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    Commonwealth such as: Dug-out canoes Rafts Rickshaws Model dhows Horses or donkeys. Tents and huts vary from country tocountry. Make and compare theconstruction methods of: An Australian aboriginal shelter (a

    gunyah) A tree house A bushmans forest hut A grass shelter.Find out about the culture, music anddance of Commonwealth countries.These could include: The Maori Haka A Bollywood festival The culture and dance traditions of

    Sri Lankan Scouts.

    Explorer Scouts/Scout NetworkInternational Declaration ofHuman Rights

    Download a copy of the InternationalDeclaration of Human Rights. Usingthe list of 30 human rights, invite yourmembers to debate the subject If youhad to give up one of these rights, whichone would you give up and why? Fromprevious experience, this can get heated!

    Exchanges and linksYou might wish to explore the possibilityof developing a link with older Scouts inanother Commonwealth country, whichcould lead to an exchange programme.Explorer Scouts could visit Scouts inthat country, be hosted by Scoutingfamilies, join in local activities andperhaps attend the local school withtheir host Scout. The following year youwould then act as hosts to their Scouts.Such a scheme already exists betweenAustralia and some Counties in the UK.

    Not just for a day!

    Although we have been looking at waysof celebrating Commonwealth Dayitself, membership of the



    The Commonwealth is a voluntaryassociation of 54 membercountries and a further 24 states

    across the world. Half the population ofthe Commonwealth is under the age of25 and Scouting exists in everyCommonwealth country.

    The Commonwealth covers morethan 25 per cent of the worlds landsurface, and includes more than 1.7billion people 30 per cent of theworlds population. These are amazingfacts, considering that the associationhas no constitutional or executivefunction, but plays an important role inpromoting international understanding,racial harmony and world peace.

    Commonwealth Day

    Every year, on the second T u e s d a y inMarch, Commonwealth Day iscelebrated in every member country. Forsome it is also a public holiday. In theUK, there is a multi-faith service inWestminster Abbey, followed by areception at the Commonwealth Societyand a Commonwealth Day messagefrom the Queen, but regrettably it is nota public holiday!

    In the Make a Difference QueensGolden Jubilee pack sent to all Groupsin 2001, suggestions for celebratingCommonwealth Day included: Join with other local youth

    organisations to hold aCommonwealth Day carnival. Thiscould include making costumes,dances, music, art and craft work.

    Draw and display the flags ofCommonwealth countries.

    Arrange with local schools forMembers of the Movement andother youth organisations to weartheir uniforms to school for the day.

    During March, hold a series of

    Commonwealth impacts upon usthroughout our lives. How could weexplore this further, and where can we goto obtain further information?

    Town twinning linksThere are hundreds of town twinninglinks between the UK and countriesacross the world. Many of these are withCommonwealth countries. Check withyour local town hall or the localgovernment information bureau, whichmaintains a database of twinned townson its website.

    Commonwealth Institute The Commnwealth Institute in SouthKensington, London, arrangesexhibitions, maintains aCommonwealth Resources Centre, andpublishes some excellent resource packsfor young people. Visit their websiteat www.commonwealth.org.uk formore information.

    British Empire and CommonwealthMuseumThis new museum opened last year inTemple Meads, Bristol. Young visitorscan enjoy the interactive games, try oncostumes, sniff exotic spices and learnabout the history of the Commonwealth.Visit www.empiremuseum.co.uk formore information.

    Links with overseas BranchesThere are Branches of our Association inmany parts of the Commonwealth. Wewould like to strengthen Member-to-Member links between Areas andCounties in the UK and these Branches,to the mutual benefit of both sides.

    If you would like further details onthese Commonwealth links, pleasecontact the International Office atGilwell Park.

    Scouting resources Make a Difference

    The Make a Difference pack is full ofinformation, programme ideas andactivities, and lists of organisations andagencies that will supply you withresource materials. If you havent seenyour pack recently track it down, as it isfull of ideas for celebrating ourmembership of the Commonwealth.

    Making a difference

    There are a number of Scouting projectsin Commonwealth countries that yourGroup may wish to support by raisingmoney. These include: Nyeri Visitor Centre Leprosy Screening in India Street Scouts of Uganda Aids awareness in Malaysia.If you would like to help, choose theproject you want your money to go andcontact the International Office atGilwell Park for further information.

    Its our world!

    I believe that we have a responsibility toour Members in this country, and toScouts in every country in theCommonwealth, to work together tobuild an appreciation of theCommonwealth and its principles, andto strengthen the links betweenScouting in these countries.

    I hope these ideas and suggestionsinspire you to introduce your Group tothe many countries and culturesof the Commonwealth.

    Scouting linksHave you ever thought about organising a reggae night for your Pack? How aboutturning the next Network meeting into a Bollywood night? John Simmons hasgreat ideas to help make the Commonwealth a living experience for your Group

    international evenings based ondifferent Commonwealth countries.

    Contact Scouts in otherCommonwealth countries. Set uppen-pal links, exchange tapes andvideos, and use the internet.

    Collect and display coins, stamps,newspaper and magazine articles,postcards and travel brochures fromCommonwealth countries.

    What other ideas and activities can weuse in Scouting to make ourmembership of the Commonwealth areality for our Members?

    Beaver Scouts and Cub Scouts

    National DaysUsing the list of the National Days ofcountries in the Commonwealth in theMake a Difference pack, prepare activitiesthat could be used during the year tohighlight the various national days. Youcould use music (reggae, bagpipes,didgeridoo, clapping sticks, drums),art and craft (face painting, weaving, wallpainting, carving), sport (rugby,Australian rules football, stilt

    walking, spear throwing, ice hockey)or food.

    Commonwealth Kims GameUsing items found around the home,Members must identify two items fromeach country from a list you haveprepared. Items could include tea andcurry powder from India, wood carvingsand coffee from Kenya, pictures orsouvenirs of boomerangs and koalasfrom Australia, and maple syrup andmoccasins from Canada.

    Friends and familyFind out whether members of yourGroup, family or friends have links orconnections with a Commonwealthcountry. It could be from holiday visits,business links or family and friendsliving overseas. Ask whether they willcome and talk and perhaps help to set upa link with Scouts in that country.


    Experiment with various forms oftransport that can be found around the

    Meeting young people from different parts of the world is one of Scoutings main attractions