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<p>SOUVENIRSILVASSAFR. AGNELO ENGLISH SCHOOL FR. AGNELO ENGLISH SCHOOL2009-2010REFLECTIONSPRAISED BE GODGrowing up is a process a march towards the realization of the objectives of life. If lifeisconsideredtobeabook,thenmemoriesarepreciousillustrationsinit. Memories of school days are the most valuable not simply because of its ephemera in reality but also due to the fact that it remains forever etched within us as an intrinsic partoflife.Precisely,thisiswhatwehaveattemptedinthiseditionof 'REFLECTIONS' to receive memories not only of Std. XII students, but also of you and me. Can it be denied that we also travelled the vista of nostalgia may be in varied degrees at one or other point of our life time? 'REFLECTIONS' is a tiny step forward to rewind all of us back to our long lost school days through various articles, poems and experiences of our very own students. The term 'end' or 'over' is relative nothingeverendsinthetruesenseoftheterm.Justasasunsetbringssunrise similarly, one ending ushers a new beginning. It is thus the beginning of a new life for ourbelovedstudents,astheycrossthethresholdofourschooltoundertakethe challenges of a new world awaiting them. Hence, on this auspicious day, let us bid them the farewell with an ardent wish, that these saplings lovingly nurtured by us not so long ago, may become a shady tree in distant future. Let us not make this day a day of tears, but fill it up with prayers A prayer for our dear students to become 'Avant garde' of the modern world awaiting them.EDITORIAL TEAMREFLECTIONS..: EDITORIAL :..Published byEditorSub EditorsDesignerSpecial Gratitude to :::::Fr. Agnelo English School, SilvassaMr. Mario MenezesTr. Suchismita, Mr. DharmeshMr. DharmeshAll those who made this Venture a SuccessREFLECTIONSFR. AGNELO ENGLISH SCHOOLCHAIRMANS ADDRESSEducationtodaydemandscommitmentand creativity. Commitment is one quality that Christian schools led by the witness of the Principal are known for. Dedication for others has been our ethos and I canhumblysaythattheSocietyofPilarhasbeen doingthisforsomanydecadesinSilvassa.I appreciate the Manager, Fr. Angelino Vaz and the Principal, Fr. Diogo Gama for being shining beacons of this spirit in Silvassa today.Education has also to keep abreast of the times. The pioneering spirit of the Pilar priest demands that our schools keep abreast of the times. The child as the 'Image of God' is enabled to realize this in all aspects-intellectual, physical and emotional in our schools. This holistic look ateducation,buildingonwhatGodhasinnatelyputinusforthe greatergoodofthewholecommunityformstheethosofthePilar school. I feel genuinely happy that Fr. Agnelo School is striving on this path. This magazine is one attempt towards realising our goal.I wish the staff and the students all the best in all your endeavours and I thank you on behalf of the Society of Pilar for making this school the shining star of Silvassa.May God Bless You.Yours in the Lord,Fr. Sebastiao Mascarenhas sfxProvincial Superior / Chairman G.E.S.2REFLECTIONSFR. AGNELO ENGLISH SCHOOLMANAGERS MESSAGEMy dear students of std. XII Science &amp; Commerce, I amremindedofastoryofachildwhowastoldto place together the pieces of a jumbo jigsaw puzzle of a world map. However much this child tried, he could notsucceed. Thensomeonegavethechildaclue and said, Look at the other side of the pieces of the jigsaw and you will find the picture of a man. Try first to put together the man in the jigsaw.' The child did as he was told and then with ease, he could complete the jigsawoftheman.Thepictureofanattractiveandsmilingman appeared. And true enough, when the child turned the jigsaw over, he saw the world map in a perfect order.Thisstorytellsusthatifamanisatpeacewithhimselfandhis neighbours, there will be Peace &amp; Harmony all over the world. As you march ahead to new horizons, may you strive to create a world filled with Peace and Harmony. My best wishes to each of you. Do your best and God will do the rest.Fr. Angelino VazsfxManager(Fr.Agnelo English School, Silvassa)REFLECTIONSFR. AGNELO ENGLISH SCHOOLFROM PRINCIPALS DESKDear Students,Thesefewlineswillenableyoutoreflectand continue your lifes journey. A few years ago a song called, One day at a time sweet Jesus made the top twenty. This song indicates a simple suggestion that we need to find way to live one day at a time.To leave the old with a burst of song, to recall the right and forgive the wrong;To forget the thing that binds us fast, to the vain regrets of the year thats past;To dare go forth with a purpose true, to the unknown task of the year thats new;To help your brothers or sisters along the road, to ease his/her work and lift his/her load;To add your gifts to the worlds cheer is to have and to give a good start to a new life.Today, as you have reached the final stage of your schooling and of the number of years that you have spent in the school, surely you must have had rich experiences along your lifes journey. When you