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    AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group

    Berkery Noyes

    Biltmore Technoligies Inc.

    Compass Healthcare Communications

    Criterium Inc.


    JUICE Pharma Advertising


    Medidata Solutions Worldwide

    Qi, part of CommonHealth

    SK&A Information Services Inc.

    Temel Inc.

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    AmerisourceBergenSpecialty Group

    AmerisourceBergen Corp.3101 Gaylord Pkwy.Frisco, TX 75034Phone: 866-408-3761absg.com

    The Specialty Pharmaceutical IndustrysEssential Business PartnerFor pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcareorganizations, physicians, and patients,AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group is an essentialbusiness partner. We lead the market in oncology,plasma-derivative, and biotech product distribution.Dozens of the largest and most respectedmanufacturers in the industry rely on us for servicessuch as outsourced logistics, reimbursementconsulting, compliance management, and strategicconsulting. We work with our partners to meet theirclinical and financial goals throughout the productlife cycle and in the process positively impactthousands of patient lives. For more information,contact us at marketing@absg.com.

    Berkery Noyes

    One Liberty PlazaNew York, NY 10006Phone: 212-668-3022berkerynoyes.com

    Talk With The AdvisorsWho Talk With The LeadersBerkery Noyes is among the leading independentinvestment banks providing mergers andacquisitions advisory, corporate finance, andfinancial consulting services to publicly held,privately owned, and investor-backed companies inthe global information content and relatedtechnology industry. Berkery Noyes representsclients in the education, publishing, business,legal/regulatory/ financial, healthcare, scientific-technical-medical, and IT sectors. The 40 investmentbanking professionals offer their clients a potentcombination of market knowledge, transactionexperience, and access to a global network ofinformation industry contacts.

    Biltmore Technologies Inc.

    530 W. Butler Ave.Chalfont, PA 18914Phone: 215-997-3783biltmoretech.com

    Maximize Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing EffectivenessBrought to you by Biltmore Technologies, MyVitalSignsRx is a powerful analytical reportingand querying application that increases youreffectiveness in guiding pharmaceutical sales andmarketing strategies and tactics. This Web-basedturnkey application uses a simple-to-use interfaceand is specifically designed to maximize theeffectiveness of sales and marketing executives,sales operations/market research functions, andfield sales teams who lack the staff and resourcesto support their own sales and marketing datawarehouse. For more information, visit biltmoretech.com.

    Compass HealthcareCommunications

    14 Nassau St.Princeton, NJ 08542Phone: 609-688-8440compasshc.com

    Compass: Marketers Who Know OnlineCompass Healthcare Communications is a leadingindependent, full-service online and relationshipmarketing agency exclusively supporting brands inthe healthcare industry. We are marketers first andforemost; the Internet is our medium of choice.We ensure our clients maximize the marketingpower of the Internet by designing, developing,and measuring integrated online and relationshipmarketing programs that engage, educate, andmotivate each audience segment from patientsand caregivers to healthcare professionals.

    Criterium Inc.

    358 BroadwaySte. 201Saratoga Springs, NY 12866Phone: 518-583-0095criteriuminc.com

    Criterium Get to Know Us!Criterium provides full-service, agile e-solutions forclients worldwide by selecting the best possiblemix of technologies and processes to completeaggressive deadlines. We have been the leader inreal-time data acquisition of patient diaries bydesigning interactive voice response (TeleDiary)applications since 1991. All real-time data,including IVR, FAX, and Web-enabled forms areintegrated into a unified database via Study-Control, our proprietary software that organizes,edits, manages, and reports clinical-study data.StudyControl presents clients with real-time datavia a secure Internet portal. Get to Know Us andlearn how our expertise can benefit you!


    100 Walnut Ave.Clark, NJ 07066Phone: 908-654-4440healthed.com

    HealthEd Educating Patients,Building BrandsHealthEd is a different kind of marketing agency.We specialize in patient education, supporting theindividual needs of patients, their families, and thetreatment teams who care for them. This focus onthe whole patient is our passion and our strength.Every day, our work is used to help people livingwith illness learn how to cope, to communicatetheir needs, and to participate in their own care.Our collaborative approach with patients andhealthcare professionals, expertise in healthliteracy, and powerful design services allow us todevelop programs that motivate people to changehow they think and act. And those actions driveour clients businesses.




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    JUICE Pharma Advertising

    322 8th Ave.10th Fl.New York, NY 10001Phone: 212-647-1595juicepharma.com

    Connect to the New Breed AgencyJUICE incorporates the latest waves of emergingtechnologies for multiple channel marketing thatextends beyond print advertising, direct mail, andsales materials to the Web, e-strategies, and tabletPC selling platforms.

    KinectCorbett Accel Healthcare Group

    211 E. Chicago Ave.Chicago, IL 60611Phone: 312-475-2607kinect.com

    Leaders in Pharmaceutical Interactive andE-Marketing SolutionsKinect is the pharmaceutical e-marketing anddigital communications agency within the CorbettAccel Healthcare Group, a subsidiary of OmnicomGroup Inc. We have full-service offices in Chicagoand New York each led by some of theindustrys most experienced talent. For our clients,we develop strategy, innovative digital solutions, e-media plans, and compelling creative to deliverengaging, behavior-changing digital brandexperiences throughout a brands lifecycle. TheseMarketMoving e-solutions can target HCPs,patients, and/or consumers.

    Medidata SolutionsWorldwide

    79 Fifth Ave.8th Fl.New York, NY 10003Phone: 212-918-1847mdsol.com

    Technology for a Healthy WorldMedidata Rave provides industry-leading userexperience and functionality for electronic datacapture, management, and reporting of clinicalresearch data. The flexible design inherent inMedidata Raves state-of-the-art clinical servicesplatform can meet the requirements of anyorganizations clinical processes and the uniqueaspects of individual clinical trials. Built on a scalablearchitecture, Medidata Rave is cost effective,whether handling a single clinical trial or a globalimplementation.

    QiPart of CommonHealth

    430 Interpace Pkwy.Parsippany, NJ 07054Phone: 973-352-1400commonhealth.com/qi

    Interactive Website and Multimedia DevelopmentQi, part of CommonHealth, is a full-service digitalhealthcare and technology agency that providesresearch-driven insights, strategic planning, andtactical solutions. Interactive solutions, poweredby Qi (pronounced key), help our clients drivebrand performance through electronic media,including Web, CD-ROM, kiosks, DVDs, andcustom applications. Our work targets healthcareprofessionals, consumers, and caregivers. Needexcellent tools for sales, marketing, or marketresearch? Weve got the Qi.

    SK&A InformationServices Inc.

    2601 Main St.Ste. 650Irvine, CA 92614Phone: 800-752-5478skainfo.com

    Setting the Standard for Data QualitySK&A is a leading provider of healthcareinformation solutions and databases. For your e-campaigns, we offer email addresses for350,000 physicians, 80,000 pharmacists, and172,000 hospital decision makers. Our informationsupports client initiatives for pharmaceuticalmarketing, continuing medical education, managedhealthcare, medical devices, publishing, recruitingand more. SK&As proprietary databases aretelephone-verified twice a year, setting theindustry standard for quality and reliability.

    Temel Inc.A division of Adverb Media

    716 Main St.Boonton, NJ 07751Phone: 973-335-6298temel.com

    Providing Strategic E-Marketing Solutions for HealthcareTemel is a full-service interactive agency, providingsolutions to the healthcare and pharmaceuticalindustries. Temel integrates technical and creative skill-sets to change the way our pharmaceutical andhealthcare clients market their products online. Temelsinteractive experience can help support clients business goals, marketing strategies, and the uniquevalue of their brands. Temels unique approach helps toensure consistency with creative execution, technicaldevelopment, data collection and reporting, among others. Temel is one company that supports all of youre-marketing needs.



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