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  • 11.5 Charitable Pupq'.se.. Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the

    contrary, in the "u"rt otution of tbe Company or in the winding up of its

    ;f;i;;,;t ;tf't.i UquiO"ti"t ;t its assets, the Compan/s pioperty shall not be conveyedil';;; oig"nizutidn .iliuJ ot operated for profri orio any individual for less than thei"iinbrr.,iru"tr" or,r*, piop*rty; -rt assets'remaining afier ail debts and expenses of6rl corprny have 6*n'p"il oi-provided for shall be conveyed or distributed by theBoard to the fvfembeis-in'accordance with their Percentage Interests-


    M;6; lfren quafif' "t-"n organizations described in Section 501("113) of tfe Code:

    ilii,iiiiJl-tiiJniriir,.iin the eveit any such Member does not so quatiff rhen to one or

    more organizatlons'recognizeU asixempt under $ection 501(c)(3) 9I tL" Code.and

    ffii;#ilo.o ri'mlfaifi nnu" of this_ Company- as determined- by the Board of this;f,';dt 'Anv

    "ucn assets 1o1s3 distributed-shall

    be disposed of pursuarrt to an order

    il";;il -ot

    **putunt luriscllclion, exclusively fot such Putposes or to suchoig.ni.utinn or organizalions, as said court shall determine.

    ART]CLE 12


    Except as otherwise reqr{1qd by law, this Agreement and the certificate

    may be amended "rrviv "J*J*ent bf Mem6ers ownrng at reast two-thirds (213) of the

    ;$,H-*Jirirrr"oirig [ni6 and the Board as setforth in Section 8'3'

    ARTICLE ,|3


    . 1g.l lllqqaliq,. lf in the reasonable opfrlon of counsel for any Mernber'applicable health tl'i" ot other laws, oi if,"'lnterpre-tation thereof, prohibit thetransactions contemplated by this Agreelent, then th6 Members

    shall be required to

    act in good-faith to-o'rtruAit" tt"iusiness'arangement between the Members to

    conform wifh the .ppn".Lf" f"w" or the requirementi of any federal state and/or loml

    govemmental agencY.

    lg.2T.ax.Exenpt.FtafptNotwithstanrlinganyotherprov|sioninthisngreemJ;,affiutyishereby.eryrEssV1ubordinatedtoitsExernptDuty. Each fvfemnuiitututy uti*GUges thai in ihe event of any colfl$ between


    ffiffiffiffi; ilty-ani Exempt ori=ty, t1.e Member shail observe fts Exempt Dutvand such course or.o,ir*" of action shall not breach thls Agreement or giye

    ri.ry t9 any

    iirUil'ty fit ifri n4"tluifoi liuuth of its nlemUer Duty' Tlie Members intend that this

    Agreement shall notld""dtitrqct any.Member's stitus as an organization dessibedin Section sot(cxsi*oiG'ffi;";h ih-y ;gree.p interpret this Asreement Inaccordance witn sudh intent. In the event the lniemal Revenue

    Service shall inform a



    cbybeeTypewritten Text0385

    cbybeeTypewritten Text16

  • Member or legat counset for the Member that this Agreement threatens the status of the

    Member u" ui-orgunization described in Section 501(c)(3) 9f tfq Cod9, then upon thewritten ,equ""t of-the Member, the Members shall be requirod to act in good faith to

    modify this Agreement in ordet lo cure the threat'

    13.8 Conkecrs and NgqotlqblelnslrHJ0pnls. Exgept as olhe.rwise providedbylawortnis@orotherinstrumentre|ativetothetrusinessoftheCompany m"y [" execuiecl ind detivered in the name of the Company and on its behalfnV tne Fresiient; and the Board may authorize any other offrcer.or agent of theiornpany to entei into any contractor execute and deliver any contract in the name and

    on ninalf of the Company, and such authority may ba gglglal or confined to specificinstances as the goaid niay by resotution determine. All bills, notes, checks or other

    Instruments for the paymeni of money shall be signed or counterslgned by such officer,

    offlce6, agent or agenis and in such manner as are pernitted.by this Agreement and/or

    es, 11om time to tlti", may be prescribed by ps-olution (whether g.eneral or specia) ofthe Board. Untess authorlzeO Lo to do by this Agreement 91by lhe Board, no ofiicet,

    agent or employee shall hqve any porlrer oI authority t9 blnd lhe Company by anycontract oi Jiigig"rnent, or to ptedgd its credit, or to render it liable pecuniadf for anypurpose or to anY amounl

    #N otigeg.*I$t-notiees-oro$e r-eomrnu Rieatio ns-requi redorpermi{edja-bgiven or mlOilfrEl-under shall be in writing and shatlbe deemed to be deltuered when

    !iu*n "inii-p.ponaity o1 by sending a copy by certified, registered or express mail,

    postage p;prd, or by tetegram (wit[ messerrger service specified) or courier seNice,charges pi"[*6, or Uf ronfrmed ielecopier tiansmission, to the party being given suchnoti6 ut ituiiiti*norlrir address (orteteiopier number) or, in-the can of the Managers'suppfieU Uy tfrem lo the Compqny tor.-qe purpose of nbtie. lf thg notlce is qnt by mail,telbiraph-biiouri"r servhe, it sfran be'deemed to have been given to the Personentiued tfrerem wfren deposited in the United States mait or with a telegraph o{cF o1

    courier r"rt* for deliveiy to that Person or, in the case of telecopy, when dispatched.The address shown on a Membels signature page shall be considered a Membeds last

    knorvn aUOE "

    untess the Member sh-atl otherivise notiff the 9tl5q na*igs in the manner

    set forth ilih'" section. All notices to the compiny shall-be addressed to theCompany's-piinripiipiace ot business unlEss the MerirUers are otherwise notifled-

