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Are you an aspiring fashion illustrator? Maybe just a passionate? Looking to improve your skills of illustrating fashion? "Fashion Illustration Exposed" is a book tailor made for you! Discover insights on designing fashion illustrations from some of the most talented illustrators. Get the Full Book:


<ul><li><p>Fashion Illustration Exposed</p><p>edited by Julia Stanescu</p><p></p><p>First designed in Bucharest, Romania in 2010</p><p>by Octav Druta</p><p> 2010 Julia Stanescu</p><p> All images are copyrighted by their respective authors</p><p>All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced,</p><p>stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means,</p><p>electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, </p><p>without permission of the copyright holder.</p><p>Cover illustration by Naja Conrad Hansen</p><p>All reasonable attempts have been made to trace, clear and credit the</p><p>copyright holders of the images reproduced in this book. However, if </p><p>any credits have been inadvertently omitted, the publisher will </p><p>endeavour to incorporate amendments in future editions.</p></li><li><p>FashionIllustrationExposedEdited by Julia Stanescu</p><p>With contributions by: Ladiga Baiba, Pomme Chan, </p><p>Naja Conrad Hansen, David Delin, Brooke Hagel, Jennifer </p><p>Lilya, Jessica Murrieta, Maryanne Oliver, Phoks, Peggy Wolf</p></li><li><p>Instead of IntroductionBy Julia Stanescu</p><p>I had the opportunity to learn from many wonderful fashion </p><p>illustrators from all around the world. By getting to know them </p><p>and by observing their techniques I started to develop my own </p><p>fashion illustraton style. I believe that observing various patterns </p><p>of expressing ones vision can shape you and your style in the </p><p>same time. </p><p>Observation enables us to learn. Most of the time, when learning, </p><p>we need to follow some rules. Then, we start to fully understand </p><p>those rules and to gain the freedom to break them. Thats how we </p><p>can continuously shape our style: by learning the rules and then </p><p>breaking them.</p><p>Think of this book as a tool that you can easily use to observe </p><p>various practical techniques that some of the most talented illus-</p><p>trators employ to express their vision. Whether youre an aspiring </p><p>fashion illustrator, a passionate, or in the process of shaping your </p><p>style this is a book tailor made for you.</p><p>Enjoy it and keep on smiling!</p></li><li><p>Acknowledgements</p><p>I would like to thank to all the illustrators who contributed </p><p>to this book. Thank you for your professionalism, generous </p><p>spirit and willing agreement to include examples of your </p><p>work in this book.</p><p>In alphabetical order, thank you for your cooperation and </p><p>open-handedness: Ladiga Baiba, Pomme Chan, Naja </p><p>Conrad Hansen, David Delin, Brooke Hagel, Jennifer Lilya, </p><p>Jessica Murrieta, Maryanne Oliver, Phoks, Peggy Wolf.</p><p>I would also like to thank to Octav Druta for his cooperation </p><p>and support to create this book.</p><p>Picture Credits: Maryanne Oliver p8-13, Peggy Wolf p14-19</p><p>Jennifer Lilya p20-25, Brooke Hagel p26-31, Pomme Chan p32-39,</p><p>Naja Conrad Hansen p40-45, Ladiga Baiba p46-49, </p><p>Jessica Murrieta p50-55, David Delin p56-59, Phoks p60-65</p></li><li><p>Table of Contents</p><p>MARYANNE OLIVER 8</p><p>Illustrating Your Own T-Shirt</p><p>PEGGY WOLF 14</p><p>Mixed Media Fashion Illustrations</p><p>JENNIFER LILYA 20</p><p>Adding Colors To Fashion Illustrations</p><p>BROOKE HAGEL 26</p><p>Illustrating Fabrics: Denim, Silk, Satin And Silk Charmeuse</p><p>POMME CHAN 32</p><p>Illustrating Fabrics Inspired By Nature</p><p>NAJA CONRAD HANSEN 40</p><p>Ink And Watercolor Artwork With An Indian Touch</p><p>LADIGA BAIBA 46</p><p>Drawing Chinese Fashion Illustrations</p><p>JESSICA MURRIETA 50</p><p>Japanese Fashion Illustrations</p><p>DAVID DELIN 56</p><p>Where Does The Inspiration Come From?