reflect on your lifes journey, the basic principles and the noble values like Truthfulness,Sincerity,Justice,Obedience,Respect,Equality, Non-violence, Love and Compassion that were taught to you in the schoolbeaguidingforceonyourroadtomaturityandtocontinue ahead in life.I wish you a great success in future endeavour.May God bless you.Fr. Diogo GamaPrincipal(Fr. Agnelo English School, Silvassa)sfx4REFLECTIONSFR. AGNELO ENGLISH SCHOOL..: MESSAGES FROM CLASS TEACHERS :..REFLECTIONSFR. AGNELO ENGLISH SCHOOLEducation means not only rote learning but targeting as useful future citizens of motherland.AsaclassteacheroftheseniormostclassofFr.AgneloEnglish School, I feel elated to pendown a few words for you all in the form of advice as well as a plethora of blessings.Myexperiencewithyouallwillholdaspecialplaceinmyheart throughout my life. In your fourteen years of schooling, you must have come across a multitude of experiences. Use your positive experiences to motivate yourself in times of trouble. Try to learn from your negative experiences. The theoretical knowledge which you have acquired from the school, will help you in more ways than one but always try to put them into practice. Never forget the good values that the school has always tried to inculcate in you. Be disciplined and punctual in whatever you do and work hard to see your dreams fulfilled. As for me, I will never forget the co-operation that you had rendered me whenever required. As a class, you will always hold a special place in my heart as disciplined, sincere and hardworking. I will be very happy to see you successful in your future life. All our blessings will be forever with you. Lastly, best wishes for your forthcoming board exams. We hope that you will bring up the name of Fr. Agnelo School and become Agnelite's Pride!-/ Tr. Anitha R. [ Class Teacher : XII Science ] Remember those who win are those who believe they canAzim Premji(Wipro C.M) (Excerpts form My Lessons in life)We must always begin with our strengths that can give us the energy to correct our weakness (e.g. Appearing for an exam, Going for competition) A Rupee earned is of far more value than five found. Nothing gives as much satisfaction as earning the rewards.Noonescoresacenturyeverytime.Lifehaschallenges. Youwin some and lose some. You must enjoy winning and if you do encounter failure along the way, treat it as an equally natural phenomenon.Oneshouldnevergiveupinthefaceofadversity.Itcomesonyousuddenlywithout warning. Always keep in mind that it is only the test of fire that makes fine steel.-/ Sir. Bijoy Purohit[ XII Commerce ]If you give a man a fish, he will eat once,If you teach a man to fish, he will eat for the rest of his life.If you are thinking a year ahead, sow seed,If you are thinking ten years ahead, plant a tree.If you are thinking one hundred years ahead, educate the people,By sowing seed, you will harvest much.By planting a tree, you will harvest tenfold,By educating the people, you will harvest one hundredfold.-/ Kuantzu..: EDUCATION FOR LIFE :..Your bright future is awaiting 'You'. Let your brightness be showered everywhere to become the spirit of Agnelite. All the best for your forthcoming exam.Tr. Shashikala PillaiEnjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize that they were the big things. Tr. YolandaThere are two ways of spreading light be a candle or a mirror.Tr. Jyoti NoronhaTime won't come according to us; we have to go according to time. So utilize the time and take a right decision. Once if you step into wrong side, you cannot come back from there. So make your own decision in a right way and have a safe journey in your life.All The Best'&amp;'Keep Smiling Forever'Michael Joseph..: MESSAGES AND WISHES :..6REFLECTIONSFR. AGNELO ENGLISH SCHOOL1. Don't let your parents down. They brought you up.2. Stop and think before you drink.3. Ditch dirty thoughts fast, or they will ditch you.4. Showoff driving is juvenile. Don't do it; act your age.5. Be smart, obey. You'll give orders yourself some day.6. Choose your friends carefully. You are what they are.7. Choose a date fit for a mate.8. Don't go steady unless you're ready.9. Pray regularly. God gives you a week; give him back an hour.10. Live carefully. The soul you save may be your own.- Gems of Thought..: TEN DIRECTIVES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE :..The ABC of HappinessI would like to convey a message to you all that - Life is very precious and beautiful. Donotwasteit.Ratherdosomethinguniquesothateveryonewillfollowyour footsteps.My heartiest wishes to you for your success in life. May you all shine in the world like a bright star. May God bless you to fulfill your dreams. With lots of best wishes.Tr. Savera GuptaMay the stars carry your sadness away,May the flowers fill your heart with beauty,May hope forever wipe away your tears,And above all, may silence make you strong.Mr. Michael MultaniLife has no smooth road for any of us;And in the bracing atmosphere of a high aim,The very roughness stimulates the