by a long study on Byzantine medicine and on ALEXANDER OF TRALLES (Intr. vol. I, 453). The author is general doctor of the French navy, and has devoted to this undertaking the leisure time of twenty-five years. He has based his work on the Greek ms. 2201, of Paris, but has referred also to three other MSS of the B. N., and he has made full and constant use of the critical edition of THnODORIE PUSCHMANN, with German translation (Vienna I878-79). Philologists will decide whether BRUNET added anything to PUSCHMANN, or whether his contribution was simply the translation into French. G. S.

    VIIth Century (whole and first half)

    Taylor, F. Sherwood. The alchemical works of STEPHANOS OF ALEXANDRIA. Translation and commentary. Part II. Letter of the same STEPHANOS to THEODOROS. Ambix 2, 38-49, 1938.


    VIIIth Century (second half)

    McGeachy, J. A., jr. The Glossarium Salomonis and its relationship to the Liber -glossarum. Speculumn 13, 309-I8, 1938. Isis

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  • 142 ixth TO xith CENT.

    " It is our purpose in this paper, first, to give a brief description of the Liber glossarum and its influence; second, to give a detailed explanation of one of the versions thereof, the Glossarium Salomonis. In the course of this latter endeavor, our purpose is to show that the prevailing interpretation concerning the channel by which the Glossarium Salomonis descended from the Liber glossarum is untenable. The Liber glossarum was compiled in France, probably at Corbie, in the latter part of the eighth century. Although its chief source was ISIDORE, it drew material also from the Church Fathers, AUGUSTINE, AMBROSE, HILARIUS, EucHERius, FULGENTIUS, and others. Among secular authors it employed as sources the works of OROSIUS, EuTRopius, collections of differentiae, the Synonyma Ciceronis, PLACIDUS, DONATUS, glosses on VERGIL, etc. The Liber glossarum was one of the greatest of mediaeval dictionaries, and dominated this field of learning during the early Middle Ages. Because of its great size, the wealth of information which it contained, and the large number of sources from which it drew its material, it became the basis of the larger lexicons of the Middle Ages."

    IXth Century (whole and first half)

    Abfi Macshar (Introduction I, 568). The Flores astrologiae (Tractatus Albumasaris florum astrologiae, printed by RATDOLT in Augsburg 1488 (KLEBS 37.1) was very beautifully reproduced in facsimile by the Deutscher Verein fur Buchwesen und Schrifttum (Deutsches Buchmuseum) Leipzig 1928. Isis

    I owe a copy of that elegant volume to my friend Dr. WILLY HARTNER of Bad Homburg. G. S.

    Ritter, H.; Walzer, R. Studi su AL-KINDI II. Uno scritto morale inedito di AL-KINDI, TEMISTIO TEpc' &AvmTdasg? 63 p. (Reale accademia nazionale dei Lincei, anno 335, 1938, vol. 8, fasc. i). Roma, BARDI, 1938. IsIs

    Edition of this unpublished text from an Aya Sofya ms. described by RITTER in 1932; Italian version and elaborate introduction. The editors conclude: " Cosi finisce lo scritto sul modo di allontanare la tristezza dall'ani- mo: che noi dunque, fondandoci sulle considerazioni qui sopra esposte, tendiamo a considerare (con ogni prudenza, s'intende), non soltanto come riproduzione di un originale greco, ma proprio di una diatriba perduta di TEMISTIO, di un'opera cioe di una delle spiccate personalith del quarto secolo. Non e oro puro, certo; ma chi, pensoso della continuith della civilth umana, sia percio sensibile al fascino particolare che presentano i problemi della tradizione, non puo non provare una certa commozione vedendo pensieri, sorti nell'epoca classica della filosofia greca, esercitare ancora una loro notevole efficacia in un ambiente culturale e linguistico totalmente diverso, cui per speciali condizioni storiche sono passati piid tardi."

    XIth Century (whole and first half)

    Onver, A. Siiheyl. L'accusation d'infidelite religieuse de FARABi et de IBNI SINA. Turk tib tarihi arkivi 2, 75, 1938. Isis

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  • xiith TO xiith CENT. (2) 143

    Onver, A. Stiheyl. LUgendes vivantes et perdues dans le folklore oriental concernant IBNI SINA (AVICENNE). Turk tib tarihi arkivi, 2, I07-I6, I938 (in Turkish with French summary). Isis

    Onver, A. Seiheyl. Les aphorismes d'IBNI SINA (AVICENNE). Turk tib tarihi arkivi, 2, I03-07, I938 (in Turkish with French summary).


    XIIth Century (whole and first half)

    B6doret, H. (S. J.). Les premieres traductions tol6danes de philosophie, CEuvres d'ALFARABI. Revue neoscolastique de philosophie 4I, 80-97. I938. Isis

    "Sous l'appella...


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