    1g.5 epyefningla:,v. This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with,and governe{by, thelay'rs-of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvanfa.

    ig,6 Exgcution in,_Qg,pnJerparts, Th-rs Agreementmayte executed in one or*or* rount"@ such counterpart shallconstitute an originalan4 allof sueh counterparts shallconstitute one agreement.

    fi.T Su-c_c=rsg.g_Tg.in lnteresl This Agreement shall be binding ttpon and inuretothetrenent@theirrespectiveheirs,executors,administrators'legal representatives, and permitted successors and assigns.



  • 13.8 Entire Agr"9Pmenl". This. Agreernent constittrtes the entire agreement

    among the parties pffiffig*1o1he subjeclmatter hereof and supersedes all priot and

    contemporaneous agre;;nts and underslandings of such parties in connection


    13.9 $eveFbilittt Any glovlsioJr of this Agr.eement which is invalid, illegal or

    unenforceable in anfiislct lt,"u not affect the vaiidity, tegality or enforceability of theremaining Provisions hereof'

    13.10 Up?I't" request.of the Board orliquidator, eacn me f certificates and other docurnentsnaFl,eern .r. aesiratl* u].r" goArd or $quidator to accomplish all. such filings';ffi;il,;t", ilniiilii;r- and other acts as they'determine may be appropriate to complvwitS the requiremenit of tn" formation, operation, amendment'

    or dissolution' as the

    case may be, of ri fiti"i liabitity iomp"ny under the taws of Pennsylvania inaccordance with this Agreernenf

    r3.{ltjeachgg.ThetreadingsinthisAgregmgl!areinsertedforconvenienceand identification o":f' .nO .tralt noi control oi affect the meaning of any



    ;[,13#:i"T"J:fi, grlrnu"*rJii-ffi wil aicrue to a par-V by reason of a failup tonarrnm anw nf *t"

    "liioatiois-under this Agreement' Therefore-, {!Y party whichperfonn anY of .the obligationsPerg|rlt arrv v' .n'e vvxvee t' iae.til" provisionshereof shall beentitledtoainstitutes any action or proceeding t6 ento - - -!-r^-- r-^-^-s ^^.r amr Darenn qnatnct[-":ff illi6iliiL;in; ffi;#n;;iii'; Pr*ision" [ereol, and anv Person asainst

    whom such action "il;t;;;ilg i* Urousil'hgrebq waivas t1" ,93T..TJ*t*:jH:whomwnsrr Fuerr .,r'uvrr vr l''vvvv .-'t _'i.

    "no suih person shall not urge in any suchsuch party has an adequate. remefy,{]11i-r -..^r- ^--.rrr of iir' arriers,sucn Parrv rri'D Gilr 'Th;;fi;il#d;ii'''t *uitt remedy at iaw 6xists'action or Proceeong

    ,|3'13 ?roq.guns. Unless the context indicates otherw|se, as used in this

    eg*"rJni,-,rrffi*ffi" ili,'*.irrinl'"n-"ri inctuoe the feminine and neuter and vice

    versa. words rn m" "ingrlii*iin l-""tuo" *," pturalwhere the context so indicates.

    l3.,t4tny.estmpntBp4eqpntat|gn.EachPersonwhoholdsaninterestinthec*np*iy;;ffi*nt"i and warranted to the Gompany that it;;;iliguch interestior investrnent ahd not for resale or dlstdbution'

    I 3.1 5 Dispute,Re, golution Ploce-dures'

    In the event of a dispute concerntng the terms or conditions of this

    Aoreement ttrat cannoine resorveo iirrormattv, any niember.may require that the parties

    ;Nffi;'#jiifr.l lhpiitll" nin_urnuins mediation, pursuant to the mediarion procedures

    of a mediation ,g"nry ;d;J bt irt" p"rti"r. 'This mediation shall consist of two

    mediation sessions oiai tuast fouihours-eich, or until the rnediator declares lhat lhe

    oarties have reachJ;;; hp;;.", *rrbr,*er occurs sooner. The parties are noti;ilffii [';r;;".,il-ti.*il iid'r,itr pgiailo; ;rior to frovidins a notice of terminatlon andthe mediaiion prou,ri'on" ulitotttt frerein shatt not act to |xtend

    the efiective date of



  • termination as specified in this notice, unless the party providing the notice ofiutrinttiqn specifically agrees to such an extension'

    13.16 No tVgiver, No faiture on the part of -?ny qarty hereto in exercising any

    rignt, poile;#;titilfi-hereuncJer shatl, except as otherwise expressly provided herein'

    operate as a waper tiereot, nor shall any sing.le or partial exercise thereof preclude any

    other or further "*urri* thereof or the exercise of any other right, power or ptivilege'

    fr; ,ighi; "nO

    reme*es herein spe_cified are cumulative and, except as othenruise

    n"i"in-pruideO, are not exclusive'of any rights or remedies which any party hereto

    would otherwise have.

    1g.ll Survivaln The obligatlons of th