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    1 | Fibre Broadband - Setup Guide

    Welcome to Timico Thank you for your recent order.

    The following information will help you get connected to Timico’s Fibre broadband Service.

    Timico Pack Contents Timico Router

    (Technicolor TG582n)

    Power Supply

    Ethernet Cable

    From BT Openreach VDSL Modem

    Power Supply

    Ethernet Cable

    Internet Cable

    Your router has been pre-configured. Once a BT engineer has installed the BT Openreach modem, all you need to do is connect your Timico router.










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  • 2 | Fibre Broadband - Setup Guide

    Setup Instructions: 1. Plug the Internet cable provided by BT Openreach (usually grey) into the top socket

    of your master phone socket.

    2. Plug the Ethernet cable (usually red) into the socket labelled LAN1 on your BT Openreach modem and then plug the other end into socket 4 of your Timico router.

    3. Using the supplied Ethernet cable (usually yellow) connect socket 1 of your Timico router and the other end to the network socket on your computer (not required for wireless setup).

    4. Connect the power supply lead into the power socket on your Timico router then plug into the nearest mains socket. Switch on the router by pressing the power button on the back of the router.


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  • Fibre Broadband - Setup Guide | 3

    Setup Complete You should now be connected as shown here:

    You should now see the power and Ethernet lights on the router turn green. After that the broadband and Internet lights should start flashing before changing solid green. If they do not please check your setup or call our Technical Support team on: 0844 488 9889

    Wireless Setup Looking for a guide on how to add wireless devices?

    Visit our website: for our wireless setup guides and a range of other useful information.

  • 0844 488 9889

    Troubleshooting If you are having broadband issues, there are a few initial checks that you can do before calling our Technical Support team.

    l Check your telephone line to ensure this has a dial tone and no noise

    l Check that there is power to both the BT Openreach modem and the router and that the lights are green

    l Switch off your router and BT Openreach modem, unplugging all leads and leaving the power off for at least 1-2 minutes. Then turn them back on to see if the connection restores itself

    Please do not press the reset button as this will erase all the router settings

    l Disconnect any other extensions, including other telephones, fax machines, alarms or digital set-top box to see if the issue is still the same

    l If you are using wireless, see if the issue is the same using a wired connection directly to the router

    l Check to see if the issue is affecting any other connected devices

    If you are still experiencing problems then please browse the FAQs on our website or contact our Technical Support team on: 0844 488 9889 or email:

    Router Lights Power Light - This should be green. If there is no light or it is orange or red please check your connection to the mains or disconnect the mains lead, wait 1-2 minutes then re-connect.

    Ethernet Light - This should be solid green as a direct connection is required to the BT Openreach modem. If the light is not illuminated and you have a cable connected, try swapping the cable for another one.

    Broadband Light - This light should be solid green and denotes that there is a broadband connection. If flashing or not illuminated please check your connections then switch the router off, disconnect the mains, wait 1-2 minutes then re-connect.

    Internet Light - This should be solid green or flashing green. If solid green it shows an active Internet connection. Flashing green means that information is being exchanged.If red, this indicates that the router is unable to correctly connect to your Timico broadband account. Please ensure that the router has not been reset to factory settings and that the username and password in the ruter have not been changed. If you continue to see the red light, please contact us to go through your router settings.

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