</p><p>PHOKS 60</p><p>Mixing Photography and Fashion Illustration</p></li><li><p>14 PEGGY WOLF - Mixed Media Fashion Illustrations</p><p>From London, United Kingdom</p><p>About myself</p><p>Website: www.peggywolf.comShop: </p><p>Sample Clients: Quist Bookstore (Holland), Designforum (Australia), Boxes (Middle Eastern Europe)</p><p>I was born in Germany where I have studied Fashion Design for five years. Soon I found out that I was more interested in drawing women and their clothes, rather than designing Fashion.</p><p>Two years later, I felt that I needed a change of scenery, people and design. After a short visit in London, I knew this would be my new place. I started to work in a new field - Interior Design - which wasnt planned at all. </p><p>I somehow fell in love with it as its a very complex field, where you have to balance and combine so many levels. I mostly liked the wallpaper and fur-nishing fabrics, which have inspired a lot of my digital collages.</p><p>All these different experiences, working for com-panies in Art and Interior Design, have helped me to take my work to the current level. My artwork is influenced by Fashion, Art, Graphic and Inte-rior Design, mixed and combined. I believe this is what makes my fashion illustrations so various and interesting. </p><p>I have been selling my work worldwide very suc-cessfully using my online shop. I am also trading my art as prints and greeting cards on markets, galleries and art fairs in London.</p><p>PEGGY WOLFMixed Media Fashion Illustrations</p></li><li><p>PEGGY WOLF - Mixed Media Fashion Illustrations 15</p><p>Mixed Media Fashion IllustrationsBy Peggy Wolf</p><p> 180 gms sheet of white paper</p><p> Daler Rowley Graphic F pencil</p><p> Watercolor (medium light and dark brown)</p><p> Orange acrylic, white, green an black gouache</p><p> Brown, orange and rose pencils</p><p> A small and medium sized brush</p><p> Black multi-liners size 0.3 and 0.1</p><p> A Nobody-is-Perfect rubber</p><p>What Ive used</p><p>Find some inspiration</p><p>I was inspired by a photo from 1945, which I found on the internet showing a young school girl. </p><p>Then I tried to imagine my drawing. I wanted to reinvent her in a new way. How would she dress and look today?</p><p>The theme of my artwork is a woman surrounded by animals and </p><p>flowers, with a light fashion appeal and a feminine color palette that is </p><p>mix matched perfectly. The artwork is made up of hand-drawn illustra-</p><p>tions on paper and digital collages produced with Photoshop. </p><p>In this collage I played with the brilliant contrast of digital art infused </p><p>with colorful vintage accents, to give to my work a bit of an edge and </p><p>some quirkiness. Enjoy the process of creating mixed media!</p></li><li><p>PEGGY WOLF - Mixed Media Fashion Illustrations 19</p><p>Final step: Adding a natural element</p><p>I also find that this illustration could use some natural element and I decided to add a little flower sitting behind the bow. Voila!</p><p>My archive of small animals and flowers drawn by myself, is very helpful to give this little extra to any of my illustrations and collages.</p></li><li><p>32 POMME CHAN - Illustrating Fabrics Inspired By Nature</p><p>From London, UK</p><p>About myself</p><p>Website: www.pommepomme.comBlog:</p><p>Sample Clients: Marc Jacobs, Nike, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, Sony Playstation 3, Freya, Leo Burnett, Financial Times, Artful Dodger, Graniph (Japan), The Guardian, Yen Magazine (Australia), VV Magazine</p><p>I was born and educated in Bangkok. In 2002 I relocated to the UK for a Foundation in Graphic Design and Communication at the London College of Communication. My first forays into professional freelancing led me straight into Londons lifestyle magazine industry as an art director and illustrator. Over the past five years, my drawings have been featured in the Telegraph, IDN, Grafik, Curvy Book and FT magazines. Using my unique felt-tip style, I draw inspiration from nature, fashion, architecture, music and the female form. Recently, Ive begun exploring freehand typographical illustrations, several of which appeared in La Perla Magazine, The New York Times magazine, Little Earth Bags and Cambridge School of Art and Design. </p><p>POMME CHANIllustrating Fabrics Inspired By Nature</p></li><li><p>POMME CHAN - Illustrating Fabrics Inspired By Nature 33</p><p>Illustrating Fabrics Inspired by NatureBy Pomme Chan</p><p> Calligraphy Pen (bought from Japan) </p><p> Pencils</p><p> Adobe Photoshop</p><p>What Ive used?