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Fashion Photography.

Fashion Photography.Louis Vuitton is a fashion designer clothes store who design clothing for both men and women. The point of fashion photography is for people to see beautiful people dressed in beautiful clothes, this is so the audience will be more attracted to the clothing and want to buy it if someone good looking is wearing it.

Music PhotographyMusic Photography is a bunch of photographs inspired by music and music equipment. It is often used to make the audience seem interested about the theme.

Leo Matus shoots under his studio name, Kult, expertly capturing both DJs and live musicians. He shoots mostly up-close, slightly desaturated color shots of artists like Resety, Mr. Oizo etc.

Landscape PhotographyLandscape Photography is a piece of art that shows us the part of the world that we never thought existed. An example of a Landscape Photographer is Charlie Waite.

FoodFood photography is a lifestyle chosen by those who are inspired by the appearance, taste, smell and just food in general.It is often made to look better than the actual product when it is served.You can be a food photographer and suprisingly decent salary and you also get to travel the world for free.

PortraitPortrait Photography is a style of photography set to aim at the body directly. It is often used to take family photos and show off fashion designs. The difference between Landscape and Portrait is that Landscape is showing different POVs to structure/architecture and Portrait is used to focus on a certain object/part of something.

MacroMacro Photography is used to show people to features on smaller nature such as: insects, plants, larger animals (cats and dogs)Macro focuses on microscopic objects and lets you see how interesting natures wildlife is.