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Fashion Stylist Assignment


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Ty hunter first started off as a window dresses in Huston Texas, since then he has gone on to dress of one the most talented women in the world. He first worked with Destiny's Child and now dresses Beyonc for her shows, red carpet and events.

With the pear shape woman having smaller shoulders and wider hips, there are certain ways you have dress to exaggerate or balance this out. Personally I think the wider hips are a blessing and look fantastic. But If you want to balance your body out you can make your shoulders look wider, your waist smaller and your thighs slimmer. You should wear fitted tops and avoid baggy tops as this will make you look circular. Tight skirts will accentuate your hips, if this is not your aim a A-line skirt will be your saving grace. Pair this with a pair of heels as they make your legs appear longer while making your thighs and bottom look smaller. Whether you wish to slim your thighs down or show off your ass-ets, be proud of being a pear and work it.

The pencil body shape like Gwen Stefan is a figure recommended by the current fashion industry. Women who were born with this body shape have a small bust, straight body waist and little definition of waist. They usually maintain low weight. But unfortunally they will usually never have a larger bust than B cups.

This body shape is desired by most women. It conistants of larger bust, larger hips and a defined waist. The waist is usually 9 smaller than the bust and waist. Women of this body shape should try and avoid baggy clothing as it hides their waist and will make them look bigger than they are.

Women who were born with the apple body shape usually store more fat in their stomach area while their hips are smaller. To bring out a waist in these women you should wear a belt, bring the attention to the waist. Shape wear is a great way to feel more comftable being a apple.

Do you wear a bigger size on your top than bottom? Do you have wider shoulders than hips? Do you have a straight rib cage? Then you my friend are an inverted triangle. For your body shape you should try and keep your top half uncluttered and keep the focus towards your legs/ hips. Use a belt to give the illusion of an waist and a-line skirts will be your saving grace as they will make you look more proportioned and give you an hourglass figure look.

A stole is the very best winter accessories. Can keep you warm and looking elegant. Real or Faux thats up to you. Every girl needs a handbag. Whether its for day to day or special occasions. A statement necklace is a great way to make a outfit look more expensive and draw attention to you

Eyeliner is a great way to give yourself a dramatic eye, can be used for day or night. Contorting is a fabulous way to make your face appear slimmer. A red lip can be used day or night. But remember try not to do a dramatic eye and lip. Less is more.

Occupation TeacherMoney to spend on outfit 300Skin colour Fair white

Innovators are people who take risks with their fashion and enjoy trying new things. They like to experiment with new colours and fabrics.

The Majority of people and a group of people that like to keep up with trends.




Jacket- Urban OutfittersHenna- Chloe

Jacket- Pop BoutiqueHenna- ChloeJacket- Pop BoutiqueHenna- Chloe

Jacket- Vintage suedeTop- Designed by Chloe

Jacket- Urban OutfittersTop- Designed by ChloeSECOND TREND

The second trend I chose to explore was men's 1950 wear.

I chose this because I have a personal interest in 1950s wear and also I thought It would be interesting for me to explore men's wear. I started by researching about this trend, I found my biggest inspiration was James Dean, Tony Curtis, Cary Grant and 1950s Teddy Boys. I like the Idea of taking these vintage looks and turning them into a modern hipster feel. Another great inspiration for me was 1950s New York, the rat race feel of the city back then.

I started to experiment with CADs and quick sketches, to give an idea of what I was feeling for this trend and how I would design a collection based on this.

