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  • 297 Ruccio Way behind Meijer off Reynolds Road859-268-5888 TOLL FREE: 866-752-8359

    Roller Skating and Laser Tag are affordable, safe, healthy and fun! Roller Skating and Laser Tag are recognized by the President's Council on Physical Fitness and recom-mendedby the American Heart Association as aerobic fitness activities. Studies have shown that Roller Skating and Laser Tag provide a complete aerobic workout and involves all of the body's muscles, especially the heart!

    Roller Skating burns 384 calories per hour at 9mph; President's Council on Physical Fitness. Laser Tag burns about 200 calories during a 15 minute game.

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission found Roller Skating to be twice as safe as playgrounds, and three times safer than basketball or football. In addition, Skating Centers offer a safe, wholesome family activity, in a drug, alcohol and smoke-free fun supervised environment.

    What can Roller Skating and Laser Tag do for young children?

    Roller Skating develops social skills, coordination, balance and fine motor skills! Roller Skating will improve: gross motor movement of legs and arms as kids learn to skate; body awareness through the Hokey Pokey; listening skills and spatial differences through games; and fine motor skills each time kids lace their skates. Laser Tag will improve: balance, agility and dexterity. Laser Tag develops; team work, leadership skills, communication, problem solving, goal setting, conflict resolution, and motivation.

    Build self confidence, decrease stress and relieves tension!


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    Not Your Grandfathers Museum:Hands-On Is In

    A Parents Perspective


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  • hat do you think of when you think of a museum? A majestic building with Doric (or is that Ionic) columns, and high ceilinged rooms filled with old paintings, arrowheads or Egyptian relics from the pyramids? A place where the staff shushes giggling children and reminds people not to touch anything? That may be the museums we (or our parents) remember from our childhood, but those are not the sorts of museums that our children visit now on school field trips. Todays museum is more likely to have a touch table than a do not touch sign. And giggling is most heartily encouraged. Even the names of museums are changing. Just a few years ago kids visited the Lexington Childrens Museum, but its now called the Explorium, a name

    that captures the spirit of a building full of hands-on exhibits where children are encouraged to experiment, manipulate and discover. Museums work hard to bring history to life for students. The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati gives students a look into what life as a slave was like with a chance to step into an authentic 19th century slave pen. The Freedom Center also offers hands-on activities that demonstrate the difficulty slaves faced in trying to escape to the North. The Explorium of Lexington brings the same hands-on philosophy to kids of all ages, including the tiniest visitors. The Wonder Woods area is limited to those kids under 3, giving them a safe place to explore the water-play area, try on dress-up clothes and watch wild birds through an observation window. So what should we call these places formerly known as museums? The Place-Where-You-Get-To-Experience-Cool-Stuff seems a bit too long to fit on the marquee.

    parent perspective

    Hands-Off Is Out Hands-On Is In

    laurie evansmuseum [myoo-zee-uh m] -- noun: a building or place where works of art, scientific specimens, or other objects of permanent value are kept and displayed. 5

  • When considering field trip destinations, teachers sometimes have to look no further than their own backyard. Often a good field trip is only a short walk from the school. Just ask Jeffery Hale, an art teacher at Harrison Elementary. Hale has been teaching for five years at the oldest elementary in Lexington Harrison opened in 1849 in the heart of downtown Lexington. Our kids all live downtown, so I want them to stop and realize that we live in a beautiful city, and that art is all around them, Hale said. Taking a field trip in downtown helps promote a sense of community, that this

    Walk This Wayis their community, and they can recognize the art that is here. That was particularly true last fall during the World Equestrian Games. Hales students created their own equine art, which was then displayed at the Explorium of Lexington, just a few blocks away. At the same time, Harrison students decorated a horse as part of Horsemania that was on display at the Central branch of the Lexington Public Library. Hale arranged a 90-minute walking field trip where passersby in downtown watched a group of 30 fifth-graders with clipboards and pencils in hand, walking briskly in the fresh air. (A little exercise mixed in with art is always beneficial.) The children observed building architecture, gallery store fronts and then

    Field Trip Plan: Art teacher Jeffery Hale takes his students on walking field trips in Lexington.

    by John Lynch

  • in Versailles!Bluegrass

    An entertaining and educational experience...

    Charter an excursion for your school eld trip!

    Train Museum | Gift Shop | Covered Picnic Shelters | & Much More!

    A one hour ride through the Central Kentucky countryside.


    useum | Gift Shop | Covered Picnic Shelter

    toured art galleries in Victorian Square, home of the Explorium. After viewing their art and the other pieces on display at the Explorium, the students headed to the Central Library. On the way, the students observed art in downtown associated with the WEG,

    teacher perspective

    including Harrisons horse in the library. We kept the pace up and the students were taking notes, responding to the art they saw as they walked, using the content I had taught in the classroom, Hale said. Two years ago, Hale created another

    walking field trip in which the children crafted a 3-D model of downtown buildings made of cardboard. Students toured downtown, with Hale taking photographs of buildings the children wanted to reproduce. Again, students walked briskly along the

    streets in the neighborhood, soaking in the art around them. After students completed the models, they took their favorites home with them. Our kids love downtown. This is their backyard, Hale said. Were always trying to bring the outside in.

