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  • Fast Food

    Figuring Out the Facts

  • Project Sponsors

    • School District of Philadelphia

    • Department of Nutrition Sciences, Drexel University

    • USDA Project Funded through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

  • Survey:

    • How many of you eat fast food? • How often do you eat fast food? • What is your favorite fast food choice? • What do you consider “fast food?” • Do you think fast food is healthy or


  • What are today’s topics ??

    Fast food Making healthy choices

    Energy balance Portion size

  • Pop Quiz

    Which Meal Has the Least Amount of Fat? #1 Quarter pound burger with cheese, large fries and diet soda

    #2 Crispy chicken salad with 2 ounces of creamy Caesar dressing and regular soda

    #3 Taco Salad and bottled water

    54 grams

    34 grams

    48 grams

  • Fast Food Facts • Americans spend a lot

    of money on fast food (and that amount is increasing)! – On French fries:

    • 1970: $6 billion • 2000: $110 billion

    • We eat out often! – Average American dines

    out 198 times a year • How many times a

    week is this? • Do you dine out more

    often or less often than this?

  • Too Much Fast Food? • Fast food can contain a lot of fat, calories, and

    sodium • Eating too much solid fat can raise cholesterol • Eating too many calories can lead to weight gain • High sodium intake is related to high prevalence

    of high blood pressure in the U.S. • These health problems can lead to serious disease

    – Diabetes – Heart Disease – Stroke – Some cancers

  • 20 Years Ago Today

    How many calories are in today’s order of fries?

    Adapted from

    Fast Food Facts: Portion Sizes

    210 Calories 2.4 ounces

    610 Calories 6.9 ounces

    400 more calories!

  • more than 200 calories per


    weight gain

    increase in per capita consumption Source:Nestle, 2002

    Americans Are Eating More

  • You Do the Math How much weight is gained by eating 200 extra calories every day for 1 year?

    1. 200 calories x ____ days in 1 year = extra

    calories per year

    1 pound = 3500 calories

    2. 73,000 calories/year ÷ 3500 calories/pound = ______ pounds of weight gain in 1 year

  • How long will you have to walk leisurely in order to burn those extra 400 calories?*

    *Based on 160-pound person

    Energy Balance

    Calories In = Calories Out

    Adapted from

    If you walk leisurely for 1 hour and 10 minutes you will burn approximately 400 calories.*

  • • Be more physically active

    – Physical activity is a key to energy balance • Enjoy your food, but eat less

    – Cut back on foods high in solid fats and added sugars

    – Avoid oversized portions

    Maintaining a Healthy Weight

    • 1 chocolate cream filled cupcake • 20 chocolate coated peanut candies • 5 chicken nuggets • 1 large chocolate chip cookie • 1 fast food medium soda

  • Fast Food Makeover: Before What you might choose: • Quarter Pound Burger

    w/Cheese • Large Fries • Large Milkshake






    Quarter Pounder w/cheese

    Large Fries 21oz. Milkshake

    Grams of Fat


    1770 Grams of Fat = 68 Calories =

    Grams of Fat

  • Fast Food Makeover: After • Cheeseburger • Small Fries • Bottled Water Totals:

    Calories =

    Grams of Fat =



    Grams of Fat









    Quarter Pound Burger w/Cheese

    and Cheese Burger

    Large and Small Fries

    Large Milkshake and Bottled


  • Some Fat Is Good!

    • What are the benefits of fat? – Cushion and protect organs – Needed for energy – Helps with vitamin absorption

    • What foods have fats that are good for the body? – Tree nuts – Fish – Vegetable oils

  • Healthy Hints • Try vegetables on pizza – choose fatty

    meat toppings less often • Choose grilled chicken – cut back on

    fried foods • Avoid oversized portions – choose a

    smaller size option • Be creative – try baked potato, side

    salads, bean burritos, or frozen yogurt – make half your plate fruits and vegetables!

    • What other healthy hints do you have?

  • Activity: Fast Food Makeover

  • Fast Food • Make Healthier Choices

    – Choose lower calorie, fat, and sodium foods

    – Go for smaller portions • Remember Energy Balance

    – Get your physical activity – Balance the calories you need with

    the calories you eat


    Fast Food Slide Number 2 Survey: Slide Number 4 Slide Number 5 Fast Food Facts Too Much Fast Food? Fast Food Facts: Portion Sizes Americans Are Eating More You Do the Math Slide Number 11 Maintaining a Healthy Weight Fast Food Makeover: Before Fast Food Makeover: After Some Fat Is Good! Slide Number 16 Slide Number 17 Fast Food