CLOTHING: vintage bagvintage robevintage coatnew look furnew look fur silvert-shirt designed by Chloe


Evaluation for Street Samurai1.What future trend have you chosen for your final photo-shoot?For my first trends I chose street samurai, I chose this because I like the way the trend incorporated denim and I believe that is very relevant right now as been shown by artist like Kayne West and Rihanna. I liked the way this trend was not neat and represents a street style, I am more drawn to street style than I am higher market wear. The Asian feel of the trend I felt was relevant to me as I am part Asian, therefor I could pull inspiration of my family and my experiences. I have promoted this trend in my first photo-shoot (Emily) by using messy braids, dark lip and denim. I also created a t-shirt design and printed it onto a white t-shirt to use in my shoot. I also took a white t-shirt and sew a Chinese swear word onto it, I believe this represents the tend as its rebellious. I liked the idea of using a studio to shoot my trend in as I thought if using a bare background, the garments and styling would be able to speak to itself. For my second photo-shoot I used denim again and suede, I was inspired by this as the suede gave a dirty look on camera and this was the type of look I was going for. I also used water and Vaseline to give more texture to the skin. 2.Who is your target consumer group? For my first trend Street Samurai I decided to target my trend towards students, as I believe students would be more attracted to this look than the older majority. I have targeted to students by using street clothes and affordable clothes so that student would be able to buy them. I also believe I have used a type of editing that would attract younger people, as its grungy and cool. 3.What magazine did you choose and why?For my first trend Street Samurai I decided to use W magazine and Grey. I chose W magazine as I thought the second shoot (Chloe) was more suited as it was little bit more commercial than Grey magazine. W magazine is also a magazine that enjoys showing street wear and different types of clothing, not just clothing suited for an affluent cliental. On a page of my magazine I have added an article from I chose Grey magazine for my second shoot because all of their magazine covers are black and white and quite grungy, this worked perfectly with my shoot. 4. What planning and preparation did you do?For my first trend Street Samurai I first researched into the trend, then I researched into Asian street wear and drew inspiration from that. After I then looked into street wear in general and what was relevant at the moment, on that day the video for 4 5 seconds by Paul McCartney, Kanye West and Rihanna had come out and everyone was talking about it. In this video they were all wearing denim and there was talk that this was going to be a future trend. I then decided to stick with the denim feel and then incorporated suede as that also would be a future trend. I also then decided to add more of an Asian feel by designing a t-shirt print at home. For my second shoot of the Street Samurai after the first I knew how I wanted it to look and I decided to use for the shoot. The t-shirt said bitchin in Chinese, I thought this was rebellious. I then booked the studio room and collected clothing that I had Vaseline and water to create more of a texture on the skin so that when the images were edited it would look more grungy. I decided to use myself as a model because I knew what I wanted the image to look like and therefore I could convey it through camera.5. How successful was the delivery of your shoot? I believe both of the shoots for my first trend Street Samurai went very well, I just felt like they were both aimed at different customer groups. Everything did go to plan but I believe my first shoot was a little more grunge than I would have liked and that why I went on to do a second shoot. I consider my first shoot a practice run so yes it did help me a lot in seeing what I really wanted the overall look to be. The planning helped completely, I created a lot of mood boards and wrote down everything I needed and made sure I had all the equipment needed for my shoot, without the planning I believe my shoot would have been a mess. I did not have problem sourcing a model for my first shoot as my friend was willing to let me use her. For my second shoot I was the model and I had no problem finding a photographer and my friend a Fashion Styling student was willing to help me and collaborated on this project with me. I did not have a problem sourcing garments as I own a lot of denim. Me and my model worked very well as a team but I found it quite difficult to get the emotion out of her that I wanted for the shoot. For the second shoot me and my photographer worked very well together and had a lot of fun shooting together. I wouldnt do anything differently as I am very happy with my shoots and the outcomes and I believe I learned a lot by doing the first shoot for street samurai.

Evaluation for Mens 1950 1.What future trend have you chosen for your final photo-shoot?For my second trend I was inspired by men's 1950s wear. I chose this because I am a huge fan of the 1950s and am inspired by people like Cary Grant, Tony Curtis, Marlon Brando and James Dean. For the shoot I wanted to create a mixed material feel. During 1950s fur was very popular with women and I wanted to translate this into the men's styling. For this shoot I designed a t-shirt saying look mummy I'm a teddy boy as teddy boys were a new style in Britain in t