    Taking a field trip in downtown helps promote a sense of community, that this is their community, and they can recognize the art that is here.

  • student view

    Everything about a field trip day is exciting. Getting out of the classroom, being able to sit with

    your friends on the bus and doing something different were all a part of the fun. My favorite field trip destination was the Duke Energy Childrens Museum in Cincinnati, my hometown. A day at this museum always made everyone happy. Our other field trips were fun, like going to see plays and walking around the zoo, but at this museum, you were encouraged to touch everything. As a hands-on learner, this was just my style. This museum is like an endless

    playground to a child. It takes a few hours to get through every activity, and it was always a race between classmates to see who got the farthest into the museum. Boredom seemed impossible. If one activity didnt suit your fancy, you could easily move on to another one that did. One specific area I remember was the one filled with tubes and machines to move around plastic multi-colored balls. Although this sounds like it was all fun and games, we actually were learning, too. We learned about the energy it took to move the plastic balls, and simple machines that could do the work. Here in Lexington, there is a similar kind of museum for children. The Explorium of Lexington gives children a

    field trips:

    F UNeducational

    Erin Shea

  • ALWAYS SOMETHINGHAPPENING ATTHE Y!From summer camps, youth sports andmartial arts to after-school programs,swim lessons and art and music classes... the Y has something for everyone!

    Learn more at financial assistance available

    hands-on learning experience with many exhibits and activities for all interests. I know that if I were a kid in Lexington, this would probably be one of my favorite places. Field trips to childrens museums are also great for teachers. All students are able to learn and engage in an activity of their choice. Rarely were any of the students disappointed, which is quite an accomplishment given the number of kids involved. And Im sure our teachers always enjoyed the break of a quiet bus ride back to school.

    Erin Shea is a University of Kentucky graduate who will study at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in 2012.








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  • Details, tickets and registration at 459-2181

    Experience the Thrill of

    Glacier Run!

    Exhilarating. Engaging. Inspiring.

    for the Louisville Zoos WILD CAMPS & CLASSES

    Summer Camps for Pre-Schoolers through Teens.Night SafarisScout programsFamily programs


    For self-guided field trips, call (502) 238-5438 or visit for details.

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    Actors Guild 141 East Main St., Lex., Info: 233-0663 / 309-1909 www.actorsguildoflexing-

    Adventure Falls Miniature Golf & Batting Cage Complex 250 Lake Reba Drive, Richmond / Info: 626-0030 t Aldersgate Camp & Retreat Center 125 Aldersgate Camp Rd.

    Alpha Farm 2447 Vince Rd., Nicholasville Info: 885-5283

    Amburgey Gardens 1045 Higbee Mill Rd., Lex. Info: 223-1274

    Amerisport 2041 Creative Dr., Ste. 200 Lex. / Info: 255-5231

    The Arboretum State Botanical Garden of Kentucky

    Ravenna, Ky. Info: 606-723-5078 www.aldersgatecamp.orgAldersgate offers field trips and day retreats, environmental education, hiking, caving, horsebackriding, low and high ropes courses, folk dancing and hayrides. A flexible schedule will fit your needs. Ale-8-One Bottling Co. 25 Carol Rd., Winchester Info: 859-744-3484

    Whether its challenging their students to think outside-the-box or bringing the outside in, teachers and youth leaders are always looking for ways to bring new and exciting experiences to their students. Weve collected a list of field trip and activity opportunities in Central Kentucky, Louisville and Cincinnati and beyond. The following listings are a good starting point before you plan your next field trip.

    2011-12Oh, the Places Youll Go 13

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    500 Alumni Dr., Lex. Info: 257-6955

    Artistry in Motion 4384 Clearwater Way Lex. Info: 859-245-1694

    ArtsPlace Gallery 161 N. Mill St., Lex. Info: 255-2951

    Asbury College 1 Machlem Dr., Wilmore Info: 858-3511 ext. 2412

    Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate 120 Sycamore Rd., Lex. Info: 266-8581 Aviation Museum 4029 Airport Road, Lex. Info: 231-1219

    Bardstown-Nelson County Tourism One Court Square, Bardstown Info: 1-800-638-4877

    Blue Grass Council, Boy Scouts of America 3445 Richmond Rd., Lex. Info: 231-7811

    Bluegrass PRIDE 3120 Pimlico Pkwy # 126, Lex. Info: 266-1572

    t Bluegrass Railroad and Museum 175 Beasley Rd. Versailles Info: 873-2476 The Bluegrass Railroad offers an entertaining and educational historic railroad experience discounted for...