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Felsted Outstanding Inspection Leaflet


  • OutstandingWe are delighted that the hard work of pupils, parents, teachers,

    governors and indeed the wider school community has been

    acknowledged in a glowing 2011 Ofsted Inspection Report on Felsteds

    pastoral care and welfare.

    We are proud to announce that Felsted is judged to be outstandingin each of the six areas with no recommendations forimprovement a rare accolade. This is a judgement against anoverall standard for independent schools and a statement of where we

    stand in comparison to others. As one of only a handful of schools with

    this rating in the country, Felsted can now be considered a nationalleader in terms of its care. No other school has a better Ofsted reportthan Felsted.

    The School excels in its abilityto offer a rich, life enhancingexperience dedicated to thedevelopment of the whole person.

    say Ofsted

    in every aspect

  • The Felsted medical centre and boarding house staff impressed the inspectors with their

    excellent, effective and efficient communication. They noted that any pastoralconcern is handled sensitively and carefully, supported by a robust and comprehensive

    individual plan.

    Students spoke highly of the PACE (personal social health and economic education)

    programme, which delivers age appropriate topics for Years 9 to 11 and is also a link to the

    work education and Lower Sixth enrichment programmes. These sessions are a good

    foundation for life.

    A very good international menu choice isoffered to all students, say the Inspectors, and those with

    special diets are known by the catering staff. A school food

    committee meets regularly and all information or concerns

    are reported back to the catering manager.

    All catering staff have

    up-to-date training in food

    handling and serving and

    were recently awarded the

    governments Healthy

    Schools status and a five

    star Hygiene Award.

    The quality of pastoral care and theprovision for the welfare, health and safetyof the boarders are exceptionally managed.

    Being healthy


  • Safety is at the forefront of Felsteds strategic plan.Boarders report that they find living at the School enjoyable,safe and relaxing. The School has an excellentunderstanding of safeguarding pupils. School staff,Governors, parents, prefects and other pupil representatives

    benefit from regular child protection training.

    Inspectors state that there is a very clear procedure for responding

    to child protection concerns and a very effective bullying policy.

    Boarders state that there is zero tolerance of bullying.Staff respond proactively to issues and the new challenges of cyber

    bullying. This includes meeting with all involved,

    teaching empathy, emotional intelligence and

    producing action plans and codes of conduct. The

    School learns from issues, using them as a catalyst for

    further improvement.

    The report states that the Schools policies on

    behaviour, discipline, punishments, rewards and

    restraint are very clear. The use of sanctions is minimal,

    appropriate and fully recorded, and a comprehensive

    complaints procedure is readily available.

    Robust accident monitoring, regular checks and on-site

    security ensure areas are free from avoidable hazards. There

    is a high awareness among staff and boarders of the fire

    safety equipment.

    Staying safe


  • Pupils thrive within an environment thatencourages them to fulfil their potential botheducationally and socially.The cohesive whole school approach provides pupils with

    a vast range of support and opportunities,with an extensive system in place to assist pupils in their

    studies. Parents comment that Felsted is very inclusive,

    where every pupil can shine. Pupils benefit from a wide ranging support system and state that they have many people to

    turn to. Pupils greatly appreciate this, explaining that the School has made me the person

    that I am. The School ethos nurtures pupils strengths and qualities through leadership,

    service, spiritual growth and team work. Parents comment that boarding has been anincredible and worthwhile experience, contributing enormously to theirchilds personal development.Academic societies and co-curricular activities have a high profile within the School and

    pupils are encouraged to take part.

    Felsted has provenexcellence in sports, music,drama and the arts, and exceptional provision ismade for gifted andtalented pupils.

    outstandingAchieving and enjoyment

  • Pupils play a hugely significantrole in influencing change.Felsted empowers pupils through an immensenetwork of committees and consultation groups, say the

    Inspectors. Parents also have a meaningful role through

    the parents consultative group, which offers an excellent

    sounding board to the School. They organise social

    events and share their individual strengths, expertise and

    networks to improve opportunities for pupils.

    Pupils take an active interest in the outside world and

    engage in a vast amount of charity work,locally, nationally and internationally. Theinternational dimension of the School is celebrated and the School has an approach that

    values the diverse needs of its pupils. Outstanding arrangements are made to assist those

    pupils whose first language is not English.

    Pupils enthuse about the number of international opportunities they canaccess, such as the International Baccalaureate Diploma, Felsted Model United NationsConference, links to international schools, expeditions to Namibia and Zululand, a drama

    tour to the United States of America, sports tours within Europe and wider afield, language

    exchanges and work experience opportunities.

    New pupils receive an exceptional introduction and great efforts aremade to consider the individual needs of the child. House induction sessions,the buddying system and sharing of rooms ensure pupils are integrated and warmly


    outstandingMaking a positivecontribution

  • Felsted has a strong commitment to offering boarders ahigh standard of accommodation.

    All houses are homely, clean and unique in character. Boarding housesprovide a range of sleeping accommodation, communal areas, laundry and kitchenettes, and

    there are more than the required number of showers and bathroom facilities. Individual

    rooms reflect the interests and taste of the boarders. There is a very substantial budget

    allocated for improving the quality of the boarders living environment with an ongoing

    phased programme of refurbishment.

    The Upper Sixth Boarding Houses have spacious individual rooms and fully equipped

    kitchens that provide a more mature environment, say Inspectors. Upper Sixth pupils also

    benefit from life skills programmes which enhance their independence andfurther prepare them for university life.Each house has its own identity and all provide a strong extended family atmosphere.

    Boarders comment very favourably on the accommodation. I love my boarding house and

    do not want to leave. Boarders said, it is not just about the fabric of the building but the heart of what is on the inside. House staff report that theylove working here. Boarders have a sense of loyalty to their houses and jovially describe

    their house as being the best.

    outstandingEconomic wellbeing

  • Proactive, strong, visionary leadership whichthrives on a cycle of continuous improvement.Leadership is reflected at every level, from the senior

    management team, with separate deputy head positions for both

    welfare and boarding, to House leadership and student

    leadership. This culture of shared leadership values the opinions

    of pupils, parents and staff.

    Staff demonstrate passion and genuinecommitment to their respective roles within acohesive family atmosphere.Felsted is a full member of the Round Square

    Conference of World Schools, one of only

    eight in the United Kingdom and 80 across

    the world. An extensive range of policies

    reflect an exceptional commitment to

    equality and diversity.

    Excellence and enthusiasm extendthroughout all areas of school.Pupils celebrate a range of cultural festivals and themed events. Although the School is

    primarily Christian, alternative religious provision can be made for boarders of other faiths.

    There is a zero tolerance to homophobia, racism and sexist attitudes. Consequently, pupils

    are able to express their individuality and maximise their potential.


  • The School works in aunited manner and isfocused on the future.Felsted is committed to a relentlesssearch for continued development.Although Ofsted has given no targetsfor improvement they were able togive some constructive direction. As aresult the School is refining itsoutstanding practice even further.

    In order to stay at the top, you have to aim beyond where you are.Dr Walker, Headmaster

    Felsted School, Felsted, Essex CM6 3LL 01371 822600www.felsted.org

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    Go to the parent area of www.felsted.orgto read the full 2011 Ofsted report on Felsted School.

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    Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Childrens Services and Skills, an independentorganisation who report directly to Parliament. The purpose of the inspection is to assurechildren and young people, parents, the public, local authorities and government of the qualityand standard of the service provided. The inspection was carried out under the Care StandardsAct 2000 and the report details the main strengths a