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Female Robbery. A song by The Neighborhood. “I bet they planned it all out”. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Female Robbery

Female Robbery A song by The Neighborhood

I bet they planned it all outThis is a very important lyric to the song. The video is about a little girl with abusive parents. In the end, her mom tries to kill her by burying her. Luckily she survives. Anyways, the parents planned it all out, so she could die and the police wouldnt trace it back to them.Dont tell the police anythingThe little girl is scared because no one loves her. She just wants to get away from her dark past. By calling the police she thinks itll make it worse.The upside down houseIs a symbol of the band.

I would never runThe girl is only about 9, of course she cant run, shes terrified. Even though both her parents abuse her, she has no choice but to stay with them because no one knows that she is getting abused.

Meaning of the songThe meaning of the song is quite dark, never let anyone get ahold of your secrets easily, because it just end up bad. Its basically about someone trying to bury their past.http://songmeanings.com/songs/view/3530822107859431527/Writer of song: