feasible small-scale anaerobic digestion – case study of eucolino digestion system

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Proceedings available at: http://www.extension.org/67722 While large-scale farms have typically been the focus of anaerobic digestion systems in the U.S., an emerging need has been identified to serve smaller farms with between 50 and 500 head of cattle. Implementing such a small, standardized, all-in-one system for these small farm applications has been developed. Small-scale digesters open the playing field for on-farm sustainability and waste management.


  • 1. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide1BIOFerm Energy SystemsWaste-to-WorthAmber BlytheApril 24, 2013

2. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide2BIOFermTM Energy Systems Supplier of anaerobic digestionplants for most types of organicmaterials Leading supplier of dry and wetfermentation systems in NorthAmerica BIOFerm Energy Systems is awholly owned subsidiary ofViessmann Group BIOFermTM USA, Inc, dbaBIOFermTM Energy System wasfounded in 2007 in Madison, WI 3. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide3BIOFermTM Energy Systems Project conception Feasibility study Feedstock characterization and testing Permitting support Plant design and construction Start-up, commissioning, and trainingservices Performance guarantee Remote plant monitoring After sales support 4. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide4BranchesDistribution partners19172.49 6005524Billion dollars ViessmannGroup turnover in 2011Company foundation of theViessmann family enterpriseEmployed workforce todayPercent of the turnoverderived from export activitiesProduction companies in11 countries74120 Branchesworld-wideCountries with sale activitiesand distribution partnersThe CompanyKey Facts 5. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide5Based on the specific demands of our international markets, we offer individual systemsolutions for every area of applications; for both heating and air conditioning technology.Comprehensive Product Range1.5 kW 116.000 kW1,5 kW 20.000 kWSystems EngineeringBroad Distribution 6. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide6Offering AD Systems for Most Organic MaterialsSolid Waste ProductsE.g. municipal organic waste,manure on StrawLiquid Wastee.g. liquid manureEnergy Cropse.g. corn and grass silageMixed Wastese.g. liquid manure and energy cropLiquid Wastee.g. liquid manureMixed Wastese.g. liquid manure and energy crop 7. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide7Dairy Industry Overview Wisconsin Dairy industry contributesover $26 billion per yearto the state! 1,262,000 dairy cows inWI Average dairy cowgenerates over$20,000/year in economicactivity 8. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide8Wisconsin Dairy Farm Size Overview 9. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide9Dairy Industry Size Overview 10. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide10CONFIDENTIALCurrent On-Farm Systems 176 Operating AnaerobicDigesters Manure Management Wet System Designed for 1000+head Typical Wisconsin Farm 100head EUCOlino 11. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide11Opportunity for Small Dairy Farms 3 of the top 5 Dairy states have an average herd size of~100 head : WI, NY, PA Most digester solutions are designed for larger farms Opportunity to tailor solution for the thousands of small tomedium sized dairy farms Possible to co-digest manure with energy crops such ascorn silage Opportunity for multiple dairies to collaborate oncommunity digester 12. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide12Biogas Plants for Small Farms: EUCOlino Pre-fabricated compact system Small system for on farmapplication Mixed substrate input ofmanure and renewablebiomass, e.g. corn silage Multiple sizes available forfarm sizes of 30 to 1000 headof cow and renewable biomassfrom 2.5 to 65 acres 13. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide13EUCOlino Containerized Digester Containerized all-in-one unit Complete mix plug flow design Designed to run at 17% solidscontent Modeled after existing EUCOdesign, implemented over 100times since 1995 in Germany 14. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide14CONFIDENTIALEUCOlinoOrigins and Overview Designed for operations with a limited amount of biomass Small scale farms Municipalities with limit organics Scaled down version of the plug-flow digester EUCO Easily integrated into already-established operations The first installed was at the Schmack headquarters in Schwandorf 15. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide15CONFIDENTIALThe Schmack SystemEUCOlino 16. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide16CONFIDENTIALEUCOlino 55 kW ConfigurationConfiguration of ComponentsCHP Digester 97mDigester 150m 17. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide17CONFIDENTIALEUCOlino PhotosInterior of EUCOlino 18. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide18CONFIDENTIALExtra Options Available Gas storage bag on top of container Solids separation (if running on only manure, or mostly manure) Solids feeder hopper style for corn silage, etc. CALIX receiving pit SULA end storage 19. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide1955 kW Example Possible feedstock for 55 kW unit 100 cows*21.18 tons = 2118 tonsmanure 44 acres corn*55 tons/acre = 2420 tonscorn silage Total mass = 4538 tons Run a 55 kW unit 20. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide20Benefits of EUCOlino Manure treatment/reduction Green energy generation Offset energy usage on farm, possiblysell additional electricity generated Heating of barns, nearby homes Use of solids as bedding material 21. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide21Next Steps for AD in WisconsinBring 1-2 EUCOlino Units to Wisconsin Prototypes brought from Europe Business model established Funding support is neededManufacture EUCOlino in Wisconsin Stimulate local economy Produce homegrown energy in fossil fuel deficient state Create jobs for Wisconsin citizens facing >7% unemployment rate Potentially applicable at thousands of dairies throughout the state Built in product for small dairies Leasing options 22. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide22Job Impact in WisconsinPositive economic impact through job creation Biologists and lab support Engineers Construction workers Manufacturing personnel Specialized workers for O&M of digesters 23. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide23CONFIDENTIALUWO and BIOFerm Relationship Sustainable Campus Sustainable Project Research and LearningOpportunity BioDigester 1 @ The Universityof Wisconsin-Oshkosh BioDigester 2 @ Largest Diaryin Wisconsin EUCOlino Installation ERIC Lab 24. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide24CONFIDENTIALAllen Farms Involvement Originally a feedstock providefor BD1 Rush Allen involvement in BD1 2,000 tons of bedding materialand Manure 8,155,000 SCF of biogas 500,000 kWh of electric powerper year 2,690 MMBTU of thermalpower per year 25. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide25CONFIDENTIALTechnology challengesConcerns from Client Extra Maintenance and Work Does it actually add value to the farm 26. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide26CONFIDENTIALTechnology challenges Converting/ Adapting design to USMarket Permitting Certifications Detaching CHP/ technical container Sourcing equivalent equipment 27. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide27THANK YOU! BIOFermTM Energy Systems 2013 28. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide28ContactBIOFermTM Energy Systems617 N. Segoe Road, Ste 202PO Box 5408Madison, WI 53705Tel. (608) 467-5523www.biofermenergy.cominfo@biofermenergy.com 29. UniversityofWisconsinatOshkoshViessmannGroup05/11/2012Slide29Copyright BIOFermTM Energy Systems 2013.All materials in this presentation are the property ofBIOFermTM unless otherwise specified. Without BIOFermTMEnergy Systems prior written permission, you may not copy,modify, display, or prepare derivative works based upon thematerials in this presentation. The BIOFermTM logo, and othertrademarks are registered trademarks of BIOFermTM. OtherBIOFermTM graphics, logos, page headers, button icons, andscripts are trademarks or trade dress of BIOFermTM. Otherbrand and product names mentioned herein may beregistered or unregistered trademarks of their respectiveowners and are annotated.


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