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    We, Silicon Solar Systems (SSS), like to introduce ourselves as one of the Suppliers and System Integrators registered as an SSI unit based in Hyderabad for Solar Systems. SSS team has immense experience in the filed of SolarOwn manufacturing facility to manufacture Solar Modules, Systems viz Lanterns, Street Lighting , Power plants Traffic Signals , Fencing

  • Crime and disruption protection through deterrence.Reduction of damages through the use of delaying mechanisms such as fences.

    Why Solar Fencing ?Fences are first line of defence mechanisms.

  • Essential Features

    Safety Convenience to operate Weather resistant Durable Low maintenance Spot Alarming Intrusion Detection and Alerting through PC application Software.

  • Introduction to Solar fence system Advanced Perimeter protection device Non-lethal system Does not require any approval from any Government Department. System meets ISI and IEC standards of safety. Creates a Psychological fear in the mind of intruder. System shall not only detect but also deny the intrusion.

  • Operation of Solar Fencing SystemEnergizer sends short pulses for 0.3 milli seconds duration of 4 to 9 KV in an intrevel of 1.2 seconds, which causes shock and fear in intruders.

  • Why choose a Solar Fence SystemCost effectiveStandalone Non-lethal systemEasily constructedLonger LifeUniversal applicationImproves existing fencesSimplicity & FlexibilityLow maintenance

  • Unique Features of Solar fence systemDurable.Weather Resistant.User Friendly.Multi Sector Monitoring.Optional Alarms.Open ended for Expansion.Roll & re-use.

  • Main Parts of Solar Fence SystemFence EnergizerFence Voltage AlarmLMLA BatterySolar ModuleExternal AlarmFence accessoriesEarthing mechanismMonitoring and Reporting Unit

  • Fence CategoriesSecurity Fences Agricultural FencesForest (animal)Fences andHigh Security Fences

  • Central Monitoring Unit FeaturesIt provides a digital control over the System.The zone of intrusion will be indicated on the LCD screen.Speech dialer and SMS messenger is incorporated in the system and shall call the stored number automatically, upon intrusion.Access to the System shall be through Password only.The System parameters can be monitored and changed with the help of a communication Link with the Monitoring Node kept at each Energizer by Authorized Administrator

  • NODENODENODENODENODERS 232 cable to PCRS 485 cableGSMCMU Application Software CMU connected to monitoring nodes

  • RELAYS Analog and Digital I/Os to measure Line voltage, intrusion detection and External siren driving etc..RJ 11 SOCKET for RS-482 Communication RISC based Microcontroller Can also be used to Drive Compatible Camera PTZ controller 20X4 Alphanumeric LCD DisplayFeatures Include:AES cryptographic Algorithm based communication.Built In Self Test Facility (BIST) with a single key press.

  • CONCLUSIONSolar Fence System can be installed on any surface.Solar Fence System is much easier and cost effective than increasing the height of compound wall.Solar Fence System is easily expandable / re-usable and compatible to all types of additional security gadgets like CCTV, Floodlights, Auto dialer system etc.

  • THANK YOUFOR YOUR ATTENTIONSilicon solar systems.,www.siliconsolarsystems.com