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  • Faubion Elementary School Ms.ONealsoneal2@pps.net Kindergarten- Room 3

  • Facts about FaubionFaubion is a Title One SchoolPK-8 ProgramTitle 1 Reading SpecialistSchool Wide Free Lunch ProgramWell-Stocked LibrarySwing Site for 2 YearsOnce a month we have a Wednesday late opening

  • What makes Kindergarten Specials (10 minutes of brain break during the morning schedule and ten minutes of brain break during the afternoon schedule)Grab & Go BreakfastCELB SciencePE twice a weekDaily Healthy SnackMusicFluorideVisual ArtConcordia MandarinHealthy SnackSMARTSUN Program

  • Classroom Expectations:How I Manage Myself Bulldog Leaders

  • Language Arts/Math What are the Common Core State Standards ?Aligned with college and work expectationsFocused and coherentIncludes rigorous content and application of knowledge through higher-order thinking and reasoning skillsIntentionally benchmarked so all students are prepared to succeed in our global economy and societyStudents reading, writing, and speaking skills are grounded in evidence and research

  • What are CCSS?The goal of the CCS is to help all students become college- and career-ready by the time they leave high school.The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English language arts and mathematics are content standards shared among participating states. They are designed to help ensure that all students are college and career ready in literacy and mathematics no later than the end of high school. Developed as part of the Common Core State Standards initiative, a voluntary state-led effort, this common set of standards describes what students in our nation should know and be able to do. Parents, teachers, school administrators, and experts from across the country, together with state leaders through their membership in the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center), led the effort to develop the standard.

  • What are CCSS?Preparing Oregon Students : When Oregon adopted the Common Core in October 2010, our state joined other states in the pursuit of a common, standards based education for our students, kindergarten through high school. Common standards can increase the likelihood that all students, no matter where they live, are prepared for success in college and the work place. Because skillful reading, writing, language use, and speaking and listening are similar across the states, common standards make sense. They make possible common assessments, common achievement goals for grade level groups, and efficiencies of scale for instructional and professional development materials. Common standards mean that students in Oregon are learning the same thing as students across the country. Students moving into or out of Oregon will have a smoother educational transition because learning goals will now be the same across states. Every student will be introduced to the core standards using I can kid friendly statements. This will help students get a clear understanding of what they are learning, etc. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5s0rRk9sER0&safe=active

  • Scott Foresman leveled readers, oral language building skills, vocabulary, etc.Scott Foresman/ Reading Street. Small group plan for differentiated instruction: on level, strategic intervention and advance.Skills overview: oral language, phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling, and introduces high frequency words. Reading covers: comprehension,, vocabulary and fluency.Language Arts: writing, grammar, speaking, and listening.Independent learning activities.The program also integrates: science and social studies standards.Supplemental: Horizons (supplemental), ERI Early reading intervention for beginning readers, Reading A-Z, RAZ Kids

  • Assessments and Small Groups: Reading, Writing and MathStudents are assessed formally (Reading: DIBELS, Portland Public Schools K-2 Literacy Assessment and informally through one-on-one conversations, group participation classroom work, etc..Math: Bridges math assessment, Faubion Grade Level AssessmentReading groups are formed by ability level after assessments are completed.Students are monitored and assessed during the year.

  • Writing

    Student WritingPortland Public School Grade Level WritingOther Resources that support the writing curriculum

  • Scott Foresman: Language Arts/Social Studies/ScienceKindergarten Themes: Integrated Science Standards from Scott Foresman

    Unit 1: All Together Now- How do we live, work and play together?

    Unit 2: Animals Live Here- Where do animals live?

    Unit 3: Watch Me Change How do people, plants, and animals grow and change?

    Unit 4: Lets Explore Where will adventures take us?

    Unit 5: Going Places- How do people get from here to there?

    Unit 6: Building Our Homes- How do homes help us survive and enjoy life?

  • MathBridgesNumber CornerChoice Time Math Activities Supplemental Math Activities

  • Exploration Learning Centers

  • Exploration Learning Centers

  • Home/School Activitiesand Parent InvolvementAssignments will cover what has been taught and learned at school. Assignments are created so that students dont have to depend on an adult to sit with them for long hours. The goal for each child is to be able to independently practice without getting overwhelmed. NO PRESSURE PLEASE! Ability needs will be addressed. (differentiation)Please stay actively involved with your childs progress.Working together as a team results in students success.Kindergarten: Practice pages for each unit will be sent home at the beginning of each unit. Limit your child to only one assignment per day.My turn, your turn

  • SpecialsIntegrated Arts- Friday

    P.E.-Wednesday and Friday

    Counseling - Thursdays (Q3) Library Fridays Mandarin-Fridays

  • Thank you EVERYONE. Your support is greatly appreciated!soneal2@pps.net