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<ul><li><p> The Compelling Image offers online and interactive courses for photographers, video producers </p><p>and multimedia storytellers of all skill levels and interests. </p><p>For models looking to advance their careers or just get that all-important "foot in the door," a </p><p>stunningly-photographed portfolio or "Book," is of huge importance. Such a professional </p><p>portfolio of photographs placed on an art director's desk can make or break chances with </p><p>agencies, Fashion Photography Course magazines and advertisers. The same holds true for the </p><p>photographer who produced it. Photographers who can create exciting photos of their model </p><p>clients - images ("Tests," as they are known in the industry) that showcase poise, beauty and </p><p>talent - stand to advance their own careers, too. This Online Photography Course and model </p><p>photography lessons and assignments offered by professional top-model-turned-fashion-</p><p>photographer, Allana Wesley White, shows you hands-on just how it's done. </p><p>Attractive models can be found the world-over and the collaboration of model and "testing" </p><p>photographer can produce amazing portfolios that highlight talent on both sides of the </p><p>camera. Taught by Allana Wesley White, a top professional international model-turned-top-</p><p>professional-model-photographer, this Online Photography Classes will equip you with all you </p><p>need for a solid start in one of the most exciting fields the photographic industry has to </p><p>offer. This hands-on Travel Photography Course Online and its practical assignments will supply </p><p>you with the knowledge, skills, experience - and confidence - to photograph a model portfolio </p><p>with creativity, range and vision. Working in your own environment, using local models, </p><p>makeup artists and stylists - or just trying your hand at all yourself, you will learn to create the </p><p>kinds of "testing" photographs today's commercial market is looking for. By course's end, you </p><p>will have begun to compile your own testing portfolio of stunning model imagery - photographs </p><p>that speak effectively and creativity to industry professionals - or simply to aspiring models </p><p>knocking on your own studio door. </p><p></p></li><li><p>As a valued TCI student, youll receive critiques and commentary on your assignments from </p><p>your instructor, timely answers to your questions and is able to network and discuss all that is </p><p>happening on your Online Photography school with fellow classmates. A synergy of learning is </p><p>the result - an educational experience shared by a community of imaging enthusiasts - just like </p><p>you! </p><p>Contact Details </p><p>The Compelling Image </p><p>Address - Kindt 106D, 41334 Nettetal, Germany </p><p>Phone no - +49 1520 7942538 </p><p>Website - </p><p>Email - </p><p></p></li></ul>