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  • tofu pattie w/lichee orange salsa & stir fry snow pea shootsMonday, August 9, 2010 at 06:01PM

    I had to post this today, I made it for dinner, it was pure success, I was full and it was low in calo-

    ries..As some may know I have said good bye to all white carbs for awhile now. When I reach my

    goal, I will say hi to all my white carb friends again, this time moderately..Pregnancy has a funny

    way of distorting your hormones, which made it hard for me to control my eating habits...Now af-

    ter a year or so, Im feeling much more in control now, and found that my new cooking style as an

    alternative way to eating better.. Anyways, here are the ingredients and recipe, I made some for my

    daughters lunch tomorrow..Lucky girl! From my kitchen to yours..Enjoy!

    Tofu Pattie Mix

    1 pkg of firm tofu

    premade fresh salsa

    Can of lichee

    Orange Juice

    Pack of organic snow pea shoots, (they look like wheat grass, trader joe has them..)

    Pre-chopped garlic.

    Apple Cider mixed with Maggi Soy Sauce

    Hot + Sweet chili sauce

    Once you bought the japanese tofu burger seasoning, it has all the basic info on the back. You

    mush the seasoning and tofu together, make your patties and pan fry it. Take pre-made fresh salsa,

    chopp up lichee into little squares, pour a dash of orange juice and mix it together with the salsa.

    Put a spoonful of it on top of one patty. Back to same frying pan, throw in snow pea shoot, then a

    tablespoon of chopped garlic, salt and pepper, a dash of water, stir it, cover it, and plate it. Do not

    overcook the veggies, just toss it enough that it has sord of a calming down look, like the way spin-

    ach cooks.. I added a drizzle of farmers market honey over it, pre-mixed the soy sauce and apple

    cider as one choice, and the hot and sweet thai chili sauce as another.. CHOW DOWN! yum!

  • kasha/dulse/duO/bombO!Tuesday, March 9, 2010 at 03:09PM

    So after purchasing Dulse Seaweed, from She Sells Seaweed lady Kacie. I started playing around with some recipies. I

    found a box of unopened Kasha today in my pantry. Along with some dried shitaki mushroom, and starting cookin!

    and OMG, this is so delish. I seriously deserve a prize for this one. I thought I share, too bad my husband is not into

    all the vegan stuff..Not sure if I can convince him to try it without giving him the honest breakdown of the ingredi-

    ents..But Ill give them to you!

    Preparation time: 12-18 minutes

    Box of Kasha- (see pic above) : 1cup

    Dulse Seaweed: 1/4 bag

    Vegetarian Broth: 2 cups

    Olive Oil: 2 tablespoon

    Sherry or Marsala Cooking wine: 1 tablespoon.

    Brown Sugar: 1 spoon

    Butter: 1 tablespoon

    Premade Hummus: 1 table spoon

    Roma Tomatoes: 1 chopped

    Onions: quarter, chopped fine

    Cilantro: quarter cup, chopped fine

    Crushed pecans or walnuts: 2-3 tablespoons

    Raisons: (your preference)

    Black Sea Salt: Garnish.

    Lemon: Garnish

    These will all be cooked/prepared separate, and thrown in a bowl in the end, just so you know!

    Kasha: Follow the basic instructions in back of the Kasha Package to make the Kasha. Kasha is middle eastern I believe,

    almost in between, cous cous, and rice. It has earthy, but smooth chewy taste to it. Its a great alternative to carb lovers

    that are trying to cut down/out. After you have made the kasha, put it aside in a bowl to cool down.

    Dulse Seaweed:

    Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in pan. When its super hot, throw in the dulse, cook for 2-3 minutes. Take out.

    Chopped it up and leave on paper towel to drain oil.

    Dried Shitaki mushrooms:

    With the same pan you fried the seaweed, throw in the dried mushrooms, then take a little bit sherry or marsala wine( 1

    table spoon) and toss it together with the mushrooms. then put half tablespoon of brown sugar in there. Blacken it up,

  • but do not burn it.

    Back to Kasha Bowl:

    Take the chopped up crunchy dulse, shitaki mushroom and mix it into the kasha bowl, let it sit.

    Back to Pan and final:

    Put about half table spoon of butter into the pan. Throw in crushed pecans, or crushed walnuts, and toast them in the

    pan. When done pour it into your Kasha Bowl. Toss it let it sit, and then take your chopped tomatoes, onions, and

    cilantro and toss it together, all with a wooden spoon. then take about 1 tablesoon of hummus and squeeze one wedge

    of lemon, and toss it together then. If you like raisons, I would say toss some in there. If not it will just taste as good.


