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Field Trip 2014. Logistics. You will need:. warm clothing. bedding (sleeping bags etc.) and towels. any very specialized foods. You will not need:. books or other reference material. Schedule. Meet at the chapel on Friday Jan 24 at 7:15 AM. Leave the chapel on at 7:30 AM. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Field Trip 2014LogisticsYou will need: warm clothing bedding (sleeping bags etc.) and towels any very specialized foodsYou will not need: books or other reference materialSchedule Meet at the chapel on Friday Jan 24 at 7:15 AM Leave the chapel on at 7:30 AM Coffee/osmoregulatory break in St. John Arrive at Indian Point at about 10:45 11:00 Field work until about 1300 HMSC for lunch 1330 After lunch move into rooms, unpack field gear and set up lab

Dressing for winter field tripBoots waterproof, some extra liner or >1 pair of socksPants windproof, water proof, layersGloves - windproof, water proof, layersJacket- windproof, water proof, layersHeadgear- head and ear covering


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