</p><p>Hand drawing some elements</p><p>I started by drawing flowers and a few other ele-ments that I wanted to see on my fashion illustration pattern. </p><p>The piece I decided to draw is something fun, organic, feminine and appealing. Its also quite young and colorful. So I chose to draw a flower, a mushroom, a squirrel and a bird. </p><p>This flower pattern for my fashion illustrations is inspired by nature because I wanted to draw something young and colorful. </p><p>For this artwork Ive changed from a Uni-ball pen to a Calligraphy pen. The result is quite different from my other works. I assume it must be because of this pen, I got really excited talking about this. Enjoy!</p></li><li><p>38 POMME CHAN - Illustrating Fabrics Inspired By Nature</p></li><li><p>POMME CHAN - Illustrating Fabrics Inspired By Nature 39</p></li><li><p>50 JESSICA MURRIETA - Japanese Fashion Illustrations</p><p>From Sacramento, California</p><p>About myself</p><p>Blog: www.jessicamurrieta.blogspot.comShop:</p><p>I studied oil painting and figure drawing before attending the Art Institute of San Francisco, California where I majored in Fashion Design. </p><p>Although my primary medium is watercolor I started to experiment with pen and ink, pastel, charcoal, and pencil, often mixing many mediums together. </p><p>My graceful female figures are inspired by the inescapable notion of mortality and the often dark and devious nature of the fashion world.</p><p>I love watercolor, simple shapes, and neutral colors.</p><p>I create alluring female figures that are in the same time innocent, sensual, and deadly - as complex as the world in which they exist.</p><p>JESSICA MURRIETAJapanese Fashion Illustrations</p></li><li><p>JESSICA MURRIETA - Japanese Fashion Illustrations 51</p><p>Japanese Fashion IllustrationsBy Jessica Murrieta</p><p> Drawing Paper</p><p> Black India Ink - Higgins Waterproof Drawing Ink</p><p> Black Pen - Prismacolor Marker in Black</p><p> Higgins Non-Waterproof Drawing Ink in Super White</p><p> Colored pencil - Prismacolor Col-Erase</p><p> Winsor and Newtons Designers Gouache in Jet Black</p><p> Rice Paper - Legion Iyo Glazed Hand Made Japanese Paper, 17x22</p><p> White Gouache - Winsor and Newtons Designers Gouache in Permanent White</p><p> Size 2 round brush, 1/2 inch flat brush, Size 4 angular shader brush - Princeton Art and Brush Co.</p><p>What Ive used</p><p>Inspired by sumi-e painting, this artwork mixes beauty with fashion and femininity. Sumi-e is an East Asian style of brush painting with ink, only black ink - the same as the one used in East Asian calligraphy. It is used, in various concentrations. </p><p>Explore and get creative!</p><p>I love the look of sumi-e painting and I wantto bring the elements of this style to my drawings. </p><p>Find the inspiration</p></li><li><p>JESSICA MURRIETA - Japanese Fashion Illustrations 55</p></li><li><p>Think of this book as a tool that you can easily </p><p>use to observe various techniques that some </p><p>of the most talented illustrators employ to </p><p>express their vision. Whether youre an aspiring </p><p>fashion illustrator, a passionate, or in the </p><p>process of shaping your style, this is a book </p><p>tailor made for you.</p><p></p><p>MARYANNE OLIVERIllustrating Your Own T-Shirt</p><p>PEGGY WOLFMixed Media Fashion Illustrations</p><p>JENNIFER LILYAAdding Colors To Fashion Illustrations</p><p>BROOKE HAGELIllustrating Fabrics: Denim, Silk, Satin And Silk Charmeuse</p><p>POMME CHANIllustrating Fabrics Inspired By Nature</p><p>NAJA CONRAD HANSENInk And Watercolor Artwork With An Indian Touch</p><p>LADIGA BAIBADrawing Chinese Fashion Illustrations</p><p>JESSICA MURIETAJapanese Fashion Illustrations</p><p>DAVID DELINWhere Does The Inspiration Come From?</p><p>PHOKSMixing Photography and Fashion Illustration</p></li></ul>