    It doesnt really look too pretty in the bowl, but oh my it tastes amazing. I suggest to scoop it into a small round bowl,

    and then take a plate, smack it together gently, and flip it over to contain the shape. Then garnish it with fresh lettuce

    or spinach, or lemon. Then sprinkle black sea salt ontop and around the plate on top. You may also want to sprinkle a

    bit of honey, or have some plain yogurt sauce on the side to dip/play with as an extra addition to your plate..

    Results: YUMMMM!

  • Garden Mango Chutney WrapThursday, March 5, 2009 at 07:23PM

    With a little preparation of boiled eggs and frozen garden burger. This would be a great quick/in-expensive lunch solu-

    tion for Home Business Owners. Light on the stomach so you dont feel tired after wards and just as healthy and filling.


    1 boiled egg/or leave out

    1 handful of chopped lettuce

    1/2 chopped and cubed cucumber

    1 garden burger, pan-fried

    1/2 tablespoon of Mango Chutney

    1/2 tablespoon of Mayo/Veganaise

    1 tortilla

    salt and pepper

    apple vinegar

    Put together the tortilla between 2 piece of paper towels in the microwave for 40 seconds. Have all your pre-cooked

    items (egg and garden burger) chopped up ready. Assemble all the ingredients in the tortilla starting with the mayo-

    naise on the tortilla first then a little bit of Mango chutney, followed by lettuce,cucumbers, garden burger and boiled

    egg. Then top it off with salt and pepper, and half tablespoon of apple vinegar. Wrap it up and chopp it in half. YUM!


  • Review for Stove, Portsmouth, VAMonday, February 16, 2009 at 09:12AM

    We finally managed to try out Stove in Portsmouth this Friday. I found out about this place through an anonymous

    blogger that read my blog last year. This place had really good reviews and the customers all seem to be very happy

    with everything. I hear a lot of intimate compliments to the chef Sidney. Before I get in the food, I will start with the

    decor. this time. I absolutely loved the bathroom, the gaudy shrek lamp, dixie tooth picks, and awesome illustrations

    printed on the hand napkins were an absolutely treat. The wait Staff was enourmously friendly. The colors, people,

    and art work in the restauraunt was amazing. Okay so here comes the truth about the food. I really would like a second

    chance in ordering, and Im not sure if my pregnancy had to do with it. But the food was a 5 out of 10 unfortunately.

  • (again, I will give you the list what not to order, as I really had high hopes when coming here last friday;) Scotts big

    fresh romaine (thanks to mara hehee) lettuce salad with curly beets were really fresh, and the dressing was excellent, but

    I almost want a little bit more weird or interesting veggies/garnish thrown in there like, palm of hearts, or pomegran-

    ates to finish it off, even bits of fried sweet potatoe croutons like a southern touch wouldve have made my eyes sparkle

    a bit more. My appetizer called Susans Wild Mushroom Melange was again, very fresh and simple, but the rice under it

    was just a little boring. It wouldve been amazing if it was a surprised scoop of truffle based creamy rissotto and a thinly

    sliced cut of parmesean, on top of the mushrooms. Scott got the dumb waiter, and the shrimps were huge, sauce was

    good, but we were really imagining something completely different. I got the Duck Breast with fresh figs and sauce on

    side. The figs were great, but my duck was very bloody, and I was hoping it was thinly sliced already before it hit the

    table that night, as my knife though super slick and modern gave me a serious muscle twister on my finger when cut-

    ting it apart. Though I didnt give up, I asked greg our waiter for the steak appetizer, and it came with fried parnips on

    top. The steak appetizer was excellent, again, we needed some steak sauce, and didnt want to offend the chef. Maybe

    the Menu couldve said with a (*) somewhere that the chef will custom make the steak sauce if needed:) If I was a hard

    core food critique, I would have to say, that everything on the menu needs to be amazing, especially when there is not a

    various amount of selections. I will go back and have drinks at the bar and maybe order appetizers or share a plate next

    time. But not for a full on dinner for fear of hit or miss or having to justify the food afterwards to friends/guests.

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  • Its been a while..Thursday, January 29, 2009 at 05:48PM

    Ive been trying to migrate over to wordpress, but the perfectionist that I am, Im trying to do all sorts of different

    things to the new blog, and hence work coming in, being pregnant, and just busy life stuff has really kept my writing

    on a hold. Whatever the story is, I believe and trust in my dreams therefore, Im just going to go with it and as Richard

    would say keep on keep!

    I wanted to post several rest