FCE power plant in Earth Day dedication at Montana clinic

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  • Fuel Cells Bulletin June 2006



    Weve had strong feedback from customers namely the energy companies that fieldtrials are an important step in understandingour customers needs and gaining experiencein actually integrating fuel cell units into anelectricity network, explains Dow. He addsthat these trials allow the company to feedback its findings into product development,which will ultimately lead to more efficientand reliable fuel cell units.

    Two demonstration units were dispatched toEWE last December, and installed and commis-sioned at the utilitys headquarters in Oldenburg,Germany in January, after receiving CE approval[FCB, January]. A unit was delivered to Powercoin New Zealand in June 2005, and is installedat Industrial Research Ltd in Wellington. A sec-ond unit is due to be delivered to a Powercopartner in Tasmania, once the partner has com-pleted site works [FCB, November 2005].

    Meanwhile, szencorp has installed a demon-stration unit in its ground-breaking energy-efficient commercial office building at 40Albert Road in South Melbourne. The unitwas installed late last year and commissionedin January [FCB, January].

    In addition, one unit was installed at Energyand Telecommunications Training Australia(ETTA)s premises in Chadstone, Melbourne inAugust 2005, before being moved into the szen-corp site. CFCL has had discussions with ETTAabout installing a NetGen unit at the latters sitelater this year.

    Contact: Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd, Noble Park(Melbourne), Victoria, Australia. Tel: +61 3 9554 2300,www.cfcl.com.au

    Third fuel cell submarinehanded to German navy

    The worlds newest fuel cell pow-ered submarine has been deliveredto the German Office for DefenceTechnology and Procurement (BWB) byHowaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft (HDW)in Kiel, according to a report in LloydsList. The U33 is the third of a series offour Class 212A submarines for theGerman navy built by HDW in Kiel andNordseewerke in Emden, now bothpart of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems.

    The new submarine class is characterized byan air-independent propulsion system using ahydrogen PEM fuel cell power plant to produceelectrical energy from oxygen and hydrogenstored in tanks in the vessels hull. The use offuel cell technology will allow the submarine tocruise underwater for weeks without surfacing,

    whereas submarines powered by the traditionaldiesel-electric engine have to recharge their bat-teries on the surface every two days.

    Together with the extremely favorable noiseand heat signatures and the boats detection andweapon systems, the fuel cell plant makes the56 m long, 1450 tonnes displacement submarinevirtually undetectable.

    The U33 will be commissioned in June. Thefirst boats, U31 and U32, were delivered lastSeptember, and commissioned at the submarinebase in Eckernfrde in October. Delivery of thelast in the series for the German navy, the U34,is scheduled for the end of this year.

    HDW has also received several export ordersfor similar submarines for the Greek andKorean navies, while two further subs are beingbuilt at Fincantieri for the Italian navy [FCB,November 2004].

    Contact: Dr Jrgen Rohweder, ThyssenKrupp MarineSystems, Hamburg, Germany. Tel: +49 40 1800 1308,Email: Juergen.Rohweder@thyssenkrupp.com,www.thyssenkrupp-marinesystems.com

    FCE power plant inEarth Day dedication atMontana clinic

    Connecticut-based FuelCell Energymarked Earth Day 2006 on 22 Aprilwith the dedication of a highly effi-cient Direct FuelCell/Turbine at theBillings Clinic in Montana. In February,FCE announced that this DFC/T powerplant achieved a 56% electrical effi-ciency a record-setting performancein a sub-MW class for more than 800continuous hours during initial testingat its Danbury facility.

    FCE has been developing the DFC/T prod-uct following an initial Vision 21 Program con-tract award from the Department of Energy in2000. The DFC/T system integrates FCEs250 kWe Direct FuelCell power plant with a60 kWe microturbine from Capstone TurbineCorporation. Heat generated by the fuel cell isused to drive the modified microturbine to gen-erate additional electricity. The supplementalmicroturbine power increases the electrical effi-ciency and reduces the cost of power generated,without the use of additional fuel. The com-bined-cycle DFC/T system has no combustion,which allows for ultra-clean performance.

    This fuel cell power plant will help reduce ener-gy costs for the clinic, which, like other businesses,has seen a stiff increase in heating and power costsin the past five years, comments Jim Duncan,

    director of development & community affairs forthe Billings Clinic. We really have to tackle costcontainment from every possible angle, whether itis medical liability insurance or energy efficiency.

    Contact: FuelCell Energy Inc, Danbury, Connecticut,USA. Tel: +1 203 825 6000, www.fce.com

    Freudenberg-NOK buysFuelCon fuel cell teststations

    The Michigan-based automotivesealing giant Freudenberg-NOK hasrecently purchased two fuel cell teststations from FuelCon Systems Inc inVancouver, BC to support its ongoingfuel cell development program.

    The new stations enable Freudenberg-NOKto perform completely automated full frequen-cy scans at its $30m Technical Concept Centerin Plymouth, which it claims is the most exten-sive supplier-operated sealing and noise &vibration testing facility in North America. Thehighly sophisticated single-cell PEM fuel celltest stations will enhance the suppliers efficien-cy, capability and accuracy in the developmentof fuel cell sealing technology.

    Freudenberg-NOK has played an instrumen-tal role in helping drive product and processdevelopment technologies that will aid fuel cellsin becoming integrated into more markets,comments Theodore G. Duclos, VP of opera-tions and technology for Freudenberg-NOKGeneral Partnership. Our expertise as a tech-nology specialist in sealing, materials andprocesses has enabled us to become a preferreddevelopment partner for fuel cell technology.

    For more than 10 years, Freudenberg-NOKand its global partners have been driving theadvancement of fuel cell technology for variousapplications and markets by continuing to investin a number of R&D projects related to thetechnology. It has worked with several companieson a variety of projects, including the develop-ment of multiple highly engineered sealing solu-tions, which are customized to best fit each oftheir customers fuel cell stack characteristics.

    Founded in 1989, Freudenberg-NOKGeneral Partnership is a joint venture betweenFreudenberg & Co in Germany and NOKCorporation of Japan.

    Contact: Freudenberg-NOK General Partnership,Plymouth, Michigan, USA. Tel: +1 734 451 0020,www.freudenberg-nok.com

    Or contact: FuelCon Systems Inc, Vancouver, BC,Canada. Tel: +1 604 696 1290, www.fuelcon.com

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