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<ul><li> 1. FCAT 2.0READING WORKSHOPFOR PARENTSPresented by: Spanish Lake Elementary</li></ul> <p> 2. Types of Text on FCAT 2.0 3. FCATVocabulary 4. FCATVocabulary 5. SAMPLE FCAT TASK CARDS:5 6. Category Percentages 7. Now its your turn! Read the sample passage and tryto answer the questions. 8. Sample Passage 9. Sample Passagequestions 10. Everyday Reading Opportunities: Cereal Box Newspaper Fast food paper bag Phonebook Addressed &amp; stamped envelope Recipe or easy mix boxes Waiting room magazine with educational emphasis Card or board game Book in Spanish Street signs &amp; billboards 11. Helpful Websites: 12. Section 1008.25 Florida Statute A student may be promoted to grade 4 if the studentdemonstrates mastery in one of several ways: FCAT (Level 2 or above) Grade 3 student portfolio Another standardized test that is approved bythe Florida Department of Education </p>


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