climber to steadier steps.Mrs. Maria Machado..: MESSAGES AND WISHES :..REFLECTIONSFR. AGNELO ENGLISH SCHOOLYou have lighted me and now you gaze into my flame. You enjoy the warmth and brightnessthatIspread.I'mhappytobeusefulandtoburnforyourpleasure. Otherwise, I would just be lying idle in some box on a shelf. I only have a meaning a fulfillment, while I am burning, although I know very well that the longer I burn, the shorter I become and the nearer I get to the end of life. And when it is all over, I know that you will say, 'The candle is burnt out.I know I have a choice of staying in a box and remaining unseen, untouched and useless. Or I can burn myself out by giving light and warmthand hasten my own death by doing so. But I find that giving is more beautiful and meaningful.We humans are like that candle. Either we keep boxed up and remain cold and empty, or we mix with people and share our warmth and love, and then give our lives a meaning.As the Baroness de Hueck once put it:A bell is no bell till you ring itA song is no song till you sing itThe love in your heart will not put there to stay:Love is not love till you give it away...: A LIGHTED CANDLE SAYS THIS TO US :..Recipe for a good rankTake a large quantity of interest.Let it boil within gently. Pour it in a basin of hard work.Add a full measure of gratitude for your teachers.Mix it well with a tablespoon of intelligence.Flavour it with essence of thoughtfulnessAnd fill it with awareness Drain off all the particles of laziness or negligenceLet the whole be sowed with confidence.Mrs. Smita AcharyaGive a lot of time to the improvement of yourself, then there is no time to criticise others.8REFLECTIONSFR. AGNELO ENGLISH SCHOOLToday is in the full bloom of life,The petals of yesterday have shriveled into the past.Tomorrow is an unopened bud.Today is a gorgeous blossom of beauty and fragrance.It is yoursfor today.Today is a new page in the book of life.It awaits your pen.Yesterday is a page turnedYou cannot add a line to it, nor erase a word from it.Today is a bow with an arrow on its string ready to be shot.Yesterday is an arrow that has been shot and is gone.Tomorrow is your target for which you are aiming today.Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is unknown.But today, today is yours:A treasure house of golden opportunities,A sea of depthless possibilities,A forest of budding prospects.Today is the first clear note of your song of life.Today is the first day of the rest of your life.-/ Gems of Thought ..: YESTERDAY, TODAY, TOMORROW :..If you want to advance in life, make sure that yourWANTS dont advanceREFLECTIONSFR. AGNELO ENGLISH SCHOOLDontgettheideathatyouareAtlas,carryingtheworldonyour shoulder.Theworldwouldgoonevenwithoutyou.Donttake yourself so seriously.Tell yourself that you like your work. Then it will become a pleasure, not drudgery. Perhaps you do not need to change your job. Change yourself, and your work will seem different.Plan your work work your plan. Lack of system produces that Im swamped feeling.Donttrytodoeverythingatonce.Thatiswhytimeisspreadout. Operate on that wise advice from the Bible, This one thing I do.Get a correct mental attitude. Think a job is hard, and you will make it hard. Think it is easy, and it will tend to become so.Become an expert in your work. It is always easier to do a thing right.Practice being relaxed. Easy always does it. Dont press or strain.Donotputoffuntiltomorrowwhatyoucandotoday.Itonlymakes tomorrows job harder. It piles up on you. Keep your work on schedule.At the start of every day, pray about your work. You will get some of your best ideas that way.Take along your unseen Partner. It is surprising the load he will take off you. God is as much at home in offices and shops as in holy Places. He knows more about your business than you do.-/ Gems of Thought..: GUIDING THOUGHTS FOR THE YOUTH :..First:Second:Third:Fourth:Fifth:Sixth:Seventh:Eighth:Ninth:Calmness and tolerance act like air-conditioning in a room; they increase mans efficiency.If there is no filament in a bulb, there is no light; If God is not in your life there is no life10REFLECTIONSFR. AGNELO ENGLISH SCHOOLGoing down my memory lane, the best experience of my school life was the day my name was announced as the 'Head Girl'. If you believe You Can, You Can,If you think you are beaten, you are.But sooner or later the man who wins, Is the one who thinks he can...Keeping this in mind, I enrolled my name for the head girl's nomination and finally I WON!!! In my mind then I prayed 'Oh God!! Give me strength so that I can stand up to the expectations of everyone.This post gave me a good opportunity to showcase my talents. On the felicitation day I was overwhelmed while taking the oath. It brought up a spirit of enthusiasm in me. I had made up my mind to face all the challenges that will come on my way.As a head girl, it was a great experience getting involved in all activities, handling variouseventsandgettingaspecialpositionintheschool.Itwasalsoagreat pl...</p>