Festival and Special Event Management 4e Chapter 18 Risk Management.

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  • Festival and Special Event Management 4eChapter 18Risk Management

  • Learning ObjectivesDefine risk and its relationship to the management of festivals and special eventsUnderstand the context of riskUse the tools of risk identification and identify the risks specific to eventsUnderstand the latest methodologies of risk managementUnderstand the core concepts of occupational health and safety

  • Risk management processEvery part of event management has potential risksAdministrationMarketing and public relationsHealth and safetyCrowd managementSecurityTransport

  • Risk management process

  • Risk management processUnderstanding contextType of eventManagement structureStakeholder analysisGeneral risk environment

  • Risk management processAnalysis and evaluation of the riskThe dimensions of riskThe likelihood of them occuringHigh or Low The consequences if they do occurHigh or Low

  • Risk management processControlAfter risk evaluation, the event management team needs to create mechanisms to control potential problemsThe decisions include:Changing the likelihood that a problem will occurChanging the consequence if the problem does occurAccepting the riskTransferring the risk to another party

  • Risk management processMitigating actionsUnattended packagesWho will respond?Are dogs available who are trained to identify explosives?Will the area be evacuated?Risk communicationUnderstanding the terminology of riskOpen communication channelsInformal methods of communication

  • Risk management processFurther risk management methodologiesPrinciple of safe designPerson with controlProduct lifecycleSystematic risk managementSafe design knowledge and capabilityInformation transferHazard analysis and critical control points

  • Risk management processFurther risk management methodologies

  • Risk management processSpecific event risksVolunteersCrowd managementAlcohol and drugsCommunicationEnvironmentEmergencyReviewEvaluation the successes and failures of the risk control strategy is essential for future events

  • Risk Management ProcessesSee Minton Ellis Risk Management Booklet in Lecture Notes

  • OHS and eventsConsultationDiffers between statesThe event team must consult with the event stakeholders on event health and safetyIt is mandatory for the event team to understand their states legislation

  • Summary There are many Legal Aspects involved in presenting Live Performances They have little of the Excitement associated with putting on the Event Failure to Address these Matters can be a disaster Financial and Personal It is important to Know About and Address the Legal Side of the Business

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