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<ul><li>1.DIARY OF A BABY GIRL </li></ul> <p>2. 15 JUNE 3. I got attached with ovary 4. 17 JUNE 5. Im a tissue now. 6. 30 JUNE 7. Mom said to dad, youre going to be father 8. MOM And DAD Are Very Happy 9. 15 JULY 10. My food is what my mom eats. I can feel my HEARTBEAT 11. 14 OCT 12. I have little hands, legs, head and a stomach. 13. 13 NOV 14. Today I was in ULTRASCAN 15. WOW!! I am a GIRL 16. 14 NOV 17. I was DEAD!! 18. My MOM and DAD killed me. 19. WHY?? 20. Is it just because I was a GIRL? 21. People love to have A MOTHER 22. People love to have A WIFE 23. Love to have A Girlfriend Too 24. Then Why Not A DAUGHTER !?! 25. A horrific practice that shows no signs of abating, female foeticide refers to the aborting of a foetus, purely because she is female. 26. CAUSES OF FEMALE FOETICIDE Many families consider it a status symbol to have a son son is seen as someone who can earn and care for his parents 27. LONG TERM IMPACTS OF FEMALE FOETICIDE It gives rise to skewed sex ratio Female / women trafficking Increase in Rape and Assault Population Decline 28. Organizations helping to fight this issue. 29. Snehalaya is based in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. Started in 1989 by a group of young volunteers led by Dr Girish Kulkarni. SAVE THE GIRL CHILD "Save The Girl Child" project, aims to eradicate the practice of female infanticide and foeticide - by encouraging the adoption of girls in cases where the biological parents do not want to or are unable to look after them. 30. A REGISTERED NGO WORKING WITH EMPHASIS ON GENDER AGENDA, TOWARDS ALL ROUND DEVELOPMENT IN TWENTY TWO VILLAGES OF KHANAPUR TALUK OF BELGAUM DISTRICT. OBJECTIVE: To prevent exploitation of girl child and women. To empower women organizing, involving and participating. 31. A GROUP OF SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS INVOLVED IN SOLVING INEQUITABLE SOCIAL PROBLEMS CAMPAIGN : I save a girl Is an sms enabled web application on facebook development platform that will enable crowd sourced philanthropy to stop female foeticide in INDIA. 32. Plans vision is of a world in which all children realise their full potential in societies which respect peoples rights and dignity. Plan is independent, with no religious, political or governmental affiliations. Plan India has launched the Let Girls Be Born (LGBB) campaign and its main objective is to realize a gender balance in society by eliminating female foeticide/ infanticide and ensuring the right to identity, name and citizenship for the girl child. 33. PREVENTION AND CURE Vocational training should be given to women Free and high quality crches and kindergarten schools for girls should be widely established Abortions only for medical reasons should be legalised. Cancellation/permanent termination of the doctors license who partakes in fulfilling a clients demand to do away with her girl child. 34. FEMALES ARE VERY PRECIOUS ASSETS OF THE WORLD BECAUSE 35. WHAT WE ARE.. 36. THINK, WHAT WE RETURN FOR THEIR SERVICES KILLING THEM IN THE WOMB 37. THE ANIMALS DONT DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN MALES &amp; FEMALES 38. THEN, WHY DO WE? ARE WE UN-CIVILIZED ? 39. Conclusion Female Foeticide is a growing menace in our society. The government should take harsh steps against those who readily kill their girl child Strong action against the doctors who facilitate female foeticide. More awareness in this regard to make the people of our nation more conscious and eradicate this menace. 40. Think ! 41. SURVIVAL TO SUCCESS CELEBRATE HER LIFE </p>


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