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Betty Friedans The Feminine Mystique, 1963 Inspired white, middle class, suburban housewives Friedans solution to The Problem with No Name = Education & Employment Used surveys of women from high school 40s


Feminist Movements Betty Friedans The Feminine Mystique, 1963
Inspired white, middleclass, suburban housewives Friedans solution to TheProblem with No Name =Education & Employment Used surveys of womenfrom high school 40s Causes of 1960s Feminist Movement
Betty Friedans The Feminine Mystique, 1963 Civil Rights Era & Anti-Vietnam War Protests Large population of educated women in U.S. The Sexual Revolution The Sexual Revolution 1960s = New emphasis oncasual dating, self- fulfillment, & open talkabout sex in society Rise in pre-marital sex,couples living together outof wedlock 1960 = F.D.A. approved thefirst Birth Control Pill Religious groups issuedstatements against the Pill (NOW) National Organization for Women
Formed by 28 women in 1966 Members were professional,politicized women & unhappyformer housewives 1967 = 1,000 members vs =15,000 members Betty Friedan was first president The major organization forwomen in the 1960s feministmovement Consciousness Raising
Recruitment tactic ofyounger feminists Transformed a womansperception of herself andsociety Sought to make privateissues public: rape, domesticabuse, child abuse, anti- pornography Roe v. Wade (1973) Supreme Court upheld awomans constitutionalright to an abortion 1972 = Over 2,500 illegalabortions performed perday Maternal deaths fromabortions declined Pervasiveness of Sexism
Sexism exists at all levelsof society: in family, law,economy, religion, media Ending sexism meanschanging attitudes as wellas laws Feminist groups debatedHOW to end oppressionof women What About Other Feminists?
Moderate = BettyFriedan, fans of TheFeminine Mystique,NOW members Working-class, lesbian,and women of colorleft out of 1960sfeminist movement Believed racism & sexism needed to be eradicated together
1970s = Black Feminist movement began withwomen who were left out of both the Civil RightsMovement and Black Panthers Believed racism & sexism needed to be eradicatedtogether Combahee River Collective (ERA) Equal Rights Amendment
1st Proposed in 1923 bysuffragist Alice Paul &the National WomensParty ConstitutionalAmendment wouldhave guaranteed equalrights for women andmen Passed by Congress in 1972 Expired in 1982 with only 35 outof 38 states required to approve Opponents feared it wouldeliminate womens protectionlaws (that were based uponwomens inequality) Title 9 A step to bring equity to womens sports on July 1, 1972
Intense forms ofphysical and psychicconflicttend to destroygirls physical andpsychic charm andadaptability formotherhood --Olympics for Girls? 1929 All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Althea Gibson Billie Jean King